Let the memory of Kathleen be with us forever
  • 75 years old
  • Born on October 26, 1935 .
  • Passed away on May 1, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kathleen Nikas 75 years old , born on October 26, 1935 and passed away on May 1, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Christine Nikas on October 26, 2018
Dear Mom, Happy 83rd Birthday in Heaven. I'm sitting here watching Game 3 of the World Series. Yes, the Red Sox are in it and have won the first 2 games.  I know how much you loved your Sox! It's very bittersweet because I know you would be making all kinds of noise over at Elderly Housing while the game is on. I used to laugh because you'd always say everybody there was old and in bed by the time the game was on. You were always so young at heart. I still miss you every day but I am especially missing you today; wish you could be here with us to celebrate your birthday. I know instead you are celebrating with everybody else in Heaven. Kelly probably planned a surprise birthday party for you and I know you are all having a ball!
I love and miss you forever,
Posted by Christine Nikas on May 13, 2018
Dear Mom, Happy Mother's Day to you. I thought of you many times today and I was really missing you. I was missing all our good times together and wishing you could have been sitting in the yard with us. Another beautiful day today. Sarah came over with the little rugrat, Adam and Alyssa were here,  You never got to meet him (the rugrat). His name is Christian and he was born on Joey's birthday. You would have loved him. He's a real character, just like you. He would have given you a run for you money!

Well Mom, the missing you never goes away. You will forever be loved and always in my heart. Until we meet again, I love you. Your loving daughter, Christine.
Posted by Kathleen Wilbur on May 1, 2018
Miss you Mom. Can't even believe it's been that long.  Feels like yesterday, still. I miss you too and I love you forever and a day, until I see you again!!!! XOXOXO
Posted by Christine Nikas on May 1, 2018
Hi Mom, Well, today is seven years since we lost you. It is so hard to believe that much time has gone by. I still miss you just as much as the day you left us. I do think of all the good times we had and I miss making more of those memories. I still go by your house and sit outside wishing I could go in for another visit with you. I think of you every time I watch Jeopardy and sometimes when I get an answer I think to myself "my mother taught me that". Thank you for all you did teach me in life. I hope you're enjoying time with those we have lost since we lost you. Unfortunately, there are many. Well, today was a beautiful day just like it was 7 years ago. I'll miss you forever and think of you forever. Until we meet again, I love you always, Christine.
Posted by Sarah Persichetti on May 1, 2018
Hi Gram!!!!!

I miss you so much! I can’t believe it’s been 7 years, seems like I just saw you yesterday. I miss buying you scratch tickets and getting us Harrison’s and splitting up the fries. I wish you could see the kids grow. You would get such a kick out of them. They have such personalities! They are sassy like us! You must have been happy to see my Nana, I’m glad you two are together. I think of you all the time, I hope you know that. Keep watching over us all and guide is in the right direction. I know you will. Love you so much. Love, Sarah
Posted by Nik Gallerani on May 1, 2018
Hey Gram, I can’t believe it’s been seven years. You’ve missed some things that you would have loved; you’ve missed some things that would have hurt. Just know that you are missed. Watch over us all and make sure we don’t mess it up too bad. Rest peacefully, Gram, with a glass of beer in front of you and a cigarette burning between your fingers. I love you!
Posted by Christine Nikas on January 1, 2018
Happy New Year! I wish I had an opportunity to continue a tradition that started when I was 18 and ended 34 years later; calling you every New Years Eve at midnight. I did miss doing that but you were in my heart. I still miss you so much. 2018...how the time flies! I miss you and love you forever. Love, Christine
Posted by Sarah Persichetti on October 26, 2017
Happy Birthday to you, Gram!

