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Shared by Kellie Melleady on December 17, 2019
Growing up, I remember visiting my Mommom in Sweetwater. I was always the pickiest eater, but she never failed to have french fries and soft pretzels ready for my arrival. Everyone else would be eating what they called “normal person food,” but she always had my back. We also both shared a love for photography.  I always enjoyed visiting because she would let me use her camera, showing me new tricks and tips on how to take the best pictures. We now have many photos to look back at to remember all the good times we had as a family. I’ll always appreciate her for these small things. ❤

As I got a little older, we shared the same love for red wine. When she would finish her glass, she'd try to steal mine. I would eventually give in, and just pour myself another glass (haha). This is something I’ll miss on Christmas Eve at Uncle Stevens house. It certainly won’t be the same not having her around, but I will continue to cherish moments like these.

Tomorrow is not going to be easy.
I love you Mommom, forever and always. Rest in Peace.

Carol Vanderwoude

Shared by Carol Vanderwoude on December 16, 2019
Aunt Judy, having Huntington's disease, 
stole everything from her.It was so painful to watch and I can only imagine how it felt for Uncle Mel and her children. However,she managed to call my Mom,"Bernie" every single morning and sing " You are my sunshine".If my Mom wasn't home she left the messages on her voicemail.I think my Mom tried to save everyone until her voicemail was full. My Mom looked forward to those calls. The conversation was difficult but the song was clear as a bell.What a blessing to my Mom and I'm so glad they're together again.

Judy Jumpers

Shared by Raymond Melleady on December 16, 2019
My mother had amazing hand writing. Poor grades or incomplete work would be sent home for a parent signature. Mom would always sign my papers with Judy Jumpers. Some teachers found this particularly offensive and would hold me after school for detention - Mr. Van Horn in fifth grade would get very upset with me and made sure he vocalized his displeasure. When I appealed to my Mother to please use her real name when signing my poorly graded papers. She would raise her can of Miller Lite and say, "Raymond, get better grades."  

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