Posted by Billie Jo Martin on December 23, 2013
Hi Mom hope you are doing well up there I miss you so much mom more then words can ever say.
Mom the dear lord took my baby girl kyla fro me on Dec 1 2013 can you please mom give me a sign that she made it up there ok and that she is with you and she is happy I miss her so much mom I am so devastated that he took her from me and not sure and wish I knew why she took her own life the way she did give her a big hug and kiss from me and tell her I love her so much always have and always will.xoxoxo
Posted by Billie Jo Martin on May 9, 2013
Hi mom well today it is 23 years that you left me, mom i miss you so so much very day i wish i had my mom here to help me with my life you always was there for me.I had my cry today and i am sure iwill cry some more I know it. It is still so hard to except you are gone after all these years mom.well love and miss you with all my heart give Mable a big hug and kiss for me tell her i miss he
Posted by Billie Jo Martin on February 20, 2012
Happy birthday mom I miss you so much and wish you were still here with me to celebrate your birthday but you are in my heart and thoughts every day. I love and misas you mom
Posted by Billie Jo Martin on December 22, 2011
Hi Mom how are you hope all is well up there I really miss you and its that time of year again Christmas I hope you have a good one with granny and granpa and the rest of your family up there .Well this Christmas will be the worst one yet for my family god mom i wish you were here I know you would make everthing right ,you were so great for that . Well I will write to you again Love you xo
Posted by Billie Jo Martin on November 9, 2011
Hi mom just wanted to say it was not to bad of a day today still sad about aunt Mary passing and the waiting on news about Mable is hard not knowing how things are going for her i hate this waiting thing but i know in my heart she is tuff and will fight threw this just like you did.she is as strong as you were mom and i just wish i was as strong as you were, well i still miss you loveu mom
Posted by Billie Jo Martin on November 8, 2011
Hello mom how are you today i miss you so much and wish you were here with me , I want to say i guess you already know that aunt Mary passed away yesterday but i gues you are already togeather tell her she will be sadley missed as well by all. i love you mom and miss you more then words can say.xoxo
Posted by Billie Jo Martin on November 7, 2011
Mom I think of you every singal day and night and i miss you so much and sometimes when i am sad and hurt and aloneĀ i cry and i swear i hear u tell me my baby girl i am here for you and everything will be ok.Mom every singal holiday and your birthday and mothers day i can not handle i break down and cry and actually i hate the holidays and espeacially mothers day the day u left us i loveu

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