I miss you and think of you all the time! You have my Nana with you now! I bet she was happy to see you! I’m glad you two are together, my two crazy grandmothers! I’m going to buy some scratch tickets today so send me some good luck please! You have given me many memories to smile back on and I’m thankful for that. I’m glad we always had a close relationship from when I was little up to adulthood. I feel lucky to have had that bond with you and although I miss you, that comforts me. We had some good laughs that’s for sure! You would get a real kick out of the kids. They are fresh but funny. You’d like it! I hope you are celebrating today with the loved ones you’ve been reunited with. The rest of us will continue to honor your memory and live lives that would make you happy and proud! Happy Birthday, Gram. I love you.

Love, Sarah
Posted by Christine Nikas on October 26, 2017
Happy Birthday Mom. Missing you as much today as I did over 6 years ago. How many times I wish I could call you and tell you something that happened or just to say hell? I miss having you there as my sounding board and for the wisdom you always shared. I miss coming by and plopping in my chair, I miss watching Jeopardy, Cash Cab and Meekat Manor with you. Jamie (your granddaughter) and I have started watching Dancing With the Stars. Now I know why you loved that show so much. I think of you the whole time I'm watching, you always admired the talent in people and that is a rare quality. 

I now find I ask myself "What would Mama do?" That is the legacy you left behind along with 6 children,12 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren You alone are responsible for bringing 21 lives into this world. Imagine that, what a legacy you left behind. 

We all miss you and think of you every day. We all love you and will never forget that charismatic woman we will always called Mom.

"Don't forget your coat, Tex"! I'll never forget that Christmas when you had the chance of a lifetime to say that to a guy named Tex! I'm laughing as I type this. I WILL meet you on the other side.  We talked about this and I know you're waiting for me (not too soon though).

Your Loving Daughter, Christine
Posted by Kathleen Wilbur on October 26, 2017
And I want to say hell too, HELL YEAH, it's your birthday!!! I'm sitting with a half pint right now. Long week and only Thursday, they want me to go back - I need a drink!!!!  Anyhow..... Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Mama, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! I love you!!! Your Loving Daughter Kathleen XOXOXO
Posted by Kathleen Wilbur on October 26, 2017
For you Momma!!!
Posted by Sarah Persichetti on May 1, 2017
Hi Gram,

I just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking of you. I always am, but especially today. I'm happy you have been reunited with so many loved ones and that you are at peace. That being said, I do miss laughing with you. You should see the kids, they are so grown! You would get a kick out of them, they're pretty funny! I love you Gram and you are always in my heart. Love, Sarah
Posted by Kathleen Wilbur on May 1, 2017
Hi Mom,

Thought of you last nite at 3:30 a.m. as you know. I am with you always as I feel you are with me always. I love and miss you so much!!! Until we meet again......... Kathy XOXO (Sing on Frankie!!!)
Posted by Christine Nikas on December 25, 2016
Dear Mom, Merry Christmas to you. I thought of you on the trip to Cambridge/Somerville tonight, Christmas Eve. You were always in the back seat, you were not there tonight. I miss that so much. So many memories, so many changes, so many of our loved ones gone. You are forever in my thoughts every day and especially tonight, I miss you and love you so much. Come visit me in my dreams, I miss you and would love to see you. Love, Christine
Posted by Christine Nikas on October 26, 2016
Dear Mom, Happy 81st Birthday! I hope you're eating chinese food and scratching a few tickets. I know you're celebrating with all your family that are there with you. Watch over them for us until we are there with all of you some day. There is not a day that goes by that I don' think of you. You are still so missed and life is not the same without you. I can still picture you sitting at my table doing the crossword puzzle on Sundays. I miss those days but I know you are no longer suffering and you are able to breathe easy. I love you forever, Christine
Posted by Sarah Persichetti on October 26, 2016
Hi Gram!

Happy Birthday to you! 81, huh!?!?!?! Still the sparkle queen, although I have to tell you, Alyssa is a close second! I miss you so much and think of often. I have lots of little things that remind me of you! I miss you Gram, I wish you were here to see the kids! I know you are no longer suffering and at peace and for that, I'm grateful! You are always loved and always missed! Until we meet again (which hopefully won't be for a long time!) keep watching over us and please let me win big on the scratch ticket I'm going to buy in your honor today!

