This tribute was added by Dev Verma on September 9, 2020
Respected Lee, You had lived an incredible life as Bodhisattva of the Earth. Deepest prayers for yoyr eternal peace and supreme enlightenment. I still cant believe that you are not around anymore. I still can recall Value Creation Youth Division activities we did as Soka members at Elsternvick Kaikan with fellow youth Division. You will be missed forever.
This tribute was added by Brenda Giannone on September 8, 2020
I had the pleasure of working with Lee Yoong at the RMH Transfusion Medicine Lab. Very quickly, I learnt of her excellent work ethic and drive to further her knowledge in the field. I witnessed her steely resolve in the face of obstacles and determination to succeed. Respect.

An added bonus was Lee’s fun and quirky side. Her cheeky sense of humour and infectious grin. We connected over a mutual admiration of things Japanese, and Lee would also share her creative dressmaking efforts. Marvellous! So when my thoughts turn to sharp Japanese knives, geeky games ( exploding kittens!) and Lolita fashion, I will have warm memories of Lee.

Dear Lee, thank you for sharing yourself - we are richer for the experience. RIP.

This tribute was added by Yee Fei Liew on September 7, 2020
Lee Yoong has played a significant role in my practice. Without her, I would not have grown as a person. She encouraged me, believed in me and supported me. Her group is the first group meeting I attended in Australia and she encouraged me to apply for my Gohonzon and enshrined it for me. There are really no words to describe the impact she has had in my life and I know the meaning will continue to deepen. I miss her smile, our book exchange which I always took forever to return her book, her candidness and her can-do attitude towards everything. Her sincerity in treating people held me in awe. She will always be in my heart and I will hold dear her spirit in my life.
This tribute was added by Sam Brown on September 7, 2020
Dearest Lee Yoong,
Gone too soon. Lived life to the fullest and love of sharing her many different talents. Her tenacity, kindness and cheer shared with many. Always up for a laugh and chat. Years getting to know you as a work colleague at RMH and learn about you as a person. You are missed.
This tribute was added by Penny Koh on September 6, 2020
Dearest Lee Yoong,
Your beautiful smile, warm heart, courage and wisdom will always be remembered. My family and I treasure the happy times when my kids and I attended your group meetings whilst you and Victor were both uni students.
I remember you, Lee Yoong saying it's important to read good books to expand our wisdom.
Times when we run into each other whilst we were working at the Alfred, the heart to heart dialogues, even in brief moments, were such treasures.
Over the years you have always encouraged me with your gentle smile and caring nature, always working so hard behind the scenes...
I also deeply appreciate your coming to talk with me at VCC earlier this year, sharing your courageous challenge with your cancer treatment. With your beautiful smile, you were encouraging me so much with your positive spirit.
I am heartbroken to lose such a good friend. I'm sure you are already on your new mission, shining your joyful spirit wherever you go.
Thank you! Thank you so much Lee Yoong for sharing your heart with us all.
You are a legend, a wonderful Bodhisattva of the Earth! I miss you so. ❤❤❤
This tribute was added by Wai Yee L on September 5, 2020
Dear Lee Yoong ,

You were my first group leader in Melbourne and I remember those days when we all go inside don don restaurant at night for our group meeting. It feels like we are breaking into someone else’s restaurant to have our Buddhist meeting :) I remember us walking into a dark lane , waiting for you to open the door in dark, we were all so young and that’s was my foundation of my practice in Melbourne!

I vividly remember your last conversation with me was to thank me for sharing my experience with your big smile. Your first and last words to me was to encourage me to persevere in faith.

Today after your farewell, I went out to the park , I could felt the warm ray of sun just like your smile, seeing all the greenery that was surrounded me, I know there’s no time to waste to fulfil my mission. You have reminded me to always base Gohonzon as the center of my life.

As I stood there remembering your face and your voice, I make a determination to extent your life by never begrudge my life, not a single day. Living my best version for every single day. This is so I can honour your life and pay my gratitude for all that you have done for us. Love you my dear friend.

