Posted by shelva gordon on October 2, 2021
Miss you so much babygirl l can't believe it's been 10 long years since l held you..Your dad and l miss you so much along with your humbling you baby
Posted by Ardell Gordon on October 2, 2021
It’s been 10 years and it feels like just yesterday that you were laughing, playing with Kipper and making our lives full of joy. I miss you more than words can say Racey Ree. Love you forever and a day. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Michelle Davenport on October 2, 2021
Where has the 10 years gone Lace your so very missed by so many ,  we speak your name and miss your laughter and beautiful face. ♥️ Send us few signs that your watching over us all and thanks for doing so as I’m sure your busy doing that with these crazy rules done her  Xox
Posted by April Noble on November 6, 2020
I still miss u, U were such a happy, Bubbly person and friends with everyone, I didnt hang out alot with u but enjoyed the times that I did
Posted by Dannie Grant on October 2, 2020
Miss you always Lacey!! Xoxox
Posted by Ardell Gordon on October 2, 2020
It’s been 9 years and my heart still aches for you. I can only wish that you are with the rest of the family. Fly high Racee Ree, I love you ❤️
Posted by Angie Parent on October 2, 2020
9 years ago today you left this world and everyone else behind but your memory lives on in all of us and we will cherish that forever love ❤️ And miss you forever in my heart Lace R.I.P.
Posted by Michelle Nash-davenport on October 2, 2020
Wow time flies in this crazy world. 9 years today and still missed like crazy. Sure hope it’s all what they say up there and your living life. Xox.
Posted by Ardell Gordon on May 20, 2019
Happy Birthday Lacey, I’m sure you were with your Mom enjoying the Pink concert in Montreal on Saturday, your Birthday. We all had cake & ice cream in your honour today and Kingslee sang Happy Birthday in French for you ❤️ We love & miss you as much today as the first day we lost you. Keep watch over your Momma.
Love you
Aunt Ardell
Posted by Amanda Thurston on May 18, 2019
I met you when you started grade 9 at Q.E you were so friendly and a little wild child but you had a heart of gold. I remember some new station were at Q.E doing something and you followed them around trying to get them to let you do the report Instead of the guy lol... you were so funny. I miss you dearly. You and my mom can look out for each other xoxoxo Lacey
Posted by Barb Truesdell on October 2, 2018
Inever met you but if your like your mom,your very kind,and love people.I bet you had many good friends ,as you mom has.May you be your mom's angel.
Posted by Dannie Grant on October 2, 2018
Thinking of you kiddo! The kids still talk about you all the time like they’ve known you their whole lives lol, which is nice because they would’ve loved your craziness!! Love you!! Xoxo
Posted by Ardell Gordon on October 2, 2018
My girl Racey Ree how much my heart aches from missing you. Keep watching over your Mom she is strong but still needs your presence around her. Love you always
Posted by Rebecca Boyd-Busby on October 8, 2016
Lacey, I have never met you.....but I can see you were & are truly loved by ALL who knew you! After reading the tributes to you I can tell your Mother misses you terribly! You are someone I would have very much liked to have known. You were a beautiful young lady, that left this world too soon! R.I.P Lacey you will forever be missed & loved ♡♡♡
Posted by shelva gordon on October 5, 2016
Hey baby girl .... Well it's been 5 years since you have been gone and yet it feels like yesterday .. l miss you more with each passing day l try my best to carry on like you would expect me to do so .. l love you lace and it does not get easier missing you that's for sure ,, love you so much baby can't wait to be with you again ,, love mama
Posted by Mindy Schaaf on October 2, 2016
Hey Lacey,
I still cannot believe you aren't here, 5 years ago but feels like it was today. I miss your beautiful smile, your awesome personality and everything about you. Keep sending strength to all of us here on earth, cause we still need it to keep time going, especially your parents. Love you and miss you forever. Rest easy beautiful! Xoxox
Posted by Angie Parent on October 2, 2016
5yrs ago today you left us leaving us with lots of sadness but you left us with more memories time has moved on but you still remained in my heart and that where you will always be to will never be forgotten love and miss you Lacey ❤️
Posted by shelva gordon on October 4, 2015
Hey Baby girl well the other day marked 4 years of me missing the best thing in my life <3 Things are going forward as best they can but l tell you when this time of year comes it brings me back to that day ...      l find myself remembering more from that terrible day as time goes by l guess it's cuz l am finally coming back into reality again...Well lace wish l could be there close to you somehow l miss you more then any words l could write.. love you and can't wait to see you again ,,,,,,
Posted by Mindy Schaaf on October 4, 2015
Miss that beautiful smile, your contagious laugh, and your bright personality! I'm sure you watch down on everyone and give a big push in people's lives without them realizing it. I don't think anyone would be so strong without your guidance. You are truly an angel.
