Let the memory of keren be with us forever
  • 48 years old
  • Born on September 2, 1962 .
  • Passed away on January 8, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, keren Dimah 48 years old , born on September 2, 1962 and passed away on January 8, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Doose Iangba on January 15, 2019
Hi Auntie. Ngom
Taver u hungul we. I hope you are doing good. Rest well xoxo
Posted by Rtz . on January 11, 2019
Dear Keren Dimah,
Eight years after, and it seems just like yesterday.
Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Akpennongun Tarbunde on January 8, 2018
Keren ... Kwase u Agber Dimah,

May the good Lord lead your soul to heaven ...& in turn ... grant all your survivors the fortitude to bear your transition ...
& continue our journey towards eternity.

God love you, Ma.
Posted by Aondover Tarhule on January 8, 2018
Your memory remains as fresh in our minds today as day the Lord decided to call you to his bosom. As much as we miss you, we are consoled by by our faith that you are resting peacefully and pain free with the Lord. We know you will continue to look over us from above until we meet again. Lie in peace and be assured of our everlasting love!
Posted by Rev Fr Vitalis Kondo, MSP on September 2, 2016
May your light continue to shine. The memory lives on in our hearts truly fulfilling the Lords's promise: "Anyone who lives and believes in me will never die." A prayer was offered for the continued repose of your soul. Rest in peace forever. Amen.
Posted by Stevina Evuleocha on September 2, 2016
Kwase kyundu, you would have turned 54 today. We remember and celebrate you the best way we can. May HE continue to keep you in the palm of his hands. Ka mo, Pendaityo
Posted by Doose Iangba on January 8, 2016
Dear Auntie Keren
 I thought so hard about you this Christmas, Not about your passing, more so about. Ityesen yeou, cooking, chatting. and I smiled and it turned to tears. I do trully miss you. writing this makes me sad. Its been years and now i feel loss. Ka ulum sha shima alot. We will see again soon. Xoxo Doose
Posted by Rev Fr Vitalis Kondo, MSP on January 8, 2016
It's already three years gone since, but the memory is as fresh as yesterday. Those we love don't go away, they live on in the minds and hearts of those they left behind. They walk beside us every day, Unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear. Requiescas in Pace.
Posted by Aondover Tarhule on January 8, 2016
Dear Keren:
Alas, the passage of time has matured the memory without dulling it. Your impact on all that you touched stands out more starkly now that you are not physically here. Your memory abides in our hearts and with us, always and forever!
Posted by Aondover Tarhule on January 8, 2015
Dear Keren,
It's been four long years since your left us. In our hearts your memories are just as fresh. Your kindness, thoughtfulness and innate goodness are things we will always remember with joy and gratitude to God whether four years have elapsed or forty. Sleep in peace until we meet again.
Posted by Jossy Uvah on January 8, 2015
Igyor Yam i Tamen,

It's like yesterday, when we talked and joked and laughed our tails off. God know why you were chosen to be at peace while the rest of us toil and trouble on this earth full of ills and wicked ones. Until we see yonder. Lum dedoo.

Posted by John Andza on September 2, 2014
Keren, your memory will never fade in our hearts. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.----John Andza
Posted by Rev Fr Vitalis Kondo, MSP on September 2, 2014
Keren, three years just gone like that! But you are forever in our thoughts. The outpouring of love and good wishes prove one thing. That in deed, you were a true child of God and lived well with your fellow human beings. May your reward be great in heaven. Continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Dr. AB Assensoh on January 9, 2014
Dear Sister Keren:

You went on to Heaven to wait for us, but know that you are never forgotten. We will forever remember you because you were a sister with integrity, purpose and, indeed, unlimited love for all of us. Brother Agber Dimah, your dear widow, has teamed up with us in brotherly love and purpose to honor your memory. You are, indeed, forever remembered in our hearts, minds and hearts. May God Almighty keep you until we meet again in his Kingdom, Amen!