From Wai Yee
This tribute was added by Jennie Wong on September 5, 2020
My dearest niece Lee Yoong, I remember how ecstatic your parents were when you were born. You were the much awaited child & you brought so much joy & love into The Loh & The Wong families. I will always remember our time spent together in Melbourne whenever I flew in & hand you the airline goodies & enjoyed a good meal. I remember you introduced Victor as your boyfriend then during your uni days. We were so happy when both of you decided to tie the knot. Thank you Victor, for taking care of Lee Yoong & loving her. My dearest Lee Yoong, our hearts broke into million pieces when you left us. Heavens gained an angel. We will missed you dearly. Forever in our hearts ♥️
From The Wong’s in Malaysia
This tribute was added by Wendy Ng on September 5, 2020
Your smile is like the morning sun
Your tenacious nature is like the strong winds of Melbourne
You're always so welcoming and friendly like the warmth of the sun, like the knitwear that you always knitted
No matter how hard it rained you fought on like a bright sun
Your spirit radiant like a rainbow
You will be truly missed, dear Lee Yong
This tribute was added by Bill Magee on September 5, 2020
We were fortunate to recruit Lee Yoong as a Haematology and Blood Bank Scientist in the Pathology Department at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. This would be her last position. As the Senior Scientist in Blood Bank, I very much appreciated her energy, expertise and professionalism that she brought to our workplace every day. Although only with us for a relatively short time, it soon became apparent to me that she was very talented in many areas of her life, and that she lived her life with passion. Sincere condolences to Victor Sam, family and friends. Vale Lee Yoong.
This tribute was added by Vanessa Tucker on September 5, 2020
Dear Lee Yoong,

I remember first getting to know you during those late nights at C4, where you were knitting! You had a unique kindness and wisdom. You knew who you were and what you liked. I really admire you. I feel lucky to have been able to share time with you over those years.

Thank you for sharing all your Japan travel trips with me last year. I dragged Ben to the stores you recommended, and use the things I got almost everyday. I am glad you traveled over there last year as well.

I hope you knew what an incredibly special person you are. I will miss you.

Love, Vanessa
This tribute was added by Kymmy Wong on September 5, 2020
My dearest Lee Yong, RIP my brave beautiful cousin. You will be missed so so much in this world. We will remember you always, in our hearts forever. My condolences to Uncle Loh, Aunty Mary, Keyanne, Carin and Victor. Love Kym
This tribute was added by Ben Slater on September 5, 2020
Lee Yoong,

I have a few memories of you which i'd like to share on behalf of our friends:
1. Your Cooking was special to all of us, especially your ice cream and cakes!! Thanks for sharing these with us.

2. I remember you somehow broke my flywire door when we Vanessa and I were renting in Brunswick, I to this day have no idea how you managed to do this but it's something that makes me laugh and think of you everytime.

3. You were always multi-tasking making sure you had a project to do with your hands while you chatted with us, it was always a pleasure to see your projects come to life before our eyes.

Thank you for being very special to all of us, you were a fantastic friend and always will be with us in spirit.

This tribute was added by Pey Jung Yeong on September 5, 2020
Dearest Lee Yoong,

Knowing you is one of the greatest fortunes of my life. Thank you for your friendship and your care, and for encouraging me in my life and my faith. I will forever cherish our moments together, and I will remember you with love and fondness.

Rest well, my dear friend.
This tribute was added by Cindy Lo on September 5, 2020
Lee yoong I think it was probably around 2008, 2009, that I might have first known you. It was after my broke up with my ex, that Connie brought me to Rayner's Verve apartment, to hang out with you all, so I have something to do during the weekends. That was the first step of me merging into this group of weird ppl, but also holds an unbelievably tight friendship.

Lee yoong, I will forever remember you as the big sister, who looks over these immature friends of yours while doing stupid things. You always sit quietly on the side knitting, reading, playing your flower boy fantasy game (sorry don't remember the exact name of it lol), and giving it a laugh when some of us made fun of themselves. And of coz, not to forget for sure, your amazing ice cream and sorbets at all our gatherings!!

Last week, we stayed at your place to keep Vic company, and I saw the kitchenaid icecream churner, its a shame it will not be used by your talented hands anymore. Vic said maybe he will start learning how to make icecream so it will be used!!! So please Lee Yoong lend your talented hands on him, and hope he will revive the incredible icecreams/sorbets you've made for us all these yrs

To be honest, I'm not great at expressing my feelings in words, so instead, I put my words, my love and friendship, and all the things I missed about you, into making a final a cake for you at your final tea party. Hope you liked it.

