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It's not how long...

August 14, 2016

I did not get to meet this woman who was very brief here on earth but I can feel her impact from the testimonies . Reminds me of the saying about life and living : it's not how long ... "

keren alive

December 2, 2012

well, I had never meet Keren as a person! but I knew and understand Prof. Dimah standing, (her husband) in a recent time as a person who care for humanity, and God gift person. May her genttle soul rest in bosom of almigthy God and eternity.
 _Maxwell Gabriel

Shocked, Saddened

September 6, 2011

Keren Dimah was always a delightful presence whenever I visited the Dimah household. She was obviously a source of strength and inspiration - and incredible joy - in Dr. Dimah's life . . . and alongside Dr. Dimah she provided inspiration and guidance for the entire family. She was an intellectual force in her own right, a genuine match for Agber!

It's been several years since I last visited at the Dimah household; I was totally unprepared for the news of Keren's passing. In her new station, may she already be pouring her energies into new and great works with zest and high energy . . . Long live Keren!

-Jim Vines

March 18, 2011

Dearest Keren,

It still seems unbelieveable that you are no longer here.  You will be greatly missed!  Your many qualities, including your honesty, kindness and generosity as well as being a great mother and wife, will be a constant reminder of the good person we lost on this earth.  However, there is solace during these difficult times, knowing you are in a peaceful place with no suffering.  I will continue to remember you, Agber, Wanger, and Fanen in my prayers.  And on a lighter note, I will never, ever forget that contagious, hearty laugh and great sense of humor you had, my friend!  RIP!

Love, LuAnn


Wonderful, welcoming, loving and generous

March 13, 2011


My Dear Keren,
May be I have been in denial simply because I did not want to accept that this can come to pass. You are such a wonderful person, welcoming, accepting, loving and generous. These are the qualities that defined you for the period that we came to know you and your lovely family.
I am yet to come to terms with the fact that you are no longer with us. You were the rock on which Igbam Dimah built his house. You left all so quickly even before we could complete our ‘hello’. A light so bright and yet so quickly extinguished by the cruel hand of illness. Too young, too young, too young to leave us.
We will miss you greatly but we are comforted by the singular fact that you are in God’s presence where there is no illness, pain, no anxiety. My you rest in perfect peace, as you watch over your dear husband Dimah and children.  
Mngohol Chile and the Chile Family
Auckland New Zealand

We rarely acknowledge what we have

January 27, 2011

Four years ago, I invited my father to the USA. He flew into Chicago and Agber Dimah picked him up at the airport and took him home. And Keren spoiled him rotten! I have had many interactions with the Dimah's before and since then but I pick this particular event because it made a very deep impression on my Dad even though he had never been to the States before. The first thing he asks each time I go home is about the Dimahs. Keren had that effect on people. Her open, warm, and friendly personality was an irrestible charm to all who met her. Her willingness to open the doors of her home to complete strangers, like my dad, and immediately make them feel not only welcome but special, was a gift such as one rarely finds. Remarkably, she did this effortlessly! It was simply her nature and she could no more change it than a leopard can change its spots. A simple, modest, and honest person, Keren had a degree of intergrity that few ever attain.

As a visitor to the Dimah household, one immediately noticed Keren's complete devotion to her husband and her family. It was a beautiful thing to behold, even when you had seen it before.

Keren is gone but she enriched our lives and gave us many goals to aspire to not by words but by the manner in which she lived her own all too brief life.


January 21, 2011

Dear brother,

I have heard the sad news of Keren's passing, and I am convulsed with sorrow. May God give her eternal rest, and  may God strengthen and comfort you.In Keren you have an eternal wife. Your life was blessed and enriched by her as few men experience from their spouses. She will continue to be a living, blessed presence in your life. I remember your wonderful, glowing  testimony about her importance to your life the very first time we met in Seattle. I told myself thereafter: "Now, here is a truly happy and blessed man." Your marriage bore out what is said in Proverbs 31:10-12:

A good wife who can find?
She is far more precious than jewels.
The heart of her husband truts in her,
and he will have no lack of gain.
She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life.

May the memory of Keren sustain you the rest of your life.


Up Close & Personal

January 12, 2011

It was summer 2009. Work and vacation had taken the Ugbahbunch to Chicago for a week. The Dimahs invited us to spend our time in  Chicago in their home. Boy, were we in for a treat?

Prior to this time, the bulk of our interactions with the Dimahs were at MUTA conventions, virtual Tivnet and MUTA working groups and committees. 

To say that we were overwhelmed by the consummate nature of the hospitality we received from the Dimahs (with Keren at the helm) during this visit will be an  understatement. Even as gruelling as her work schedule was as co-director of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at Northwestern University, Keren came home each day, and seamlessly transitioned into hostess-in-chief. The Ugbahbunch were wined and dined, and the fellowship and entertainment  we received was superior. Little did we know that would be the last time we would see Keren alive:((

Keren was a woman who was passionate about excellence as she was about social justice. Her task and outcome oriented nature was a winning combination. At a time when Tar Tiv is minning its human capital, the loss of Keren is an irreparable one. My family is grateful to have had this opportunity to get to know Keren and the entire Dimah family up close and personal. We feel privileged and honored to have spent quality time with her.


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