Happy Birthday!
Love , Sarah
Posted by Stephen Gallerani on May 2, 2016
Dear Kathy, just know how much you are missed by so many. Hope you are keeping an eye on our Dear Kel, and Papa, and Jim Bob. The birds are still watching you.
Posted by Kathleen Wilbur on May 1, 2016
Okay, I'm the first one to visit - hello Mom! I hope you continue to watch over each and every one of us - We're doing our best, really. (with what and whom we've got to work with). I love you today, and always, and miss all of you that we've lost, tremendously. XOXOXO
Posted by Christine Nikas on January 1, 2016
Hey Mamasita, Happy New Year! I miss calling you every New Year's Eve to ring in the new and out with the old. I never missed a night since I turned 18. Okay, as the years went by you told me to call you at 10:00 p.m. because you'd be asleep at midnight. We always rang in the New Year together. Well, I'm ringing it in with you again but in a different way. I miss you so much every day. I can't wait to see you again someday. What a party you must be having with Kelly, Jimmy and Joey, the best! I love you all and wish you all a wonderful 2016! See you again someday.  I look forward to that day and that gives me freedom from fear. I love you so much and always will. Your loving daughter, Christine
Posted by Kathleen Wilbur on October 26, 2015
Okay, here's a beautiful flower for you Mom on your 80th, You Go Girl - Straight to the Party! Put lots of glitter on, we don't want anyone missing you on this special day!!! Have fun - I know you will!!! I love you Mom, xoxox  Kathy
Posted by Stephen Gallerani on October 26, 2015
Hi Kathy, just a quick note on your birthday. Still missed by many, including your bird friends. There must be enough of you to have quite the party, now. Don't get Papa in any more trouble, and give our Kelly a big hug too. Love Steve
Posted by Christine Nikas on October 26, 2015
Dear Mom, Happy 80th Birthday! How I wish we could have a big celebration for you today. But, as Steve said in his message to you, there are enough of you in heaven for you to have a big party there. You'd be scratching away at your birthday lottery tickets today hoping to win a million. The funny thing was, I always knew you wanted to win that money to help your kids. You didn't want it for anything. You were never able to give us millions but you gave us so much more. I still miss you more than ever. I'm still going by your house and sitting outside for a few minutes. Always wishing I could go in to visit. It's not the same without you. Give Kelly a big hug for us and show me a sign once in a while. I love you, Christine
Posted by Christine Nikas on August 23, 2015
Hi Mom, Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and missing you as much as ever. I know you're wondering why the hell Jimmy, Kelly and Joey are there with you. We're wondering the same. Please wrap your arms around them and take care of them for us until we are all reunited. I look forward to that day but I will enjoy my time on Earth until the time comes.

I was at the camp today doing the New York Times crossword puzzle and it brought back so many memories. We had a lot of good ones and I laugh at the thought of a lot of them. Who's on first? We did have some good times.

Thank you for being a wonderful mother to us. I know you are okay but I miss you so much. Watch over all of us and give us a helping hand along the way. We need you.

You are forever in my thoughts,

Posted by Louis Nikas on May 10, 2015
Posted by Christine Nikas on May 10, 2015
Dear Mom, Happy Mothers Day to you! You were so missed today. I miss your glitter, your wit, your sarcasm, your advice and your love. I miss everything about you. That love was always so unconditional. You were more than a mother, you were a strong smart woman who raised strong, smart women.

You would love my grandkids, Alyssa is right up your alley, you could swap clothes with her. She inherited your love for glitter and sarcasm. Adam, you'd kill him. He'd match you barb for barb but you'd win. So far, none of us have.  Christian, you never met him but you must be watching over him because he's an angel.

I know I was lucky to have you for so many years but I am selfish, I wanted you forever. Happy Mothers Day.

