Posted by Shelly Heneisen on December 17, 2019
The sun has come up everyday since you passed but the day will never be quite as bright without your smile!! Until we meet again!!!
Posted by Shelly Heneisen on November 27, 2019
I will always remember the time you visited me and we spent every day riding horses, hiking and enjoying the week!!! So excited to see the lady your Kadence turns into!!! You will forever be remembered and missed!! I’ll see you one day when it’s my turn... until we meat again I will think if you often!!!!
Posted by Tracy-Lynn Lightfoot on November 26, 2019
I didnt get the chance to know you, but I know your momma. I know you were very loved and I know your missed terribly. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. My hope for her is to conquer the world and for everything in her life to be as amazing as she seems to be. RIP Baby Girl.
Posted by gayle yoho on November 26, 2019
4 years? Like it was yesterday. I looked at your picture every day "Cheeks" You have a beautiful smile that shines on me every day. I miss you soooo. Your darling daughter is a treasure, I don't get to see her much but she loves getting together for the family campout to play with her cousins. She is a very social little girl. Love her! because she is a part of you I get to be with. Miss you more than you will ever know. Hope you hear me when I talk to you.
Posted by Kim Dudarenke on November 26, 2019
Sending up love and happiness up to you. Fill your Mom's heart up with some extra love♡ she misses you so.
Posted by Wisper Kati on June 26, 2019
Everyday is harder.. but I love you. I always will. I live second by second without you cuz Im constantly circling the grief cycle. I miss you SO much
Posted by Abigail Yoho on December 17, 2016
You know I never told you this before but when we were younger and you lived with us I was always jealous of you. You became my little sister and I was no longer the baby in the family. And that day you moved back in with your dad was a really hard day for my parents,nate, tracy, and I. I was excited to be the baby again but at the same time I felt like I lost a sister. But that is not true. You will always be in my heart you will always be my baby sister my baby cousin. I love you to the moon and back..
Posted by Jamie Franszczak on November 11, 2016
You are missed by many but most of all ur Mom and ur daughter. Fly high my angel
Posted by Kim Dudarenke on November 11, 2016
Prayers for your family today and always

Posted by Kadience Jayde on August 19, 2016
I miss you Mommy
Posted by Kimberly Staehler on June 15, 2016
I miss you every minute of the day,I was so blessed to hv you for 20 years,ty for bringing me 20 years of happiness and joy in my life,my daughter
Posted by Rosario Barone on June 15, 2016
Hi Kasandra ,
I wish that we have could of met before. I do believe that you brought me to your mother. She misses you everyday but to let you know I am and always will be there for her and Kadience for good and bad moments to help them in this new journey of life. I just want you to know that I am very thankful that you brought your family to me. I know that you are around us even tho we can't see you. I am sure that we will meet one day!
Posted by Kim Collier on June 15, 2016
She was and always be a beautiful young lady im sorry that I have missed so many years of her young life. She has reunited with her uncle stacey blum in heaven. Would love to hear those angels sing. Tyler and i will miss you always
Posted by gayle yoho on June 15, 2016
Hey Cheeks! I remember when you lived with us for a while and I always wore a necklace with 3 little children on it. You asked me what that was and I said these are my children. You then asked me why you were not on the necklace. I went out the next day and added you to my family. I miss you dearly Cheeks. Always in my heart.

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