This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Kevin Engle who was born on February 5, 1964 and passed away on January 27, 2011. We will remember him forever.

A celebration of Kevin's life took place at Big Daddy's Barbecue Banquet Hall on February 19, 2011 between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m AKST. Friends recounted their many stories of times with Kevin over beer and barbecue. A memorial service for family and friends will be held on July 9, 2011, at 11 a.m. at Faith United Church of Christ in State College, Pennsylvania.


In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to a student support fund in Kevin's name that will be established at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Contributions may be made online at; please note "In Memory of Kevin Engle."  Checks can also be mailed to:

UA Foundation
P.O. Box 757530
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775


Please make checks payable to "UA Foundation" and include  "In memory of Kevin Engle" in the note. If you have additional questions, please contact the UAF Development Office at 907-474-2619.

For those who wish, condolence cards may be sent to Kevin's parents at Clair and Marilyn Engle, 231 Carter View Dr., Cody, WY  82414. Kevin's friends are also organizing a team to participate in the AHA Heart Walk in Kevin's name (of course wearing their "Big Dog" T-shirts!).

Posted by Steve Brunanski on February 5, 2021
Picked up takeout from the Thai House today. Tipped a pint in honor of the Big Guy. Still miss ya, buddy!
Posted by Ed Klimas on January 28, 2021
I cannot help but wonder of the missed opportunities our friendship would have shared these past years. Miss you dear friend. 
Posted by Paul Engle on January 27, 2021
Miss you, Kev. We’ll be getting everyone together for Thai on your B-day.
Posted by Rudi Gens on January 27, 2021
Cannot believe that it has been ten years since you left this place. If you see this crazy world around you, you keep wondering. Not just because of the global pandemic. This place has changed and I am not sure for the better. I really miss the grounded conversations we always had.
Posted by Steve Miller on April 22, 2020
Kevin, to one of my favorite people in our field, still remembering and missing you, buddy. I was always glad to see you at those ritzy TeraScan Users Conferences...back when TeraScan was cool and Puffins were being fed by it! I wish you could have stayed around longer for more laughs, creative ideas, and good times. You're not forgotten, and never will be.
Posted by Rudi Gens on February 5, 2020
Happy birthday, my friend. Your name keeps coming up in conversation. Folks keep missing you.
Posted by Leanne Lipton on February 5, 2020
Kevin still keeps a place in my heart warm. Always remembering him.
Posted by Ed Klimas on January 27, 2020
I cannot believe it has been 9 years since your passing. I still vividly remember you and Rune joining me for my 30th birthday at Circle Hot Springs...and your "painted muffler." And trying to get that POS red pickup started. It did, but belched tons of smoke that smelled of antifreeze. Of the spaghetti feed that you were conspicuously absent from but complained to me about ceaselessly because I put so much garlic in it that Andy and Sven "contaminated" your apartment with the smell...And chicken wings on Sundays....And making a Thai dish with so much pepper even you could not eat much of it!
Posted by Mark Engle on January 28, 2019
Rudi, thanks for your tribute. We're right there with you, especially over the course of this past year. Very grateful for you "keeping the candle lit." Be well, and thanks again!
Posted by Rudi Gens on January 27, 2019
Would have loved to have your take on a few things lately. Keep missing you, man!
Posted by Rudi Gens on January 27, 2018
Missing you, man.
Posted by Glenn Thompson on April 16, 2017
Hard to believe it is 19 years next month since I became your roommate. It was a surreal experience coming from England to Alaska and living with two huge characters - you and Rune - and all those guns.

And yet I was the one who caused the big explosion - leaving frozen orange to thaw out in the kitchen - and redecorating the kitchen in the process after neglecting it for 2 days in the summer heat. That may have been the day I came home and found you and Rune sighting my through your 50-calibre rifle as I walked in through the front door.

There were always so many parties & great food. But what I remember most was your catchphrase. "Drive fast, take chances". Your way of saying "take care" while pretending you meant the opposite.

