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January 13, 2022
425 views+Im sure will grow*what a tribute*but doesnt surprize me*listening to your family talking about their life with you*you had that calm way which gave people comfort*yes you were a salesman but you always gave service after the sale

My daddy

January 13, 2022
Dad was so much more than a salesman. He was such a character with a massive personality. He loved to joke and talk and tell you what's on his mind. He was a lot like his mother in that way. He had a laugh that was unmistakably his. When I close my eyes and imagine my dad I see him running his hand through his bangs, fidgeting with his pillow or licking the corner of his mouth. On the outside he seemed big and tough but he was really just a big softy. He was a true alabama fan. He could talk stats and history like he worked on the team. He enjoyed making memories at football games, fishing, hunting, traveling or simply taking a boat ride on the lake. He didn't mind just sitting and taking it all in. He'd sit out on the porch all day long and just watch the water or the wind blow through the trees. He took every opportunity to share his wisdom and knowledge. Seems like he had an answer for almost everything and if he didn't he was always willing to listen and help work it out. He was an amazing cook but stayed humble and seeked approval from those he served. There is so much that can be said about my dad but above all he was a loving and dedicated father, husband, son and brother. He loved his family with every bit of his being. He worried and watched over us as I'm sure he still does now. Even in his last days, knowing how tired he was, he would take a few deep breaths and muster up the strength to tell us I love you. Not because we said it first, but because he knew it was important. And that's the kind of man he was.
January 11, 2022
I had the best brother in law in Kenny Rogers. There were so many funny times and sweet times we all had as family. He was always available if we needed him, always full of "life lessons" and solutions, and fun at family get togethers. Always helpful, generous to those in need, and positive in his outlook. He was loving and kind and dedicated to taking care of his mother in law and then his mother. I was blessed to have him as my brother in law. I will miss him greatly but smile when I think of him, wearing his Crimson Tide hat adorned with pins, waiving a crimson and white shaker! Roll Tide Kenny. ❤️

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