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This page is dedicated to my Father, Lance Edward Connolly.

Dad passed away peacefully at Brightmoor Hospice in Griffin, GA on March 21st, 2016 where he was admitted 3 months ago due to end stage heart failure as a result of agent orange.

Dad was born in Bryan, Ohio and was the youngest of 3 sons born to Glenn and Betty Connolly.

Dad was a proud Vietnam War Veteran. He served from 1968-1970.

A great story...during the Vietnam War, Dad fought beside one of his best friends. Up until 2007, he thought he lost this friend during the war. Fast forward 40 years, Dad discovered his best friend was alive and living in Georgia.

Right then and there, he had his retirement plan set. He moved from Michigan (where he had spent the majority of his life) to Georgia to make a new home for himself and his best furry friend Abby; Close to his found again friends.

Dad spent several years working for The Diebold Company. He was a technician that worked on banking equipment. He was a member of the Oddfellows Lodge in Berkley, MI and also an avid classic car guy. 

Dad was preceded in death by his parents Glenn and Betty, his brother Richard, and his grandson Christopher.

Dad is survived by his son Kevin, myself (and my wife Nicole), his brother Mickey (and wife Janet) and his granddaughter Autumn Marie. There are also several more family members, friends, and veterans that he enjoyed throughout his life.

I ask that a donation be made to the Disabled Vietnam Veterans Organization. Although we sincerely appreciate your support, please do not send gifts of any kind.  A kind thought, special story or a donation to DAV, would have meant a lot to my Dad. You can donate online right here:

Please join us at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, MI on Friday, June 24th, 2016 @ 10:30am to bid farewell to Lance.

Great Lakes National Cemetery
4200 Belford Rd.
Holly, MI 48442
(866) 348-8603



Posted by Daniel Connolly on August 24, 2017
Happy Birthday, Dad. We love and miss you.
Daniel, Nicole and Abby
Posted by Patricia Caldwell on August 23, 2016
Happy Birthday Lance...
Posted by Ksthy Payton on August 23, 2016
Happy birthday Lance!!! I am sure you and your brother are up there celebrating. RIP
Posted by Paulette Whitlow on May 22, 2016
It has been exactly one month since you have been gone. I could not have been more blessed to have met you and have morning coffee talks with you. I learned so much about who you were, dreams, beliefs and history(including yours). The best part of you still lives in your granddaughter (my daughter) and she surely loves you dearly. She talks about you and I hope you can hear her :) we are all broken and hurt to not have you in physical us selfish but that's just how wonderful you were to all of us. We love you so much and that will never end.

To Daniel & Kevin
I could not imagine the loss of a parent as I have not experienced that yet. I am so sorry for your loss and can very easily say he loves you both so very much. Also condolences to Nicole as well who is equally as loved by him and has known him as a father as well.
Posted by Ted & Pat Gibson on May 15, 2016
Lance - u was my brother- u know that means more than brother - I cry every night 4 my loss - u will always be my brother - how can I quit - I will try-it wont happen-Lance your my brother how do I let u go- I just cant - I love u
Posted by Doug Treichel on May 14, 2016
God bless your dad! I thank him for his sacrifice serving in Vietnam!! I know he is missed everyday. God's peace to you and family.
Posted by Jean Murphy on April 2, 2016
To Kevin and Daniel
Sorry for your loss. I have known your dad for a long time. I remember cruising Woodward before the dream cruise was even thought of. He sure did love cars! We loved that Camaro! I remember going canoeing and camping when you guys were young, the memorial day parades, Halloween at the odd fellows year he and your mom were determined that they would win the prize instead John and they sure did with their 3 men in a tub...I think that took John by surprise. How he loved his boys and was so proud of you both. Truly he was the go to guy. Anyone could count on your dad. He would help any one in need. Your dad will always have a special place in my heart. I will never forget him. Thank you Kevin for taking care of your dad. I appreciate that and I am sure he did too. It can be a difficult and exhausting task, but you saw it through to the end. I am very proud of you. Love you forever Lance!
Posted by Beth Mullally on March 29, 2016
Uncle Lance was very special to me while I was growing up. When we would visit, he would always be on the porch waiting with a hug and a smile. He had a genuine way of making everyone feel special.
Posted by Pam Chapman (Connolly) on March 28, 2016
When I heard the news, I was incredibly saddened. I can imagine this must be especially hard on you all and I can't imagine what you're going through. In reflecting back on my Uncle Lance, I remember earlier times while we were all in Michigan. All of us cousins had tons of fun hanging out together! I remember Uncle Lance always made me feel important - no matter what I was doing. He always took the time to talk with me and seemed genuinely interested! Love and hugs to you all <3
Posted by mike Connolly on March 28, 2016
I have many good memories spending time with Uncle Lance during all of the holidays, birthdays and "get-togethers" as a child.
I also have many great stories spending time with Lance during the "Woodward cruse weeks" and "get togethers " 
They all have the same theme...Good times!
Lance had no enemies and had many friends. 
Lance was always ready to lend a hand,offer advise or point you in the right direction. You could always count on his honesty.
I have always privately felt that Lance had "paid if forward" to me and other family members for being the only one (that I am aware of) to go to Vietnam and fight for our country. THANK YOU LANCE!
I am so happy Lance if finally home with Jesus!
Posted by Patricia Maycock on March 28, 2016
God put Lance in my life in 1969 we were married. and had Daniel and Kevin. Lance was a good husband and father. He was always there for us what everit was builing a pinewood derby car football game hockey game or boyscout father and son cake bake off. He always took care of his family . we are sad in his passing. We thank for his mercy. in taking him home he will be in. our hearts always .l
Posted by Patricia Caldwell on March 27, 2016
Although I didn't get to see Lance much, I do know he and Richard were close. They may have agreed on nothing, and would go long periods without speaking, but they were Irish twins, and I know Richard was always concerned. Now they'll get to build that perfect hot rod together...Rest in peace Lance, thank you for your service...the struggle is over.
Posted by Ksthy Payton on March 27, 2016
Sorry to hear about your Dad I haven't seen or talked to him for along. I when we would go to Michigan when we were younger always had a good time all three brothers were cat birds just like there dad and my dad Don. Will miss him.

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Posted by Daniel Connolly on August 24, 2017
Happy Birthday, Dad. We love and miss you.
Daniel, Nicole and Abby
Posted by Patricia Caldwell on August 23, 2016
Happy Birthday Lance...
Posted by Ksthy Payton on August 23, 2016
Happy birthday Lance!!! I am sure you and your brother are up there celebrating. RIP
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Shared by Jeff Gartland on April 19, 2016

My brother Steve and I spent our summers as kids with our cousins Lance, Richard and Mickey at our grandparent’s cottage in southern Michigan. Lance worked hard during those summers helping our grandfather care for the cottage and raising extra cash selling fishing worms.  He had a hand painted sign at the end of the dock “Red worms 100 for 25 cents”. On Friday evenings there was a steady stream of fisherman pulling up to the dock for bait. Lance expanded the business to night crawlers, catalpa worms and crickets. Soon they all knew Lance by name and would give him their order for the next weekend. Lance made over $100 for a few summers. During the spring of Lance’s last full summer at the cottage a tornado struck across the lake. Lance saw opportunity there and spent the summer helping weekenders with clean-up and repair. He was so busy he turned the worm business over to my brother and me.  
Lance kept an eye out for me since I was the youngest in the group and he was the youngest of his brothers. He never spoke poorly of anyone. In fact, if one of us did he would stop it. I’ll remember Lance for having a kind heart and gentle spirit.