In a way, you were my introduction to America.
Posted by Mark Engle on February 5, 2017
Happy Birthday, Kev! Miss you, love you!
Posted by Ed Klimas on January 27, 2017
I will always remember celebrating my 30th birthday with Kevin and friends at Circle Hot Springs, swimming in the wee hours at 30 below. Thanks for being such an important part of my life. Miss you
Posted by Rudi Gens on January 27, 2017
Missing you, my friend.
Posted by Mark Engle on February 5, 2016
Happy Birthday, Big Bro!
Posted by Rudi Gens on January 27, 2016
Wow, it has been five years. Where has the time gone? Miss you, man.
Posted by Mark Engle on February 5, 2015
Happy Birthday, Kev! Miss you a bunch, love you more!
Posted by Rudi Gens on February 5, 2015
Happy birthday, big fella!
Posted by Leanne Lipton on January 27, 2015
Can't believe it has been 4 years. Still so painful to think about his loss. He was such an important person to me during my time in Alaska. I have many regrets about letting our friendship lapse. Trying to remember the fun times we had up in Fairbanks. There were many :)
Posted by Ed Klimas on January 27, 2015
So many good memories...miss you my friend. Cannot believe it has been 4 years.
Posted by Rudi Gens on November 5, 2014
Had to think of you today, Kevin.

Moved offices today next door to GINA. Left a lot of stuff behind, but your flying pig had to move with me. Had to smile. Brought back some fond memories. Miss you, big dog.
Posted by J C on June 25, 2014
Going out for lunch.. Going over for barbeques.. Getting my computer skills scoffed at...  Kevin was a friend, and is missed. -John C-
Posted by Mark Engle on February 5, 2014
Happy "50th", Big Dog! Luv ya, Kev!
Posted by Karen Heath on February 5, 2014
Hey Kevin,
We still think of you and miss you. Happy birthday, wish you were here for it. CLS remembers you!
Posted by Steve Brunanski on January 27, 2014
Spent a few moments today recalling fond memories of the Big Fella. Lots of smiles- especially of the belly dancers! One of a kind, he was. Miss ya buddy!
Posted by Steve McNutt on January 27, 2014
I woke up yesterday Jan 26 thinking about Kevin. Sort of a premonition of today's sad anniversary. You are missed my friend!
Posted by Michael Abels on January 27, 2014
Winter 2013 I wore my short pants every day to remember Kevin. People would ask me everyday, "Why short pants it's cold" and I would respond, "to remember Kevin".
Posted by Mark Engle on February 5, 2013
Happy Birthday Big Guy! Love ya!
Posted by Glenn Thompson on February 5, 2013
I have quite a few kitchen items to remember Kevin by, all of which I wrote "KE" on in permanent ink. When I drink from his old wine glasses, I like to make a toast to friends who are no longer with us.
Posted by Paul Engle on January 28, 2013
Still holding tight to the memories. Miss you Kev.
Posted by Steve McNutt on January 27, 2013
At the sale of Kevin's effects we bought a 1 cup scoop. We use it to measure food for the dog. So now every day when I feed Olivia I use the scoop and think of Kevin. We also keep a crock - from the last liver pate Kevin gave us at Christmas - in our cabinet of glassware. These are two small ways we keep the memory of Kevin alive.
Posted by Karen Heath on April 2, 2012
Kevin taught at the PA Conservation Leadership School in the 80's. We were co-instructors.  He was always a deep thinker and thoughtful of his students and other instructors. We had a blast throughout the whole program. He made it fun...we all missed him when he left CLS and we surely miss him now.
Posted by Ed Klimas on April 18, 2011
Kevin was my friend. For many years, through good and bad, he was my friend. I miss him.
Posted by kurt bernier on March 7, 2011
Kevin will always be remembered for his friendliness and unselfishness
Posted by Dave Jones on February 14, 2011
The first moment I met Kevin I knew he was an honest to goodness joy to be around. While I only met with Kevin in person twice in Fairbanks, I find myself thinking of his enlightening personality often when I think about my trip to UAF last September. Kevin please say hello to my 15 year-old nephew Zachary. You two will get along great!

