Let the memory of Lee be with us forever
  • 24 years old
  • Born on May 2, 1987 .
  • Passed away on February 7, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Lee Hopkins, 24, born on May 2, 1987 and passed away on February 7, 2012. We will remember him forever. Always in our hearts, always missed.

Thank you to Lee's family and friends for honouring this special life and please feel free to share any photos and stories that are special to you and Lee.

Charlie England has also set up a donation option where funds raised will be directly and solely sent to the Pneumonia Research Department of the British Lung Foundation. Pneumonia is not just a disease affecting the elderly. Both Lee and his mum Jill were taken from us way too early from this disease. Anyone can donate or fund raise whether it's a specific run or just by lighting a candle on his page. Please pass this on to family and friends so we can make a difference in Pneumonia research development. Also if we reach our target a tree will be planted in Lee's name.




Posted by Anita England on May 2, 2019
Happy Birthday sweetheart
Another year missing you more Xx
Posted by Anita England on February 7, 2019
We never stop missing you sweetheart, just a tear away ....and always in our hearts, a big hug on this very sad day Xxx
Posted by Anita England on December 25, 2018
Merry Christmas sweetheart
Never far away and always in our hearts Xxx
Posted by Anita England on May 2, 2018
Happy Birthday Sweetheart, always in our thoughts and never far away xxx
Posted by Carole Cargill on May 2, 2018
Dearest Lee,

Wish you and your mum had been here to celebrate your 31st birthday. We miss you both and will always remember the good times we spent when we were together. Love Carole and Carolina xxxx
Posted by Carole Cargill on February 8, 2018
Dear Lee
So many things have happened since you left - 6 years go so fast.
You and your mum will always be in our hearts and we know both of you are with us. Love and big hugs to you both, Carole and Carolina xxx xxx
Posted by Anita England on February 7, 2018
Dear Lee
Thinking of when we said goodbye, so much has happened so much time has passed, I know you have laughed and cried with us, never far from our side...... always in our hearts we love you
Anita xx
Posted by Anita England on May 2, 2017
Happy Birthday Lee

Missing you so much especially today

Lots and lots of love and Hugs
Posted by Carole Cargill on February 8, 2017
Dearest Lee,

