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Missing you!

July 5, 2023
It's been three years since you transitioned but it feels like yesterday. I still thank God that I get to talk to you on a daily basis.
Wish you could see the boys now.. DeMond is doing a fantastic job being a dad to the girls and Dennis is living his best life as a husband and extremely hard worker.
We all miss you very much Mommy!
And we love you still and forevermore
July 11, 2020
It seems like every time I saw Aunt Lelia she had a pencil and a crossword puzzle! Or, she had a pencil behind her ear ready to do a puzzle. Aunt Lelia was also one of those tough Scrabble competitors. I like the way she would sometimes smile from ear to ear in her "gotcha" moments - and if you could overlook the sting of the "gotcha" you can hear the message. You are missed, RIP Auntie!
July 11, 2020
Aunt Lela was always the aunt that had this little grin on her face, quick on her feet ready to crack a joke...never loud with it just enough for you to hear it. She'd beat you laughing. I kinda always thought she carried a lot of money in her purse, because her signature pose was one hand on her hip, the other hand had her purse slung over the back of her shoulder. I loved hearing her laugh, even when you zapped her back. RIP.

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