This memorial website was created in memory of LaDonna Farned, a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.   LaDonna was born on July 27, 1933 and passed away on May 12, 2010. We will remember her with love, forever.

Posted by Connie Smith on June 4, 2010
I made our vacation plans for Oregon today. We will be there on your birthday. Carrie and I decided that we would plant a tree in her yard on your birthday. Today was a hard day, Mama...I miss you.
Posted by Carrie Bolin on June 4, 2010
I added a story today. One of my favorite memories. I miss you mom. I call dad every Sunday and talk to him so he won't be too lonely.
Posted by Anna Felty on May 30, 2010
LAdonna I lit a candle in your memory. I treasure the days we sat and visited for hours and Iwas so proud the day you adopted me as your daughter I love you and your memory
Posted by Connie Smith on May 30, 2010
I wore your diamond necklace to church today. I wear your Black Hills Gold wedding band everyday. I miss you and love you Mommy.
Posted by Connie Smith on May 29, 2010
I made your bed yesterday. I laughed when I remembered or discussion about how to put sheets on the bed.
Posted by Amy Sharpe on May 29, 2010
LaDonna, I know you are greatly missed by your family. They are blessed to have had you in their lives.
Posted by Sheila Smith on May 29, 2010
Nana, we miss your smiling face very much. We have a new little man in our lives and I wish he would have gotten to meet you. He would have loved you just as much as Livi does.
Posted by Carrie Bolin on May 29, 2010
Mom, I put on your silver bracelet last Sunday and it has not come off since. You are with me every moment of every day. I love you so much.
Posted by Jana Gibbs on May 29, 2010
Nana, I will always remember your beautiful smiling face and love for life and family. I just know you and my Grandma are sharing stories. I can only imagine! Love you!
Posted by Robert Farned on May 29, 2010
She was a wonderful wife mother and companion. I will remember her forever. Will shed many tears over her loss.Loved her so much
Posted by Karen Toquothty on May 29, 2010
Nana I love you so much. You have made me know that I can make it through anything no matter how painful. I miss you so much!!!!
Posted by Tommie Rorex on May 29, 2010
LaDonna, you are a dear friend, I will remember you.
If you get the time look up Tom tell him I still love him.
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Posted by Connie Wilcox on July 29, 2019
Happy 86th Birthday Mama. Sorry it’s taken a few days to write this. I’m glad you got to celebrate your birthday with Daddy, but writing this makes it so’re both gone and I’m alone here without you. I’ll always be thankful for the gift of spending your last years, months and moments on earth taking care of you. I miss you both so much. Tell Daddy that Shorty and the Little Girl miss him terribly. I wish you could have met them. Also, could you put in a special request for me with God...ask him to please, please protect and heal Karen. I love you Mama. Give Daddy a hug and kiss for me.
Posted by Janis Cathcart on July 27, 2019
Another reflective day remembering birthdays we shared back to back on July 26 and July 27. And now Curt is with LaDonna for all eternity. Sadness and joy for those God has given us for a season in our lives and how they enriched our lives and made them better for knowing them. Glad to see this post and her tributes. So many people have made an impact on our lives, but LaDonna was truly special and was to everyone who knew her. Reminds us that there is still much good in this world. Love, Janis and Gene
Posted by Robert Farned on August 6, 2018
Hi LaDonna , Another year has gone by.. Got you some pretty flowers to put out today. Still missing you sweetheart. I know one day we can all be together again. Our family keeps growing you would be so proud. Will love you always.
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Bear Story (Continued)

Shared by Connie Smith on June 6, 2010

I have thought of the bear story many times over the years.  Carrie did make several laps around the trailer until either Dad or Mom opened the door, reached out and drug her inside.  Funny thing was, the bear just stopped at the campfire.  I think Dad had cooked trout for dinner that evening and apparently the bear thought it smelled good.  We had many good and very funny times camping didn't we Mama!

Bear in Yellowstone

Shared by Carrie Bolin on June 4, 2010

 I will always remember the time we were camping at Yellowstone.  We were all sitting around the campfire, me on mom's lap, when we looked up and saw a bear walking into our campsite.  Of course we all screamed, mom stood up along with dad and Connie and we ran for the trailer.  However, they all seemed to forget the most important!  Yep, I was left outside of the trailer along with the bear.  If I remember correctly I took a couple of laps around the trailer before they got the door opened and hauled me in.  Ah, good times.

Shared by Janis Cathcart on May 29, 2010

Your website is perfect, Connie.  LaDonna was the epitome of "amazing grace" through all the suffering she endured during her life, and still kept that beautiful smile.  Her smile was such a gift to all of us.

A few years ago your Mom and Dad spent a couple of days at the beach.  Her birthday was July 27, mine July 26.  She said she did not do much reading, but we had bought her the first 4 books of the "Left Behind" series for her birthday.  Each book had over 400 pages. We called her two weeks later and asked if she had started the books yet.  She said she had read them all in two weeks!  Once she started she could not put them down, and enjoyed them so much.  She went out to Costco and bought the next one to start on it, and was faithful to get the next one every time one came out.  There were 12 in all.  I was glad we were able to get her started on something that brought her pleasure.

I remember the weekend LaDonna and Curt,  Lou and Carol Cornish and Gene and I went to Long Beach, stayed at The Breakers Motel, and had our Sunday evening sing-along of different hymns of the church.  I made a book for all  of us, and we had our CD for music.  How special to share with fellow believers our love of the Lord.  We've gone to both LaDonna's and Lou's churches and been truly blessed by the "old time religion" feel of their churches.  God is so faithful to meet us in those places and knit our hearts together with such special people.

I remember Thanksgiving weekend 1999.  LaDonna and Curt came up on Wednesday, we went to pizza with them and my Dad and Mary.  On Thursday, we had Thanksgiving dinner with the six of them.  We visited all day long, had the neighbors come over for pumpkin pie, and thoroughly enjoyed all the good company.   My Dad was enjoying himself so much that he did not want to go home.  But I wanted to be able to visit with Curt and LaDonna, so I took Dad and Mary back to Winlock.  I will always regret that I did that since he was having such a good time.  But we learn from our mistakes, and we did enjoy the next two days with Curt and LaDonna.

I remember the trip to the Colorado reunion in 1999.  Both Curt and LaDonna and we had car troubles on the trip.  I think their car needed a water pump; ours needed a new fuel injector.  But we all made it in time for dinner Friday night!  They both enjoyed family reunions so much, Curt as much as LaDonna.  This extended family was easy to love and adopt, as I have found out over the years.  LaDonna is just as much my cousin as Gene's--I'm thankful for that great gift in my life.

And the reunion at Maynard's in Klamath Falls in 2004.  We so enjoyed our visit again, but LaDonna was so sick, and as we hugged goodbye, LaDonna and I had the sense we would not see each other again and it brought us great sadness.  But the Lord was good, and we got to spend 3 days with them again in Arkansas in 2007 to our delight.  There are not very many people I would drive all the way to Arkansas to see!  But she and Curt were definitely those people!

This is not goodbye forever.  Just until we meet up again in heaven.  The Lord has given us that promise to hold to for comfort. 

Very few people touch our lives as profoundly as LaDonna has done.  Our lives were definitely richer for having known her, spent time with her, and loved her dearly.  I will miss our earthly gatherings, dear friend.  Janis and Gene