From Brother A.B., Sister Yvette and our two teenage sons (Kwadwo and Livingston) in Eugene, Oregon, USA.
Posted by John Andza on January 8, 2014
Three years have gone passed so soon, yet it seems like it happened just yesterday. Keren, continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord..John Andza
Posted by Aondover Tarhule on January 8, 2014
It's being three years but the memories are as fresh today as they were then and as they will be for as long as God keeps us here. Stay well until we meet again to part no more.
Posted by Doose Iangba on January 8, 2014
Still in our thoughts :)
Lu dedoo
Posted by Jane Eti-ukwu on January 8, 2014
Continue to rest in the bosom of the lord
We miss you so much!
Posted by Jonathan Egilla on October 13, 2013
Although time may pass so quickly in life so distracting–the memories of the wonderful times you shared with us will never fade. Keren, your kind and gentle soul, your generous spirit and contagious smiles will forever remain a golden treasure in our hearts. Even as we continue to miss you daily, we are comforted by knowing that you are in the care of Angels in Heaven. Rest in peace.
Posted by John Andza on September 6, 2013
We remember you today as always as we continue to place our trust in God for strength to bear your loss. May the good Lord grant you eternal rest.

Posted by Stevina Evuleocha on September 2, 2013
We pause, light candles and celebrate your birthday on earth while the angels surround you with merrymaking and a lavish feast in the heavens!

Birthday adoo!

Posted by Mngohol Chile on January 8, 2013
My Dear Keren, We again remember your life and the wonderful memories of your time and work with us. God’s grace gave you to us and His grace grants you eternal rest. Taken from us your friends, your children, and your dear husband our friend Igbam Dimah and the entire family at a time we least expected. Comforted by the fact that your time with us was fruitful, fulfilling and memorable.
Posted by Doose Iangba on January 8, 2013
Dear Auntie Keren
  out time has passed. There is consolation in the Lord, yange igen we will all be together. I hope your good nature and and compassion follows with you. Rest in the Lord aunty
Yav dedoo
Posted by Stevina Evuleocha on January 8, 2013
Keren, if we can remember you, you will be with us ALWAYS!
While we miss you here on earth, we know heaven gained an angel.

Yav dedoo,

Posted by Hassan Wahab on January 8, 2013
May the Almighty have mercy on our beloved sister. May He continue to grant all the loved ones she left behind the fortitude to withstand her loss. Amen. Chief, may the peace and blessings of the Almighty be upon you all!
Posted by Iyorwuese Hagher on January 8, 2013
To remember Keren is to deeply meditate on how short life is, and the need to live it fully, to express love to others, to eschew the limiting propensity to be selfish and to collect meaningless material possessions that clutter around us. The faith in God gives us everlasting joy that stretches from eternity to eternity. Keren with Christ and with us, your immortal soul shines. I. Hagher
Posted by Amanda Aka on October 6, 2012
I wish Aunty Keren was with us. Aunty Keren was a VERY NICE person, may her soul rest in peace. I always loved Aunty Keren she was so giving and thankful she was a thoughtful person. R.I.P I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU! 
                                         With so much love, Amanda
Posted by Lucinda Deason on October 5, 2012
Keren, I met you briefly via email through my friendship with Philip Aka. I wish we would have had the opportunity to meet in person and work on the project we discussed. God had better plans for you. I wish your husband and your sons peace of mind, Lucinda
Posted by Hassan Wahab on September 4, 2012
Dear Sister:

I trust that the Almighty, has out of His abundant grace, granted you a lofty place in paradise. I believe He will continue to grant us the fortitude to withstand your loss. Do, therefore, rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Ellie Aka on September 3, 2012
My dear friend, Keren
You left us just before we could celebrate your 50th birthday, the golden jubilee celebration of your birth, but God knows best. I left some golden colored rose flowers at your resting place, because It was your birthday yesterday. May God continue to grant you a peaceful rest in Jesus name! Amen!! - Ellie Aka
Posted by Doose Iangba on September 2, 2012
Happy birthday Aunty Keren, we akera lu avese ga kpa ungu se ki shima tso...lu dedoo <3
Posted by Stevina Evuleocha on September 2, 2012
As you celebrate your special day with the angels in heaven today, we pause to remember.