Miss and love you forever. Dance like nobody's watching! Xo
Posted by Angie Parent on October 3, 2015
4 years girl things don't get any better your missed today just like the day we lost you :( love and miss you lots Lacey forever in our hearts ❤️Xoxo
Posted by Dannie Grant on October 2, 2015
Another year gone by, the kids still talk about you all the time,even Rylan who you didn't get the chance to meet. He looks at your pictures of you on my wall of Lacey :-)Thinking of you always and forever Lacey Lee!!! Xoxoxoxo
Posted by Michelle Davenport on October 2, 2015
Forever Missed <3
Posted by Michelle Davenport on May 18, 2015
Happy Birthday Lac
I hope your dancing like no one is watching &
And singing like no one is listening
and drinking like the fish are swimming <3
Missing you down here oxoxox
Posted by Angie Parent on October 2, 2014
Well Lacey 3 years has past by already but your never missed your always talked about your pics on fb but hoping your at peace whenever i hear certain songs i think of you but you will remembered always love and never forgotton <3
Posted by Angie Parent on May 18, 2014
Happy Birthday Lacey...hope all the angels are dancing with you up there...missing you <3
Posted by Serena L'Heureux on May 18, 2014
Happy birthday to the beautiful angel our crazy Lacey :) u are forever missed by us everyday. U really made a impression on Anastasia she misses u sooo much. We love u. Fly high ~ just cuz. Xoxoxoxoxoox
Posted by Michelle Nash-davenport on May 18, 2014
Happy Birthday Lacey <3 Missing you today and everyday<3
Posted by Jen Reece-McCullough on May 18, 2014
Happy Birthday Lacey! Love you and miss you very much.
Mindy's little girl is going to share your special day, how wonderful is that??? <3
Posted by Jen Reece-McCullough on March 12, 2014
We met when we were very young but I didn't really get to know you until we hung out at 12-13yrs old. From then on I have so many cherished memories with you. I just wish we had more before you had to go.
Although every time I hear your song, I know you're saying hi.
I love you Lace.
Posted by Danielle Donahue on June 14, 2013
I have been away for quiet some time and am shocked to see this. Lacey we humg out as teens and had some pretty wild times. I cannoot believe ur gone wish we could of made some more memories. U were a beautiful person and beautiful bride and i know ur just as beauiful as ever as an angle. ♡
Posted by Nancy Page on May 18, 2013
Happy Birthday, Kiddo. Miss yah....
Posted by Mindy Schaaf on October 2, 2012
Lacey, I cannot believe it's been a year already. :( I miss you dearly, I miss your beautiful smile, and your laughter. I can't even write anything because I'm in tears....all I can say is that you are just soo absolutely amazing, and I have never seen anyone so loved as much as you. You are truly my angel. Hope your watching everyone are forever in my heart Lacey. I love you
Posted by Tina Nash-lemmon on October 2, 2012
Forever missed but never forgotton.
Posted by Nancy Page on October 2, 2012
Hi Yah kiddo...Miss yah.
