I am so upset Lee

Shared by Linda Adams on June 13, 2018

Lee I had to come to you tonight. I just cant believe what Val has said about you because she and I don't talk any more. She is a very evil woman she said you deserved to die and that you were a drug addict. I and every one else know you were not. I will one day get out the toxic collage report that proves you never took Drugs.My darling son how can some one be so cruel, It is once again breaking my heart. To think because me and her had a rough that she should tell people that.She never knew you or about you. she has mad up a story to hurt me. She has succeeded, I have had a long cry and now feel a lot better.I still miss and love you so much always in my heart and mind.hugs and kisses your Mum x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 

 In the arms of the Angel ❤


Shared by Linda Adams on January 29, 2017

It has been 18 years since Lee my youngest son went to rest.I miss him with all my heart,he would have been 40 years old today 28 January.But all I can do is pray he has a happy birthday.I am sending you all my love Lee,Hugs and kisses to.Part of my heart is with you,One day we will be together again.Love your Mum. X x x x x x x x x 

Your always with me

Shared by Linda Adams on September 16, 2014

Lee and Stan, How I miss you both I sit here and think of you both with pride in my heart. I love you both so much,I look at your photos and think how you would have grown and look now.Dad must be so happy to be with you,We would rough when he was still on the earth plain about if he or me would come to see you first, Well he got his wish, He is now with you and I am still on the earth plain waiting for my time to come to see you both.Till then I hold you both in my arms heart and mind.
Lov e you both so much hugs and kisses Mum and Wife To Stan

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