Posted by Kristy Mckenzie on May 26, 2017
Missing you Sweet Angel.. Love Kristy, Indi, Tay, Maddi, Cash, Challon, Jhax, Xi, Nic, and Liandi. Xx always in our hearts and minds xX
Posted by Kristy Mckenzie on May 10, 2016
We all miss and Love you Landon, every day, with every beat of our hearts, with every breath, every moment of our lives.. We wait for you to come walking through the door and say something cheeky, give us that gorgeous grin to just say "Hey" and every time we hear the gate rattle or hear the back door we wait to hear you tip toe to your room, we wait to see you walk out all spruced up for work looking more handsome every day, we wait to see you every afternoon pumped from your work out at the gym, and every day, after day, after day, we are filled with disappointment when it doesn't happen.. Its not your fault and we love you miss you ever so much- Shadow Boxer.. Always in our hearts, forever on our minds and lips eternally with us, your family xoxo

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