Your loving daughter, Christine
Posted by Stephen Gallerani on May 2, 2015
Where does the time go, Kathy? It's hard to believe that it's been 4 years since you've passed. You must know how much you are missed by so many. Though it's been a couple of hard years for us, we are all looking forward to seeing everyone again hopefully in heaven. Love you! Birds are still watching you.
Posted by Christine Nikas on May 1, 2015
Dear Mom, It's hard to believe it has been four years since you've been gone. I miss you so much. Every once in a while I go by your house and sit outside wishing I could go in and plop in the chair. I miss our crossword competitions every Sunday, calling each other to see if we got the final Jeopardy answer; kidding each other if one of us didn't get the answer, patting ourselves on the back if we did. I just miss everything about you. You deserve the peace you have now attained. I know you are breathing without struggle and are with the family members who have gone before and after you. Someday we will have a family reunion in heaven. Until that day, you are forever in my heart. I love and miss you every day. Love, Christine
Posted by Sarah Persichetti on May 1, 2015
Hi Gram,

Thinking of you extra today and missing you always. I hope you know how much you are missed! I miss calling you and coming to visit for one of our Harrison's lunch dates! We would always joke about how much fries they gave us what kind of gluttons can eat all that, then next thing you know they were gone!!!!!! I miss your witty personality and sense of humor the most! You were so much fun. I know you are at peace now which brings me peace, because I know how you struggled. Please keep a watchful eye over us. I love you, Gram!

Love, Your Granddaughter, Sarah
Posted by Cheryl Gallerani on May 1, 2015
Mama, I don't know what to say today..........life has thrown me some curve balls and I could use you more than ever but I thank God you're not here to see it! What do I do without my mother? What do I do without my daughter? What do I do for Nik and Jamie? I'm just lost without you and your guidance. I love you Mom; I hope there's truly a Heaven because I need to see you again. I love you xoxox
Posted by Louis Nikas on February 16, 2015
i miss you so much< i miss cooking for you. i miss walking across the city to bring you cigs. throwing the keys down then searching through the snow for them!  i miss you in every way  you always kept me in line!  and thats not so easy to do,  but we ate good didnt we?? nothing too good for you!  im sorry i was a drunk pain in the ass at times  get ready, were gonna eat and drink again! ilove and miss you