I ran into trouble that I didn't have enough frosting half way through decorating the cake, but no way I can left it half done, so even time is running out to get to your viewing session on time, I had to quickly run down to the supermarket and buy more butter to have this decorated perfectly. Finally it got done, and I had it arrived safely on the already amazing tea party table that the guys have prepared for you. It really hit hard that you are no longer with us, when I went over to see you. But you were so beautiful and peaceful looking that it also made my heart melt. Lee Yoong I hope you have a safe and adventurous journey ahead. When we meet again, you can tell us everything that you've done, and just like usual, show us what's great lying ahead of us.

We will forever and always think of you and remember you! xoxo
This tribute was added by Reena Hiew on September 5, 2020
Will miss you dearly, Cousin Lee Yoong. I always remember your sweet smile and gentle spirit. Warmest.
This tribute was added by Keh Ai Hiew on September 5, 2020
Dear Cousin ,
I always remember you as my little cousin with a cheerful dimple smile playing with each other when we were kids , eating ice creams , cakes , playing Barbie doll together , those were the days .. time passed us by so fast .. sad to see you go ..
This tribute was added by Saumya Saluja on September 5, 2020
I first met Lee Yoongh in 2008 when I first joined SGIA. About 2-3 months after I joined she called me and asked me if she could home visit me. I was taken aback as I didn’t understand the concept of home visitation then but I agreed. We decided on a day and time. It turned out to be a cold rainy day and sure enough Lee Yoongh came over in her two wheeler on time. She rang the bell and when I opened the door, I saw this half wet girl with a huge smile on her face. We spoke for about 30/45 minutes and in those few moments I felt that I was chatting with an old pal from school rather than someone I have only recently being introduced to! She convinced me to do a play with her for the next commemorative meeting. I agreed and we put up a skit together which was well received.
Thank You Lee Yoongh for introducing me to the Gakkai spirit and for showing me unconditional care for others.
Hope to see you again in another life LeeYoong❤️.
This tribute was added by Taghreed Margi on September 5, 2020
Dear Lee,

You will always be remembered as a great colleague: intelligent, kindhearted, compassionate, caring and very cheerful.

We farewell you today but your spirit will always be with us.

My deepest condolences to your family and loved ones.
This tribute was added by Jane Fung on September 5, 2020
Don’t really know you well or spoken to you but I can imagine your bubbly self and your great contribution! Rest well Lee Yoong
This tribute was added by Andrew Solly on September 5, 2020
Dear Lee Yong,
So sad to hear of your passing.
I remember your straight forward nature, warm smile and contagious laugh.
You will be greatly missed.
My heart felt condolences to Victor and family.
Andrew Solly
This tribute was added by Ivy Tong on September 5, 2020
Heaven has gained an angel. A kind, smart and smiling one. Rest In Peace Lee Yoong.
This tribute was added by Tang Yan on September 4, 2020
If life is like a book, then my dear Lee Yoong was my bookmark. She marked my life with pure and true friendship, lots of courage and kindness. We love books, lots of books and hang out at the library. We love English songs, movies, biology, craft and anime. I can never forget her first day in our class - with her slouching back, her cute dimples, a cheerful smile, and many crazy ideas (plus romance novels). She loves life and lived hers to the fullest and cheerished all her friends. Her genuine kindness and caring attitudes warm many and we all fall for her positivities in life. She worried her sickness will sadden us and kept mostly to herself. But I am honoured that she shared the news with me. We cried and then professionally discussed over it. She wanted us to know that she fought hard and strong, with all the supports from her love ones, right till the end. I am happy and honour to have Lee Yoong marked Chapter 40 of my life and I will carry our love and friendship to eternity. Rest in peace and you will be missed forever my dearest Lee Yoong ❤️❤️❤️
This tribute was added by Clare Shugg on September 4, 2020
I was lucky to work with Lee at RMH. I'll remember her as someone who always had a smile on her face and always tried her hardest. She was genuine, eager to learn and a great pleasure to work with. I loved seeing what crafts she had been working on and she could be seen in the tea room with crafts in hand and her trusty tea thermos. Lee- it was such a pleasure to work with you and my condolences go to your husband, family and friends. We will miss you and think of you often xxx
This tribute was added by Chuck Yong Kong on September 4, 2020
Dear Lee Yoong,

I will always remember you as a generous person who is there to help anyone in time of need and always remain cheerful no matter how tough a situation is.

