Shared by Alvia Elizondo on February 17, 2019

Dad was a wonderful man he was very love by the people in Sanderson Tx and his job he worked 42 years in the Highway dept as a foreman I am not very good at words but This man was our Father Sylvia, Juan and Alvia and Rene when this man left us he took our Hearts they say it get easier but it does not every day either  Sylvia  , Juan  , Rene  or Me  cry missing him or  needing him so much in our lifes  .                                                                                          Dad was married to mom Gloria I see her every day talking to him in his picture and crying she misses him so much also God took our father the best man I hope you can hear us because we love you so much and miss you .A big part of our life and heart was taken when you left to heaven with god.We love you

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