Birthday adoo,

Posted by Jim Vines on September 2, 2012
I wish I had known her better. I count myself fortunate to have met her, and pray that Agber and children can feel her presence!
Posted by Jossy Uvah on September 2, 2012
Ingyor yam i dedoo,

I just wish to say Happy Birthday. Memories of you have remained fresh in our hearts and minds for a good reason . . . you implanted them there by how you lived among us. "Ankiki"
Posted by Dr. AB Assensoh on September 2, 2012
Dear Sister Keren: You are in Heaven with our Heavenly Father, where there is neither pain nor misery. Yet, our family and I are praying for you on your 50th birthday. Know that we will forver remember you with love and appreciation. In your temporary absence, we extend our family's love to Brother Dimah and the children you left. God bless! .
Posted by Aondover Tarhule on September 2, 2012
Dear Keren,
We will not forget your birthday just because you are not here physically to blow out your candle. We will not forget this year or the next or the next. For the memories you left are too memorable, your impact too great. I know you are smiling down on us from above in your restful peace. Happy Birthday! Aondover
Posted by Mngohol Chile on September 2, 2012
Dear Keren,
We will NEVER forget. You were special and will continue to be special to us. Our thoughts will always be with you. Gone too soon but always with us.
Happy Birthday.
Mngohol Chile
Posted by Valentine James on September 2, 2012
It is very difficult to accept the fact that you are no longer here with us. You will always have a very special place in our hearts. It is with a great deal of admiration and love that we remember your birthday. The James gang of Kalamazoo, Michigan and Clarion, Pennsylvania remember you with a great deal of tenderness. Peace and love always.
Posted by Chinyere Egbe on September 2, 2012
My Pat's light shine in the heart of her children and her loving husband forever.
Posted by Doose Iangba on February 20, 2012
Dear auntie Keren, this memorial I was home with the baby, mza uza tesen ngom wan. Your memory is still very warm to my heart. stay blessed!
Posted by Doosen Gusah on January 12, 2012
Keren, Aondo Ter a ver uma wou ken bem.A na orya wou man mbayev ishima i taver sha er ve za hemen a uuma vev cii.
Posted by Jane Eti-ukwu on January 9, 2012
Auntie, it seems like just yesterday, but a year has passed when you left this sinful world. We miss you so much, and will always remember you. We know u're in heaven watching down on us, and we'l meet again someday.
Posted by Dr. AB Assensoh on January 8, 2012
Dear Sister Keren:

Our family believes firmly that you are in Heaven with the good Lord waiting for us. know that Brother Dimah has honored your memory in varied ways, including sharing with all of us great information about your life and your home-going event a year ago. In tears, we remember you
Posted by Rev Fr Vitalis Kondo, MSP on January 8, 2012
He is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them Hebrews 7:25 Because He (Jesus) lives you (Keren) will also live Jn14:19.

From "Daily Strength" ... 'that through encouragement of Scriptures, we might have hope.' Romans 15:4.
Posted by Chinyere Egbe on January 8, 2012
I still cannot bear to see the picture of Keren and believe that she is gone forever. When I see her picture on this website, it feels like I just saw her yesterday in Pullman Washington. My heart goes out painfully for my dear friend, Agber. I wish I could recount some of my observations of her dedication as a wife and companion for my friend. But the story will be too long for this space
Posted by Stevina Evuleocha on January 8, 2012
One year later, the void you have created is still very much felt. Your shoes are too big to fill. On this one year anniversary of your call to glory, your family and friends remember. May your light continue to shine bright won u kwase. Saa later....Pendaityo (on behalf of the Ugbahbunch)
Posted by Doose Iangba on September 4, 2011
Dear Auntie
 happy birthday,sometimes it feels just like O you are just around the corner but I think in Gods way; you are very much here with us in spirit. nahan yo doo...warmest memories. xx
Posted by Florence Madu on September 4, 2011
PAT as I fondly remembers you, I miss you so much. May your soul rest in peace. I know you are in heaven with our Lord, resting. You will be in hearts forever.
Posted by Dr. AB Assensoh on September 2, 2011
Our dear Sister Keren:
About a year ago you left us in tears for Heaven. As mortal human beings, we did not understand that, like Jesus Christ, you were going to Heaven to prepare a place for us. Happy and blessed bithday. A.B. & Yvette Assensoh.
Posted by Stevina Evuleocha on September 2, 2011
Dear Keren,

You would have marked your 49th birthday today, but God had other plans. May your light continue to shine bright and bring cheer to all who knew you. -Pendaityo

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