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August 19, 2021
I remember visiting Ken and Marge in Honolulu. They so graciously gave us a tour of the area they stayed in, the apartment they had, and some of the watering holes where they could watch Hawkeye basketball games. Ken just loved the beach! Marge loved not being in the winter weather! I couldn't find a picture on my computer to share. But if I find one, I will share it. Sending love and hugs to Marge, Leisa, Marsha and your families. I believe that Ken and Jim walk those beaches together whenever they want, now!

Those Are My Genes!

August 26, 2020
Ken and Margie were in the stands watching their daughter Marsha's softball game.  Marsha did something amazing, so Ken stands up and yells "Those Are My Genes!"  Margie just gave him the look.


August 26, 2020
There are so many Ken stories! I remember the picture in the Press Citizen of him mowing his yard that was surrounded by flood water during the flood of 1993. And I'm sure I still have a T-shirt Ken Fearing for Supervisor! But, one of my favorites was when Jim and I went to Hawaii, and Ken and Margie gave us a tour of their winter haven. We had such a wonderful time seeing their home away from home, and getting the low down on where to go to watch Hawkeye games. I have missed you since you moved!! I hope you meet up with Jim on your next journey!!  

Grandsons and Ken bunny ears

August 23, 2020
Ken loved doing bunny ears in photos.

Ken tries curling

August 23, 2020
Ken at 87, learning curling with Margie and Leisa cheering him on at the Saranac Lake, NY  Winter Festival.  Photo Credit Sarah Rosedahl.

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