Posted by nancy glover on December 26, 2019
My sweet Julie,Dec. 26,2019,Another year has come and went without you here,5 years come Feb.11th.,another Christmas without you,still can't put up that tree yet. I miss you so much,So much has changed,Ada has a little girl and is having another one in a few months,Her little girl is so beautiful.Sent her over some Christmas cookies by Bubber and Danny.Ray Ray was over and brought us Christmas Gifts and Her Husband.He is really a nice guy. You know Ray Ray is the best gift giver and also Danny,they put a lot of thought into their gifts,don't worry about RayRay,she is doing great,she doesn't work at the moment.Ada girl sure could use your over her,I love you,Julie,,Justin is good,2 little boys now,so cute,they would all love to hear you many songs
Posted by nancy glover on December 25, 2017
My darling daughter,It's Christmas2017,another one without you.We all miss you so much.I haven't put up a tree sense you passed.I try to go on without you,it is so hard,I miss your phone call in the evening and I find myself looking at the back door waiting for you to come in,Tears fall all the time and I go around talking to you.Tell your Dad that I miss him and give Mom a kiss for me. It's been almost 3 years sense your passing.I love you my baby,Mommy
Posted by Candy Glover Cameron on May 15, 2017
Hey sis well its another year and I still miss u as much as ever. Yesterday was Mothers Day seen the grandbabies, you wouldnt believe how they have grown. I talk to them about you alot cause i never want them to forget you. You were such a big and important part in their young lives. Time marches on and alot has changed, the only thing that hasent , is how much I miss and love you Julie. This feeling of complete lonliness and missing you wont stop. My heart is heavy, miss u sis.
Posted by nancy glover on February 13, 2017
My sweet Daughter,Feb.11 came and went,with my heart breaking as usual,Your passing has left me broken hearted,it seems like you have been gone for many years,nothing is the same without you,I've cried every day for the past two years,a part of me died with you that day,it's so hard to go on without you,When I'm out shopping,I'll see someone that reminds me of you,I try not to stare because I know that it isn't you,Your children are doing good,you would be proud of them,they picked up the pieces of their lives and are trying to build a life without you,you were always worried about Danny,He has a good job and has His own car,rem. He said He would never drive,Thank you for your beautiful children,I will always have a piece of you through them,Good by my beautiful baby,I will see you again some day,love you forever,Mommy
Posted by phillip fine on July 4, 2016
happy 4th julyjulie i miss you love y forever
Posted by phillip fine on June 5, 2016
i miis julie everday and it is so hade to go there life with out her here i love you julie and miss u xoxoxo
Posted by Alice Weppelman on May 24, 2016
blessings and prayers for her divine place in heaven. she was an angel ,here on Earth and a special Angel in Heaven
Posted by phillip fine on May 21, 2016
to my wife julie i love you so much and i miss u so bad my love for you will not die u will be in my heart forever
Posted by phillip fine on May 15, 2016
to my love one who i miss so much u will be in my heart forever
Posted by Candy Glovet-cameron on May 15, 2016
Julie, It's been 15 months since you left us.And I still can'believe your gone. The feeling of not being to see you or just to call, is too much to bear sometimes. I remember our saturday mornings when you would stop over and we talk,laugh and just bullshit like sister"s do. I miss those days the most. I often think about times when you, wayne and me growing up. All the stupid and crazy ass shit we would do when mom was working. I love you Julie it"s hard going on without my only sister. My life has changed and my heart forever broken.
Posted by nancy glover on May 15, 2016
My darling Daughter,I have loved you sence the day you were placed in my arms,You brought such joy into my life,God took you home all too soon,you were suppose to sing at my funeral,There were so many things I wanted to say to you in your last few hours of life,but I couldn't bring myself to do it,You don't have to worry about your children because Me,Wayne and Candy are here to watch out for them,We are here for Phill also, Honey you would be so proud of your kids,They all have found jobs and making a life for themselves. We have a new Baby;little Eddie Michel,Ellie new baby,I wish you were here to sing to Him,He would JUJU so much,There is a day go buy that I don't cry for you,I miss you so much.I know you are happy in Heaven with Your Dad and all your other loveones.I will see you again some day,when my work on earth is done,when that time comes ,you come get me,what a glorious day,that will be. Please watch over Wayne and Candy for me. I love you Julie Girl,love Mommy.

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