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(family forever)

January 14, 2012

are family will never be whole again now that your gone every family get togeather will not be the same I will miss are childhood that we spent many times togeather I will miss are adulthood that we would have shared togeather I will miss your sence of family you were always about family my cuz you always stood up for your family and would be the first one there to have their backs we could always count on you I will always think of you when family comes to mind family meant everything to you and you will always mean everything to us you are gone in flesh but never will you be forgotten your memory will live on in your family forever I miss you my dear cuz today yesterday and every tommorrow

January 11, 2012

My time with my cousin was limited with the miles that seperated us but i loved him the same as the rest loved him , I will miss yelling no "Wo Wo" as a child when he would pull my hair or his smile when he would do something onery , I will miss going to see him at his house when I would come for a visit and he and I would chat about how our life had turned out and how things could have been different , I will miss laughing with him when we would talk about the silly things us as cousins did at our grandma and grandpa house in the summers," I WILL JUST MISS HIM "

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