Shared by Tina Brewer on May 14, 2011

I was the youngest of 6 sister's. Tootsie would always have to watch us. When momma -n- pap left she would get mad cause she had to watch us. There is one thing about old tootsie no matter how many times we got into it we alway's was there 4 each other in the end. I remember the day me,her,Becky,-n- Macy went to the Nashville Zoo was one of the days i had spending time with them. Even though she was sick she would still find time to go to her children's -n- grandchildren birthdays -n- other holidays. Tootsie always loved her kids u couldn't mess with her kids,she fight the devil his-self over her kids. I enjoyed spending time with her as much as possible. And she thought the world of momma -n- pap. Even on some of her worse days she would call to talk with her momma -n- dad. But the day i was told she had  cancer it was the end of my world. The last 4 months was the best 4 months. The day we buried her i felt like the world had ended. She was the best sister ever. I will always love -n- miss her. 

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