I'm glad to meet you in person for the last time earlier in 2020 when you and Vic came to my place to pick up Rayner Lim. Humming the background song for the popular game of Tetris cheerfully while Vic is fitting all of Rayner's stuff into the boot of the car.

I will miss chatting with you about life, medical work and anime whenever we met up.

Rest in peace and remain forever beautiful in the hearts of everyone you know.
This tribute was added by Tracy Thien on September 4, 2020
Hi Lee Yoong,

I knew you since you had given me the opportunity to contribute to bookshop. When you called me to ask my detail and how committed I would to contribute to the bookshop, from there I knew you are a very committed person and looking for serious people to help in the bookshop. Luckily I was recruited! Thank you!
You always committed yourself to turn up in the bookshop for every shift except you had to work. I am so grateful and privileged to know you as bookshop team leader. Your smile, your spirit, your sincerity, your knowledge had inspired me every time I performed duty in the bookshop. You are so knowledgeable as if you had already read almost all the books in the bookshop. We always referred to you whenever someone asked about the a book. You will be truly missed by the bookshop team, for sure.
Thank you, Lee Yoong. It was great to know you and your spirit had inspired a lot of people. We will forever miss you!
Thank you, Victor for always supporting Lee Yoong and the bookshop! Please take good care of yourself!


This tribute was added by Seko Ong on September 4, 2020
The night sky is forever brightened with a star called Lee Yoong

This tribute was added by Kevin Leong on September 4, 2020
Dear Lee Yoong,

I've always seen you at the bookshop at SGIA VIC centre. You were always diligently volunteering there. Although I did not really get to know you, I feel like I do because of your wonderful husband Victor.

As I was moving away this year from Melbourne to start a new job as a teacher in countryside QLD, Victor shared his experience with me and encouraged me as he had also worked as a teacher in the countryside before, in VIC.

He said that he used to travel back and forth every weekend for 4 years just to see you. Eventually, he decided to move back to Melbourne to be with you. I was very moved and touched by his story, and it is a true testament of your love for each other.

May you rest in peace Lee Yoong, you will be sorely missed. Rest assured we will carry on your legacy of kindness and determination to always help others in need.
This tribute was added by Prerna Kakkar Bathla on September 4, 2020
Hi Lee Yoong,

Because of you I was able to do my human revolution when I heard about you. Everyday chanting for you had become a habit for me as if you are part of my home family member. I missed you when you left. I may not seen you but I will always remember you. Love you and miss you
This tribute was added by Ken Siow on September 4, 2020
Dear Lee Yoong ,

I will remember you always. May your soul rest in peace.
This tribute was added by Stephanie Siow on September 4, 2020
Dear Lee Yoong,

There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.
This tribute was added by Chris Sohanpal on September 4, 2020
Dear Lee Yoong ,

As you close your eyes in rest, may all your pain and troubles be lost forever. May you find paradise and a world of eternal life.........

May your soul Rest In Peace.
This tribute was added by Melinda Wu on September 4, 2020
Dear Lee,

I cannot express how grateful I am to have met you and what a privilege it was to have worked with you (under you ^.^). What a great mentor you were to me when I started my first professional job at Peter Mac.
You are great role model and an amazing colleague to work with. Your efficacy and meticulousness will be missed. I don’t think I have ever told you, but I’ve always been in awe of your thirst for knowledge, shown through the progression of your fellowship.

And lastly, Japan travel chats will not be the same without you. Miss you dearly.

Rest in Peace.

This tribute was added by Ki Jin Wong on September 3, 2020
Dear Lee Yoong,

What a fighter. You sure gave that damned disease a run for its money huh? It took the deadliest disease in the world to take down a formidable person such as yourself. You may have lost this battle, but your years in Peter Mac working as a scientist will help us win this war yet.