your loving son jamie
Posted by Kathleen Wilbur on December 26, 2014
Hi mom, I Miss you. Merry Christmas. XOXO
Posted by Christine Nikas on December 25, 2014
Dear Mom, Merry Christmas to you. We went to Peggy and Dave's last night and I was thinking of you all night. The many years we went there together on Christmas Eve and all the good times we had with them. I miss those times and wish I could have them back. I just want you to know I am thinking about you and missing you. Have a nice Christmas drink with Kelly and Joey. I love you, Christine
Posted by Christine Nikas on November 30, 2014
Dear Mom, Happy belated Thanksgiving! I didn't forget about you, just had a busy day and had lots of other things on my mind. It was our first Thanksgiving without Kelly so we were trying to get through that. We did but she was in our thoughts all day and it was not easy. Her presence was missed so much but there is nothing we can do but keep her close in our hearts. We still hurt so much and it's been a tough year. We're all lost in our grief and I'm missing your guidance. Keep watching over us and take care of Kelly for us. I can't wait until the day when we're all reunited again. Until then, I don't have to worry about Joey throwing the turkey out of the kitchen window! Keep an eye on him for us. We miss all of you so much and there is a huge void in our lives without all of you. I think of you every day of my life and I miss you every day of my life. You will NEVER be forgotten. I love you, Christine
Posted by Christine Nikas on October 26, 2014
Dear Mom, Happy Birthday to you. I know you're having a big birthday celebration today because you're with a lot of your favorite people and they all love a party. There are a few you'll have to keep an eye on, ahem, Joey and Kelly! I miss you every day of my life. Some days I drive to your house and just sit outside. I wish so much I could go in and just plop in the chair and watch Cash Cab with you. I'll never forget that the Australian musical instrument is called a didgeridoo, as in, didgeridoo your kitchen over? (You have to have a Boston accent to get that one!). Or that the longest winding street in San Francisco is Lombard Street as in Carol Lombard, the actress! We had some good times together and a lot of laughs. Today is Sunday and I'm doing my crossword puzzles and thinking of all the times you sat at my kitchen table on Sundays having our crossword competitions! I'll never forget the laughs we used to have over them. I was always jokingly accused you of trying to look at my answers and cheating! As if you would ever have to do that. You were a fountain of knowledge and you taught me so much. I think of you every day and I miss you every day but I know someday we will meet again and I can give you a big hug! Until then, Happy Birthday and I love you forever. Your loving daughter, Christine
Posted by Stephen Gallerani on October 26, 2014
Wishing you were here to wish you a happy birthday in person, but know you're missed by many. Keep your arms around our Kelly. Don't get Papa into trouble. The birds are still watching you. Love you.
Posted by Sarah Persichetti on October 26, 2014
Happy Birthday, Gram! Thinking of you on this sunny Sunday morning and wishing I could call you instead of write but hopefully you get the message! I miss you so much but I have to say that I do feel your presence with me a lot. I smile to myself every time Alyssa comes down in one of her famous head to toe glitter outfits! I know you'd love that!! Just the other day Adam was being fresh so I asked him one of your favorite questions to us kids "want me to warm your ass?" You never did though, you were all talk!!!! I wish you were here to meet Christian! You would love him, he's such a happy boy and he would love his great g-ma!!!! Alyssa had to write an essay at school about why she likes to read and she quoted you from the note you wrote her in the Dr Seuss book you gave her. She said "as my great grandmother said, reading takes you places you may never get to go"! They read that book all the time! Alyssa is obsessed with Harry Potter so your books will be in good hands! I hope you are with my Dad and Kelly. I wish I had them here with me but I am comforted knowing you are with them. Three of my favorite people! Well Gram, as you can see, I miss talking with you. I could go on all day. You were one person I could always talk to no matter what and I have to say I miss that. You always listened and even if you didn't agree you still have good advice. Happy Birthday to you, I'll go pick up some "tickies" for you today so send me a winner will ya please?!!?!!!!! I love you, Gram. Happy Birthday with love from your Granddaughter Sarah
Posted by Andrea Esteves on September 8, 2014
Hi Mama,
Just sitting on my couch looking at your pictures on my mantle. There is not a day that goes by I do not think of you. I miss and love you so much. I know you are in a better place but I wish I could just get one more hug to carry me through this chapter of my life. I love you, Andrea
Posted by Christine Nikas on July 10, 2014
Mom, I'm missing you so much these days. I talked about you last night; your sense of humor, your shoulder to lean on, your wisdom, the comic strips you left behind, you did give us a laugh from the "grave". I laughed about you when I spoke of you, they were happy memories. You did have a great sense of humor and it shone through in our moments of grief. You were one "Hot Ticket". You're gone, Papa's gone and worst of all, we somehow lost our beautiful Kelly! How did this happen? 

We need you now more than ever. Take care of Kelly and take care of us. I miss you and will never forget you. I think of you every day, that is the loving memory I will always carry.

Love forever,

Posted by Kathleen Wilbur on May 11, 2014
Posted by Christine Nikas on May 11, 2014
Happy Mother's Day. Thinking of you today and missing you so much. I know you're sharing this day with your Mom so that makes me happy. I will always love you, Christine
Posted by Stephen Gallerani on May 1, 2014
Hi kat, know that you are missed every day by so many. Keep your arms around our Kelly Marie. Love and miss you. Say hi to Wally Raneo when you see him.
Posted by Christine Nikas on May 1, 2014
Dear Mom, Wow, 3 years have passed in the blink of an eye. I miss you every day. I'm always going by your apartment and wishing I could jump out of my car for a visit with you. I miss calling you for advice or just to have a shoulder to lean on. We all really could use your presence this year but you are right where you belong because there is somebody who needs you more, our beautiful Kelly. She needed you to be there to welcome her into Heaven and to take care of her for us. Kathy had a vision of you with your arms open beckoning Kelly to you so I know she is with you. We miss you both so much. Our hearts ache and it hurts so bad when you lose somebody you love but we will all meet again. In the meantime, I know you, Kelly and Joey are raisin' a little hell up there and are all probably on probation. Behave, we'd like to see you there when we arrive! I love you, Christine
Posted by Sarah Persichetti on May 1, 2014
Hi Gram,