Thinking of you and your mum always. Love Carole and Carolina xxx
Posted by Anita England on February 7, 2017
5 long sad years.we think of you all the time .we miss you very much but I know you're never far away xx big hug today X
Posted by Anita England on May 2, 2016
Happy Birthday !!! Always on our minds and never far away Xxx
Posted by Bill England on May 2, 2016
Happy birthday Lee!!, i will never stop missing you and i frequently find myself adding you into a conversation nearly every day. i feel your presence every day and its just as strong if not stronger from the last time we shared a moment together and i know it will never fade.
i miss and love you lots hope all is well and everyone around you is well xxx
Posted by Carole Cargill on May 2, 2016
Happy birthday Lee, keep sparkling wherever you are!
Lots of luv n hugs,
xxx Carole and Carolina xxx
Posted by Anita England on February 7, 2016
Another year has passed, still so sadly missed and never far away . A big hug in heaven X
Posted by Anita England on May 2, 2015
Happy birthday lee xx
Posted by Carole Cargill on February 9, 2015
Dearest Lee, still missing you and your mum. Lots of love and hugs Carole and Carolina xxxx
Posted by Anita England on February 7, 2015
You are never far away from us and always in our thoughts our dear Lee
Posted by Anita England on May 2, 2014
Happy Birthday dear Lee.
You are never far away we know, but we miss you so much...
big hug love xxx
Posted by Tom Pearce on February 8, 2014
still think you're going to walk in through the door Dolly....miss you always xx
Posted by Charlie England on February 7, 2014
You enjoy all those balloons and notes :) My wonderful best friend! If only I could turn the clock or have one wish! Just one more hug! I guess I'll just have to be patient and wait! Love you with all my heart! Xx
Posted by Carole Cargill on February 7, 2014
Dearest Lee, we will never forget you and your mum.
Love you both always
Carole and Carolina xxxx
Posted by Cindy Ford on February 7, 2014
You must be tap dancing on those stars Lee - they are twinkling like crazy! Love forever.
Posted by Carole Cargill on May 2, 2013
Dearest Lee, a happy 26th birthday to you :)
No doubt you'll be throwing some great party today wherever you are.
Keep dancing.
Big hugs + kisses to you and your mum from all of us over here
Posted by Anita England on May 2, 2013
Happy Birthday Lee , Time doesnt make it easier to be without you here, Blow out the candles lee and be free, but listen sweetheart Joanna needs you to help her along on Sunday, hey I know you will right by her side , we all miss you so much , Xbig kiss
Posted by Bill England on February 7, 2013
Hi Lee, my god the world has made it a year with out its favourite son, friend and brother. there is not a day goes by that i wish i could come and visit you, this year that has gone by with out your funny and loved self here but we all have grown stronger with your feelings and memories around us, i miss and love you so much lee as my brother and as my angel to look up to,forever missed X
Posted by Megan Valentini on February 7, 2013
The years we've shared have been full of joy.
The memories we've made will go on and on.
I haven't stopped crying since you went away,
and I've asked God time and time why couldn't you stay.
You lit up my life, my hopes, and my dreams.
You've opened my eyes to see what it all means.
So now that you're gone how can I forget;
Because you were the greatest out of all I have met.
Posted by Tom Pearce on February 7, 2013
To our angel
I miss you SO much. Even after a year I think you're still going to be just around every corner and there to share more great times.
Don't think we'll ever come to terms with it but I just KNOW you're with us all the same.
Love always
Posted by Neil Armishaw on February 7, 2013
So we grace another table
And raise our glasses one more time
There's a face at the window
And i aint never, never saying goodbye...