You taught us so many things. You've taught us that your happiness only comes from within and not from without; you taught us how to keep our spirits buoyant even though secretly you knew that the odds were stacked against you. You taught us that even when things are looking bleak, we must do just one thing:

To hope.

Hope that you will get better; hope that there will be a tomorrow that you will beat this disease and everything will go back to normal again; hope that we can all once again gather under one roof and enjoy each other's company. Even on your last day on this mortal Earth, when Vic took a selfie with you and your mum when you guys were outside enjoying that rare Melbourne sunshine you smiled that beautiful smile of yours, in hopeful defiance against Death itself as if to say, "Not today, not today. "

We remember you for being that warm, loving and hopeful soul that we have loved all these years. For being that big sister; mentor; awesome chef; wife to a #fatfuck husband whom we'll look after. We remember all the laughter and tears and the life lessons you've taught us, but most of all, we remember you.

Semper amati, semper in memoria.

This tribute was added by Jade Wong on September 4, 2020
Still, to date, one of the most fun, most creative weddings I ever had the privilege of joining. You and Victor are one of my fav couples, a benchmark to aspire to - just like S&P shakers, each providing their own unique flavour to life but, as a combo, even more empowering and flavourful.

Lee Yoong, you are such an amazing person, I really love your gentle calm and conscientious heart of care; so many years of unseen and persistent efforts.

A story I heard about you that still does & will continue to encourage me: in your sincerity to support our SGIA bookshop, I heard that you read a lot of books so that you would be able to make good suggestions for members visiting the bookshop who asked for recommendations.

I will always remember your big, dimpled grin and your easily recognisable chuckle, and your incredible mastery and talent in crafts. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your contributions. I will take your memory & live in a way to honour your life.

Much love to you, Vic, and Lee Yoong, to your family and friends who will miss you terribly but will always be touched by your life.
Chui xx
This tribute was added by Jien Sing on September 3, 2020
Lee Yoong,

I will always remember you as the nice girl who always wear a cap and a jacket to class at Trinity College.

Our lives diverged after college and I ended up leaving Melbourne for somewhere else. But, many years later, somehow and somewhere in Facebook, you added me to your friends list. That time, I still remember you as that girl who always wear a cap and a jacket to the class.

I wish I had known you better and talked to you more. Brief as it is, our paths crossed at a place faraway from our country of birth. Brief as it is, you mattered and I will remember you always.

Rest well, my dear friend.
This tribute was added by Gabrielle Roche on September 3, 2020
I remember Lee chatted to me in tea room at the Alfred she was wondering about doing the fellowship. I was going to a study group at Monash and suggested it was a great idea and nothing to lose . . Lee came along it was a great group very supportive sharing notes and our supper, always something nice to eat . Lee met Glenda and Rhonda and Lee was one of the group passed her first module Haem 2 . I was so proud of her. Glenda and Lee studied together and Lee managed to get through all her exams . A wonderful achievement. !!       I had not seen Lee for awhile but often asked after her with my friend Helen and my ex Alfred colleague Grant who was now her boss at Peter Mac when I heard she was unwell . A lovely happy lady I will not forget her and her lovely smile . Gaby Roche
This tribute was added by Allison Matters on September 3, 2020
Sincere condolences to the family and friends of the lovely Lee, gone far too soon. Happy memories of a happy, intelligent and hard working co-worker at RMH.
I will always have fond memories discussing weekly food preparations!
Rest in peace.
This tribute was added by Rhonda Anderson on September 3, 2020
Oh Victor. Sending my sincere condolences. I am so sorry for your loss. Lee was such a beautiful soul! I also studied blood banking with Lee sharing a special time at the NICE conference in Melbourne and VIDG meetings.
This tribute was added by Glenda Mann on September 3, 2020
As my Blood Bank Fellowship study buddy we had a lot of fun learning together and encouraging one another. An excellent scientist with a thirst for knowledge. Boy could she dress up in amazing creations she had made herself. She always had a lovely smile, cheeky wit, very advanced sewing/beading/knitting etc skills, many eclectic interests and always brightened your day. A very humble but talented woman.
Sincere condolences to husband Victor Sam and her family and friends.
This tribute was added by Tom Eng on September 3, 2020
In the few occasions when we met, Lee Yoong always smiled sweetly.
May I offer my heartfelt condolences.
This tribute was added by Minh Le on September 3, 2020
I still remember what a great time we had at your housewarming and Lee Yoong was a happy and gracious host. Lee Yoong also had a great sense of timing with her ability to photobomb pictures at our wedding reception.
This tribute was added by Bambie Lee on September 2, 2020
“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou.

