we lost a rare gem..

Shared by chidi ebere on March 1, 2011

Kaycee bumbo like i usually hail him was an exceptionally nice man,never deceptive,always ready to assist from the farest distance,his passion for great acheivements was quite encouraging,the controversial Kaycee dat i know was never afraid of confronting anyone with the truth,he was a friend to all and was loved by everyone that had close contact with him.

Oh Kaycee bumbo,lil did i know that ur last visit to Lagos was gonna be my last moments with u,i wish i could just wake up from this nightmare,wish u never made that trip,wish i was able to at least speak with u for the last time,wish u survived that terrible auto crash that stole ur precious life away.

we had plans of travel abroad together but u snicked away to rest with the almighy God,am sure that He'll grant u peace...Amen

Farewell ma man Kaycee bumbo...

KC That I Know

Shared by charles maduka on February 26, 2011

I finally convinced you that Abuja was the right place for your kind of business. With the help Sir Emma Omeohia, I got a shop for you. It was very difficult because Lagos was in you and you in Lagos. You gave it your best shot. Little did I know you already acquired a second shop at the very expensive Emab Plaza in Abuja. The last communication was to inform you that I have acceptd your invitation to visit you in Abuja, It was to happen on the 22 of Feb. It did not happen. I cannot let your death go unnoticed. God did not take you from us, we did. We failed you. 

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