My Little Neighbor.

Shared by Olett Hervey on June 12, 2021
You were always willing to help me out by washing the car, even when it was your first time.  But you were always willing to try. That is when I knew a Better Chance was the organization for you.
Chase I was always proud of you and I know your doing things in heaven to help out. Your home now but we all will join you to soon.
Ms. Olett 

Chase our Geandson

Shared by LaDonna Dean on June 5, 2021
Chase, PapaDean and I Love you so much. We have always been so proud of you. We knew you would be special from the very first time we held you in our arms 20 years ago. We watched you grow from a beautiful baby to a rambunctious little boy, then on to a wonderful and promising young man. Your infectious smile warmed everyone you came in contact with. We will always treasure the summers you came to Detroit and getting you involved with Camp Sancta Maria in Gaylord, MI. You loved going to camp, the same camp that your Dad and brother went to. It was a legacy and tradition passed down to you! GiGi is so heartbroken and devastated that I will not see you in the flesh again, you will be forever missed but will remain forever in our hearts

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