Posted by Tammy Morrow on December 21, 2021
I love you Son
Posted by Tristin Arce on December 25, 2020
Merry Christmas bubba. Its not the same without you. Missing always!! We love you!!
Posted by Tammy Morrow on December 25, 2020
Merry Christmas Son
Posted by Tammy Morrow on April 13, 2020
I'm trying
Posted by Ami Livingston on April 11, 2020
R.I.P Kenneth
Posted by Tammy Morrow on April 1, 2020
Missing You it will be 12 yrs I just cant believe you are gone but you know the whole world is shut down from the Covid 19 virus Im almost convinced The Creator is showing us to live every minute of life "In The Moment" just as you did. I know your around when I need you. But it's not nor will it ever be the same nor will I. See you when I see you baby boy.
Posted by Tami Morrow on August 11, 2019
Your 29th Birthday is coming I Love You.
Posted by Heather Heggen on April 12, 2019
A quiet thought, quiet tears. Aunties cuddlebug grown and gone. A heartbreak I will always carry. I miss the simpler times when a smile, a hug, a kitchen dance was the best way to end the day. You left me and us a pretty big heartache young man.
Posted by Nalubowa Shina on April 12, 2019
It's devastating being here with so many voids in my heart. I wish we could all go back in time. Life is hard to live without everyone we lost. I just hope you're in a better place wherever you went. One day we'll all meet again Much love you're forever missed Bj
Posted by Emily Schenone on April 12, 2019
Bj! I think about you often! And all the memories we share! So many memories! Wish you were here! We have some awesome kids! Always thought our kids would be bestfriends like we all were! Lifes crazy! I'm glad you and my brother have each other up there! I know he missed you so much! Keep watching over your mom and sister! I know their hearts hurt everyday without you! Until we meet again! I love you always!
Posted by Jacque Burnett on April 12, 2019
Thank you for the connection to an amazing Lady, I would love to believe that you both are heavenly friends in a place where there is only good. I do believe you both help guide us in a peaceful direction sending us where we need to be right when we need to be there. Just like that day we hugged at the Fremont Street bridge. I know it makes you happy to see that your mom has managed to endure an even more connecting way with you and her self. It just takes time but we come around eventually. She is sure a fighter for you and I know that makes you happy and proud too. Thank you and fly free in peace.
Posted by Tammy Morrow on April 12, 2019
11 years my beautiful baby boy. I feel you all the time but I miss seeing you hearing your laugh makin jokes picking on your sister cherish and baby J. I wish you were here for your Son and nieces and nephews Jolinda misses you alot comfort her please. I'll see you when I see you. Love your Mama. And dad (Carl) misses you alot also.
Posted by Jolinda Morrow on April 11, 2019
This is Jolinda BJ niece I was about to turn 1 when he died I didn't know him very well I didn't really know him at all but he knew me we have a lot of things in common and I wish he was still here with us I wish he was here with me. He might not physically be here but I still feel how much he loved/Loves me he was always there for me I love you uncle and I wish I had WAY more memories of you and with you
Posted by Josh Hiser on April 11, 2019
Miss you my Brotha! I know your up there watching over us. Keep sending those good vibes our way.
True Story: about 8-9 years ago I walked into work with two $1 scratch offs. I was a waiter just getting ready to start my shift. I sat down at a table to scratch off my scratch offs before starting work. I said "B, help me out with this one". I shit you not I won $1000 bucks. That was alot of money back then all at once so I said fuck it, I'm taking the day off and cashing this thing in. Ever since I talk to BJ as if he was sitting next to me every now and then.
Posted by Pam Hawkins on April 11, 2019
Bj. You are truly missed by many, but sorellyy by your mom. She fights for you so hard . I'm sorry your earthly life was cut so short. You should have led a full life like your granda, Larry Felchle. He worked with my dad and they were close friends.  He spoke if you often, I think I remember you came to the ranch with him once. Anyway, your mom will keep you alive for your son to know what an amazing young man his dad was and is. May your mom find solace and find the justice your memory deserves.
Posted by Ami Livingston on April 11, 2019
R.I.P Kenneth I never met you you are missed and never forgotton
Posted by Lavon Taylor on April 11, 2019
Rip BJ you will forever be missed your so loved wish you were here
Posted by Katie Hale on December 21, 2018
Merry Christmas BJ
Posted by Tami Morrow on December 21, 2018
Wish you were here. Love you Son.
Posted by Tami Morrow on December 4, 2018
Posted by Ami Livingston on April 13, 2018
R.I.P Kenneth
Posted by Tammy Morrow on April 11, 2018
Today is 10 long years I will FOREVER miss you. I will keep fighting for Justice Son. I Love You. YOU SHOULD BE HERE!!!
Posted by Tammy Morrow on October 8, 2017
Ryder is doing Great. I sure do miss him and you and what could have been but I must let it go....and let you Fly like the FREEBIRD you are. Till we meet you. Mom
Posted by Tammy Morrow on October 8, 2017
Love you boi !!!!
Posted by Tami Morrow on March 7, 2017
I miss you so much!!!
Posted by Tami Morrow on May 9, 2016
Love you son
Posted by Tami Morrow on May 9, 2016
For you bj

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