Lee Yoong made me feel that she truly cared, always sincere and never pretentious. Despite only a few conversations every now and then In the last decade, she has left a lasting impression in my life.

Thank you Lee Yoong!
This tribute was added by Vincent Ng on September 2, 2020
Too young, too soon. I hope you enjoyed the steak and you are somewhere in Japan right now having more and enjoying that holiday you planned so hard for

Rest in peace

Knit in peace
This tribute was added by Faith Kwa on September 2, 2020
Dear Lee Yoong,

You were one of the first friends I met at university.

Thank you for your friendship! Thank you for your kindness!

Thank you for looking after my pet fish when I went on holidays! I remembered that you cried bitterly one day to tell me that one of them died and felt really guilty about it. I comforted you to say I am still so grateful for your help and gave you a Paul Frank purse to express my appreciation and your face just lit up with that vivacious smile!

Thank you for being my chat buddy on ICQ. I still remember that your user name was Rosie LLY. You said you didn't like your name as it sounded like "take and use" if people pronounced your name in Cantonese. You were indeed a very generous friend who was also so selfless and sharing without expecting anything in return.

Thank you for holding that birthday party which gave an excuse to my now hubby to walk me home that night and for me to realise how gentleman he was!

Although I never told you this but I was so proud of you when I saw you at The Alfred working as a Medical Scientist as I brought my students for a lab tour.

You have certainly won the hearts of many in the four decades you have lived!

And finally, thank you for being just YOU!

You will be missed but may you enjoy the company of angels in heaven and eternal peace.

Faith ❤️
This tribute was added by Cheryl Lin on September 2, 2020
I always remember Lee Yong's smile. Always present, always wide, always genuine. She had a heart of gold, and was always welcoming. She had a knack for making me feel comfortable and welcomed in any event. I remember her generous offer to look for a replacement of the Totoro umbrella my husband lost. Thank you for having been in my life... until we meet again.
This tribute was added by Ruiling Chang on September 2, 2020
Lee Yoong, my Melbourne 大姐

Found some letters from you while searching for the fountain pen you gifted me today. The letters dating 13 years apart (2007 and 2020) reminded me of our friendship and how consistent you are. Lol... the only person who takes time to write and send a snail mail and the only one who writes my name on said mail in Chinese. Receiving letters from Epping (or in those days, Thornbury) never failed to make my day.

I will forever treasure the scarf you knitted for me because I complained the aircon at work was cold; the fountain pen you gave during one if your visits to Singapore because we both love pens (you like to write, I like pretty pens) and all the letters and cards you wrote me. Your optimism, drive and focus to make the most in life, has always been an inspiration to me.

Thank you for the many years of laughter and friendship. Thank you for being there for me during good and tough times, and for all your advice and tough love.

As you said, quoting your favourite 张学友歌词,《愿心中,永远留着我的笑容。伴你每一个春夏秋冬》Rest well my dear friend. Till we meet again... ❤️
This tribute was added by Kristine Oma on September 2, 2020
I remember her kindness and felt her support the years I lived in Melbourne. It might be many years since we had contact, but her beautiful spirit is forever in my memory.
This tribute was added by Connie Lo on September 2, 2020
Lee Yoong, my close friend.

A beautiful, strong, intelligent, sparkling friend. Her personality shone brighter than any star you can imagine, even cancer couldn't shadow that radiance. She brightened my life and many more. She may have left us now but her spirit lives on.

Thank you for your friendship Lee Yoong. I miss you. I love you. And I believe we will meet again. Let's have the best tea party when that time comes. And I promise I will look after those most important to you.

Rest well now, may God guide you to your next mission in life. You will forever be in my heart and prayers. ❤️

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