Posted by Mona Perry on October 1, 2012
Been thinking about you lots this last week Lacey girl - we miss you so much - your smile, your laugh, your kindness, your unbeatable spirit. You left us much too soon but you'll never truly be gone as you live on in our hearts. Luv u long time,
Posted by Angie Parent on October 1, 2012
I can't believe its been a year already,so many things that remind me of you that this is so hard to believe, i just feel like i;m going to see you soon cuz i didn't see you everyday i'm waiting for you to come through my door yelling Ang!!! but it don't will always be remembered never forgotton forever in our hearts Lacey Lee...we luv hue and your missed always<3
Posted by Michelle Nash-davenport on September 27, 2012
Oh Lacey, you are so missed and are so loved you have wonderful friend's i seen it with my own eye's one of the saddest day's i think i have ever had ..Gone but never will be forgotten.<3
Posted by shelva gordon on September 27, 2012
Hey baby girl l just wanted to tell you a million times how much l miss you and love you.. it is hard to believe it is almost a year since you left me but your in my heart and thoughts everyday.. l miss you more then anything and pray all the time that l dream aobut you for l feel like your really here when l do.. miss you baby love your mama
Posted by carol abbott on May 18, 2012
Lacey: I never met you sweetheart, but I will tell you that you had alot of family and friends who thought the world of you. I lost my son ( Sean ) when he was 15, and I pray that he has met a sweet girl like you in heaven ". Forever Young." Happy Birthday to a girl that I wish I would have met, with that beautiful smile of yours. Thinking of you, your mom and your hubby today. xxxooo
Posted by Nancy Page on May 18, 2012
Hi Yah Kiddo!
Miss you.
Posted by Cindi Allen on April 4, 2012
Lacey Lee Brown from way down town... I watched you grow before you were born, I loved you from that moment on...You were the cutest baby and you blossomed into a beautiful young woman. I will cherish your memory and love you forever.
Posted by Mary Hicks on December 30, 2011
I was very sad to learn today of Lacey's passing. I taught her at First Avenue so many years ago. She was a bright, beautiful and happy
girl!! My thoughts and prayers go out to Lacey's family and friends.
Posted by Angie Parent on December 24, 2011
Lighting you a candle for Christmas Lace this is still so hard to believe i cry at home by myself cuz i need to when i look at some of your pics some of them i just know what you were doing or you were having so much fun its just why such a lovely young lady like you had to be taken from all of us you still had so much to offer in life you were to young...miss and luv you lots<3<3
Posted by Tina Abrams on December 24, 2011
you are in our thoughts lacey brown.
Posted by shelva gordon on November 4, 2011
Hey honey it's mom l just found this tribute site and wherever l can leave something wonderful about you l will... l love you more then ever and am just thankfull for all the happiness you brought to my life... l remember finding out l was pregnant and how happy l was you where and always will be the best thing that ever happened in my life...l love you and can't wait to be with you again.
Posted by Amanda Hannah on October 9, 2011
Though we only went to the same school and didnt talk much its still so hard to believe that your gone. You were way too young but I do think we should all believe in what Lacey wanted and that was for everyone to remember all the good times! RIP Lacey, we will never forget you!
Posted by Karli Grant on October 7, 2011
It's been a few days,
Since you left us,
Got the whole World Crying,
'Just Cuz' we miss ya,
One Contagious Spirit
One Laugh at a time,
DTLB will ALWAYS be in our Lives.xox
Posted by Rachel MacIntyre on October 6, 2011
R.I.P Lacey Brown.....u will always be remembered and never sorry shelly and crystal and the rest of the family......
Posted by Amanda Thurston on October 6, 2011
I will never forgot how you made everyone around you soo happy and how loved you were and will always be! R.I.P my dear friend xoxo I will see you again someday and will miss you everyday...
Posted by linda stewart on October 5, 2011
i did not no u but am leaving a message for your husband and family
u will be missed
my granddaughter worked with u and said u were a wonderful person
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