I’m sorry Mommy

Shared by Yomyda Hernandez on October 12, 2020
Oh mom, my beautiful mom. I couldn’t stand looking at images and videos of her because it simply hurt too much.

Seeing her favorite movies or listening to her favorite songs killed me.

I kept feeling so ungrateful for all the years I had with her, while I had friends who lost their moms even before high school.

My whole life I had thought that if something like this happened to me, I would never, ever survive it. But I did. I survived losing my love, my best friend, the person who gave me life.

Happy Birthday Momm

Shared by Yomyda Hernandez on October 12, 2020

If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. You are my best friend, my anchor, my rock, number one confidant and fan. All the while fighting your way through your own obstacles to ensure that I was provided for. You are relentlessly compassionate and kind, with a heart of pure gold. Always doing your best to set the perfect example for your family . We have always been and still are your number one and leading priority. No one messes with your family  Because of you I know that life can be tough, but I am tougher. You taught me to be strong and self-sufficient. I also know that it’s okay to cry, and when I need to cry your shoulder is the one I’m seeking. You are the definition of how to love others beyond flaws. Words cannot express the magnitude of just that one single lesson. You gave me guidance to see the good in people, and if don’t find it, look harder. You taught me what true beauty isI’ve tried so hard to wrap my head around how you were and are who you are, but I fail every time. You weren’t handed over some sort of handbook or “how to” manual,  You just knew! Mom I’m sorry it took me so long to realize what a remarkable woman you are. The unprecedented amount of time and energy you’ve given is beyond belief. I know there have been periods of time when I’ve made you feel unappreciated, but that was never my intent. My words and actions at times were unlovable, but somehow you managed to love me anyway. I thought I knew it all, but in reality, had no idea that you were the one with my best interests in mind. You’ve supported every dream or goal I’ve had, no matter how ridiculous or unattainable they may have been. Through every phase of my life, I’ve known I could always count on you to be by my side and you’re still there. Thank you for setting the proper boundaries but trusting me enough to allow curiosity. And when I came crashing down from a huge mistake, thank you for being there to catch me. No judgement. No yelling. No lectures. You were cognizant of the fact that I was young, and you’ve been there too. I’ve never felt alone.
There isn’t a day that goes by that the thought doesn’t cross my mind as to how got so unbelievably lucky to call you mom. I hope that in every aspect of my life I make you proud, and I promise to try harder and harder every day. Even more so, if the day comes, I can only dream to be half of the mother that you are.

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