Thinking of you on this rainy morning, where the heck is the sun?! I can't believe it's been three years since I've seen you. I miss you lots. I never realized how much I turned to you to talk until you were no longer there for me to do so. You always listened and it was comforting to know you were there. I hope you are at peace and that you will continue to watch over us all. You would get a real kick out of the kids. They have turned into quite characters! I know you have some new company up there in heaven with you. When my dad died, one of the first things I thought was "good, he's with Gram". Now Kelly has joined you. It comforts me to know you are together. Three people I loved very much and still do. I was laughing not too long ago about my dad throwing his empt nips behind your couch!!!! Also thinking about all the times Kelly and I spent with you. Thanks to you two I'm 32 years old still petrified of scary movies! When Alyssa gets older and does her hair I'll dump a pan of water over her head in honor of you and Kelly!!! Or the times Kelly would lock me in a room and try to get me to swear and you were outside the door to see if I would! Just for the record, I never did!!!! I could go on and on, the memories will never die. I keep them in my heart and look back with a smile. We had a lot of good times. I miss coming over and having our Harrisons roast beef and fries and talking about everyone as if we were so perfect!! Hey, someone has to be! I feel very lucky to have had a grandmother like you, you were a great one. I miss you always, Gram and I love you. Send me another shooting star will you?! 

Love, your granddaughter Sarah
Posted by Christine Nikas on February 11, 2014
Dear Mom, We said goodbye to Kelly this Sunday. I'm so sad she's gone from us; there is a huge void in our lives and our hearts are aching. Hold her in your arms for us until we can see her again. Until then, we will hold her in our hearts. I love and miss you both so much. Love, Christine
Posted by Christine Nikas on January 2, 2014
Hey Glitter Queen, Happy New Year! miss you so much. I think about you every day. I'm glad you're no longer suffering. I love you, Christine
Posted by Christine Nikas on November 28, 2013
Dear Mom, Happy Thanksgiving. I missed you today but I certainly didn't forget you. It's so hard to believe its our 3rd Thanksgiving without you. As I always said to you every Thanksgiving, gobble, gobble! I love you.

Posted by Kathleen Wilbur on October 28, 2013
I know you heard me say "Happy Birthday" in the a.m. and I totally heard (out loud - again) - "thank you" in your voice. 

Hope you enjoyed and things are "heavenly" - I read that the flowers are 100 times brighter than on earth - throw me a beautiful red rose! XOXO
Posted by Christine Nikas on October 26, 2013
Dear Mom,

Thinking of you today on what would have been your 78th birthday. Shedding a few tears because I'm still missing you more than ever. We'll be having Chinese food for dinner tonight in your honor while we cheer on the Red Sox in their bid for a World Series win. Happy Birthday!
Posted by Christine Nikas on July 26, 2013
Dear Mom, When will the pain ever get easier...NEVER! You are missed every day. After more than two years we are still trying to get used to life without you. Your impact is everywhere and I turn to you so many times a day and you are not physically here although there are so many reminders of you everywhere! We miss your wisdom and guidance. I will always love you, Christine
Posted by Kathleen Wilbur on January 21, 2013
Hi Mom

Just thinking of you - again, today!! I love you and miss you so much!! The brats are doing good and Danielle just bought her first car! Zack's working! Yes, thing are pretty good- Work/school hard - but my character is **beyond compare** as you would want xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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