My thoughts and prayers are with you Clair and Marilyn!
Posted by Robert Abernethy on February 9, 2011
Have not talked for a long time... again how time has passed... always remember the good times we had playing football at State College High School... way back this would have been our 30th since we put on the old pads.
Was looking forward to our reunion next year hoping to talk and see what was new.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family...
God bless
Bob Abernethy SCAHS 1982
Posted by Leanne Lipton on February 9, 2011
Kevin was an integral part of my time at UAF as a grad student. He was a terrific friend and I will be forever grateful for all the help he gave me. I will miss his laughter and smile. I hope they both burn brightly from above.
Posted by Sherrie Sobon on February 7, 2011
You will be remembered and somebody for all of us to look up to by your never ending kind spirit.
Posted by Ray Highsmith on February 6, 2011
Sad indeed. Will always remember him wearing shorts in winter and that seemingly permanent smile. Always fun to talk to.

Ray Highsmith
Posted by Carl Rebstock on February 3, 2011
Was that thunder I just heard or...has Kevin already talked God into having some fun putting a few rounds down range?! Love you always, buddy.
Posted by Joanne Groves on February 1, 2011
I look back with joy on the times I spent with Kevin at our monthly lunches. I'm so glad I got to spend time with him this January. I'll miss him as will we all.
Posted by Scott Stihler on January 31, 2011
I'll miss you, Kevin.

Admittedly in recent years I only occasional bumped into you. But knowing you are truly gone fills me with sadness.

I don't believe anybody ever had a bad thing to say about Kevin. He was a REALLY nice guy! He will be missed!!

- Scott Stihler
Posted by Kim Lindquist on January 31, 2011
"There are thoughts which are prayers. There are moments when, whatever the posture of the body, the soul is on its knees." -Victor Hugo

Kevin ... we struggle to understand a world without you.

We dearly miss your presence in our lives.

-Kim Lindquist
Posted by Deborah Coccia Manning on January 31, 2011
I will miss him so much. He was a really kind decent person.
Posted by Peter Furey on January 31, 2011
A kind and gentle spirit, sad news indeed.

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Posted by Steve Brunanski on February 5, 2021
Picked up takeout from the Thai House today. Tipped a pint in honor of the Big Guy. Still miss ya, buddy!
Posted by Ed Klimas on January 28, 2021
I cannot help but wonder of the missed opportunities our friendship would have shared these past years. Miss you dear friend. 
Posted by Paul Engle on January 27, 2021
Miss you, Kev. We’ll be getting everyone together for Thai on your B-day.
Recent stories
Shared by Dan Stahlke on February 8, 2011

One time I was having a particularly rough day and Kevin gave me some little toy that must have been from a happy meal or something.  I don't know why but for some reason I kept that thing in my desk for a couple of years.  The thing is, Kevin always knew how to make anybody feel good.  Everybody liked Kevin and Kevin liked everybody.

Shared by Mitch Robinson on February 1, 2011

Kevin and I were friends and I enjoyed sharing an office with Kevin, when he worked for the seismology lab. We enjoyed working, kidding, and helping each other with problems. 

I remember, walking in on Kevin one day. He was doing research, on sending a pager message, after an automatic earthquake triggered alarm. He googled the word "pager" and then clicked on one of the results. Kevin was embarrassed after accidently entering into the "Pocket Panty Web Page" and I asked him what the hell he was doing. 

I am glad Kevin did not pick up on my pencil chewing habits. I learned to be a better person after spending time with Kevin. My hope and prayers go out to Kevin, his friends, and his family.

God Bless Kevin, 

From Mitch Robinson 

Meeting Kevin for the 1st time - from Marianne Stone

Shared by Kim Lindquist on January 31, 2011

I remember Kevin stepping out of the rental car at the restaurant for Kent and Kim's Groom’s Dinner and thinking, “WOW!!!”  Kevin looks just like a big cuddly bear!  I would later get Kevin and Chris Wood's names mixed up.  So, I told Kevin from then on I would call him Christopher Robin or Pooh Bear.  Anyway, after thinking about this today, I pulled down one of the “Winnie the Pooh” books I have and was flipping through it.  Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear were very good friends in the series and inseparable. Here is one of their conversations: 


    “If ever there is a tomorrow when we’re not together,

    There is something you must always remember,

    You are braver than you believe,

    Stronger than you seem,

    And smarter than you think,

    But the most important thing is

    Even if we’re apart,

    I’ll always be with you.”




“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever. 

Kevin will forever be in our hearts.

Love and gentle bear hugs,

Marianne Stone