One by one
Only the Good die young
They're only flyin' too close to the sun
Cryin' for nothing
Cryin' for no-one
No-one but you
Posted by Peter Cork on February 7, 2013
So a year ago I learnt the lesson that not every day is promise, when your light went out of my life. I can't believe how time has flown, when it still feel's like yesterday to me. You will continue to live on in my life and to everyone who loved you, you are the hand print on my heart that will never be forgotten. I will miss you yesterday, today and tomorrow my friend.
Posted by Anita England on February 7, 2013
If tears could build
A stairway and
Memories were a lane
We would walk right
Up to heaven and
Bring you back again, we miss you lee with all our hearts x
Posted by Cindy Ford on February 7, 2013
Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed, and very dear."
Posted by Robyn Ford on September 20, 2012
Flee.... Miss you more and more every day. It's a shock I'll never come to terms with. You made such an impression in my life. Thanks you so much for the amazing memories you've left and I'm so proud to have been your friend and to watch you grow into a beautiful young man! I know you're stil there for our coffee dates catching up on the goss! Just wish I could give you a big squeeze!xxx
Posted by Billy England on July 8, 2012
heya Lee, thank you for being there to help me with my job. I know you were there because if what happened to me happened to any one els they would have rolled that vehicle and i didn't and i just can't thank you and to look up and say i miss and love you makes the world stop and treasure the moments we shared i miss you so much love you brother lee !! xx
Posted by Megan Valentini on July 5, 2012
I miss you so much Lee. I still cant grasp the fact that you are gone. I look at our pictures often and remeber all of the amazing times we had together and i am so sad to know that when i make my way back to London you will not be there :( you mean so much to me and i am always going to have a piece missing from my heart now that your gone. I miss you more and more every day xxxxxx always
Posted by Tom Pearce on May 3, 2012
I miss you so much Lee and although they say time is a healer I've yet to see it....it was wonderful to see your family on your birthday and I think that the combined strength of them and your family will eventually get us through this. Despite the sadness I am SO grateful that you were such a big part of our lives. Love always. X
Posted by Billy England on May 2, 2012
hi lee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, and a great day you will have. i have missed you lots over these past few months but i have not ever felt not safe any more, i no your with me a lot of the time and i am very grateful for it. you have always been there to look after me, and i no you do your best to now, with all my hearts love can give happy birthday and i miss you so much lee xxxxxxx
Posted by Ann Cargill on May 2, 2012
Thinking of you more today on your birthday
Posted by Anita England on May 2, 2012
Happy birthday sweetheart
your fingerprints are left on the lives of those you touched.
I know you are right here beside my brokenhearted family, we all miss you so much , be free Lee to dance until we all meet again XXXX
Posted by Tnyo Beauchamp on May 2, 2012
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE,we know you are still with us and looking after paul,miss you son tony and sue
Posted by Kellie Talbot on May 2, 2012
Time flies and life changes fast. When I think back, I can hardly believe that we spent so much time together and shared so many joys and sorrows. You're my dearest friend and today I want to tell you that I cherish those times more than anything else in my life. Happy Birthday my Darling x
Posted by Carrissa Cargill-Hopkins on May 1, 2012
i love you so much leafy, missing you more than words can explain. i want to kiss and hug you so bad, things arnt the same without u and mum, and im so sad i cant call you and hear your chirpy lil voice. xxxxxxx
Posted by Carole Cargill on May 1, 2012
Dearest Lee, even though you're not physically here to send you the traditional birthday message just wanted you to know that we're thinking of you. Your light will continue to shine on in our hearts forever and ever.
Luv n hugs xxx xxx
Posted by Joanna Hooper on May 1, 2012
Happy Birthday Lee!!.... I miss you so so much and so wish I could call you in the morning to speak to you on your special day!! I have been so proud to watch you on the tv recently showcasing your dancing shoes and singing along to steps.... you continue to make me smile!! Sending you hugs and kisses!! Keep looking in on us... Love you babe xxx
Posted by Billy England on March 18, 2012
Hi lee, it wasn't a couple of days ago i woke up at about 3 am and i got up and went for a fag, it was strange because i was wide awake and didn't look sleepy but i looked into the sky and could only see one star and it was a clear sky with other stars and it shinned as if it was i light in front of me and i felt like i had company, was it you there because i believe it was lee xxx
Posted by Joanna Hooper on March 4, 2012
Babe... Words can't express how much you are truly missed!! Thank you for all the wonderful memories and happy times we had together!! Things won't be the same without you but the time we had together will be treasured and I know that you won't be far away watching over us... Forever and always in my heart.... Love you Lee xx
Posted by Debbie Fergusson on February 24, 2012
Rest in Peace. Keep watching over your family and friends.
Posted by Charlie England on February 23, 2012
Doll, I miss you every second of every day. I know our bond is strong enough to keep us connected until we meet again. My bestest friend and my ultimate soul mate! You have a new gang of people to show how funny, kind and caring you are and I'm jealous of the time they will have with you but will treasure every second I had. Keep popping in to see me! In my heart forever! Love you Doll! X
Posted by Paul Beauchamp on February 19, 2012
Chicken!! what can I say? I'll never understand why, but know how lucky I am when you said Yes to my proposal. Our love is forever and no one can take that away. You complete me baby and I know that I complete you. We have so many amazing memories to share for eternity. One day soon I will watch you dance again and take you to the most special place in the world! I love you baby boy xx
Posted by Ann Cargill on February 19, 2012
So sad to say goodbye to my lovely nephew Lee yesterday, but what a lovely service, and to meet so many lovely friends of Lee's has helped me through this very sad time. He's with his mum now, night night god bless xx
Posted by Debbie Lane on February 18, 2012
Lee....I will always remember your sweet smile, your kind soul...and your lovely imitation of my southern accent. Rest in peace....teach those angels to tapdance so I can join in when I get there....love...momma lane

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