His Life

my hero


                Throughout my life, many people have had a positive impact on my life. Many people have inspired and motivated me to be the person I am today. Out of all those people, the person who has made the biggest difference is my older brother Kameron. Even though he is no longer with me on earth, he still inspires and encourages me. His wise words will help shape me into the successful adult I am destined to become.

            Growing up, Kameron took care of my mother and me and supported the both of us.  He was our strength and definitely the man of the house. His strength didn't really show on the outside because heart and character can only reflected, it cannot be seen. He knew this, so he made sure it was known. As the younger sibling, I looked up to him. He guided me while teaching me everything he knew. He also offered his advice whenever he felt necessary. Sometimes I didn't listen, but I always heard him and I never forgot the words he spoke.

            He lived his life similarly to  how he played football, the sport he loved most; he tackled the tasks that were put in front of him. Even though they were done in his own time, he made sure it got done. I never knew how he did everything so nonchalant, but he did. He made sure he accomplished his goals.  I liked the way he handle things and it inspired me to live my life in a similar way. We all have a hero. Mine is my brother. He gave me something to believe in, a sense of security, and someone to admire. When I think about it, the only obstacle that he wasn't able to overcome was fate.

Our Blessing

On August 18th 1990, I was blessed with an angel. Kameron  demanded attention and captured hearts from day one. He smiled when he was asleep and when he was awake. I always wondered what he was up to. He was always hungry too :)...that's how he got the nickname Munchie. As he got older his nickname changed to Kam and sometimes I called him Old Man or Marcel. Having Kam for a son changed my life for the better and made me a better person. I will forever be grateful to God for blessing me with such a wonderful son (in fact, God showed me favor because he blessed me with a wonderful daughter too)!!! Together they made life enjoyable, memorable, rewarding, heartwarming, priceless...I could truly go on. They also brought countless wonderful people into our lives. As you view this memorial, you will see pictures of some of them, read their words and memories and realize that life has no guarantees but a genuine smile and heart can truly make a difference. Both Brit and I agree that Kam had a way to make you smile and always managed to make you feel like everything was going to be ok no matter what and in the end, it always proved to be true. He had an inviting smile and dancing eyes. He was gentle, loving and compassionate and our family was truly blessed to have the time that we had with him.

Kameron Marcel Huddleston

    Kameron was a loving son, grandson, brother, friend, nephew, cousin, Godson, Godbrother, football player, basketball player, teammate, student, boyfriend, person... He lived his life to the fullest he smiled / laughed often, loved hard,gave of himself, danced, sung (although it was kinda off key), played  x-box, made lifelong friends, made his family proud, brought people together and then he took a piece of my heart to heaven....

                              Kameron Marcel Huddleston

                       August 18, 1990 - August 31, 2009

                                                         2Timothy 4:7

   I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course. I have kept the faith

                                 He went hard

                                 He went home

                               RIP My Love...RIP