Posted by Pete Cue on September 23, 2019
When Ronnie had me diagnose an put your beloved mustang back together for you, it was a labor of love, after meeting you, What a precious soul, you lifted clouds, shined your light from your soul, everywhere you went, made everyone's day that came in contact with you. Just sitting at the doctor's office together, the way you patted the seat next to you, to come over and sit next to you, you made my day, just a simple conversation, but eased my anxiety. Always looked forward to your visits to the shop, especially to tweak you 'stang a bit for you. No word's could explain the loss, my condolences to Fiona and Ronnie. But having spent time on the other side, If I know Li, and I do, she's is organizing heaven. Love Pedro and Yamilia.
Posted by Sabine Crossen - Pro on July 23, 2018
Hi Fiona,
Sending a hug from London <3
Hoping you are well on this day...
Posted by Labros Hydrois on August 26, 2016
Ronnie and Fiona,

My sincerest condolences for your loss.  May your loving memories of Li and your love for each other guide you through your difficult times and make you stronger, wiser and passionate about life.
Posted by Claudia Gdowski on August 25, 2016
Ronnie and Fiona,
So sorry to hear of your loss - Li fought a tough fight. Cherished memories and your special thoughts will keep her in your lives forever. Your time in Michigan was long ago - but your family was a joy to know and not forgotten.
Posted by George Verdaguer on August 25, 2016
Ronnie, I'm so sorry for your loss and hope that all the memories you shared together will help to keep a smile on your face. Best George
Posted by Somsong Jarman on August 8, 2016
Thank you for your service. It was beautiful story and family.
Posted by Sabine Crossen - Pro on July 29, 2016
Dear Fiona & Ronnie,

I didn't know Li but I know her beautiful, talented and amazing daughter and I want you to know that I am sending love and support from Denmark right now to you both.

Much love, God bless,

Posted by MG Harman on July 26, 2016
Beautiful tribute to a lovely soul! One of MANY kindnesses: Li often helped look after various stray kitties around the neighborhood. Intelligent, kind, cheerful, hard-working, strong & very sweet. She will forever be missed.
Posted by Nora Cantrell on July 26, 2016
Li was such a beautiful person with a kind heart and a wonderful personality. When we first met it was at her house and even though we didnt know each other she made me feel comfortable and welcome in her home, like I was an old friend. I will never forget that.
She had the most beautiful smile, her smile would light up a room and her laugh was infectous. Rest in peace sweet Li. May God bless you and take you home to his loving arms. My prayers and thoughts are with you Ronnie and Fiona.
Posted by MG Harman on July 26, 2016
Beautiful memorial for a lovely soul. I'll miss the help looking after stray kitties in the neighborhood. Li was intelligent, kind, hard-working, strong, funny, and very sweet. She will be missed forever.
Posted by Carol Bynum on July 26, 2016
Li was a very special kind of person. She would make you laugh and smile. I always looked forward to seeing her. She made the work place a brighter place to be. I have really missed her smile and spark. I admired her also. She had an uncanny ability to get what she wanted or needed! She will and is sorely missed.
Posted by Paul Fernandez on July 26, 2016
I remember we were popping fireworks on the 4th, and Ronnie almost blew us all up, and boy was she funny about it. She was so sweet, even under firework stress. She will be missed. Condolences.
Posted by Louis Rogers on July 26, 2016
1983...Ron and I are stationed overseas in the Philippines...we're both early 20's. 1/2 the gals in the country are trying to marry a GI and come back to the states. Ron goes TDY to Mississippi for a couple weeks or so. Comes back with a wife! From Biloxi. She's Asian. It's Li Ying! What a catch for Ron.
I jog too (run is too strong a word to use for me). Li and I used to talk about that....
But I'm a home-cooked foodie. Li loved that I ate everything she made, the spicier the better. My fondest memory is Li coaching Linda and all the kids (Ray, Jess, and Fiona) on the art of making a proper Egg roll. Me and Ron frying them up in my fish cooker on the porch (and I mean a pile of them). Then eating until we popped.
Another great story was when Ron took a business trip to Boston....came back with this box full of huge lobsters. We had the biggest and best lobster boil with the live lobsters crawling all over Scotts pavilion. We'd catch them and throw them in the pot. Cool. I think Li ate 10 lbs of lobster!! and yes, she boxed up all the parts that others didn't want...and took that home for another (few) days meal! Li was in heaven. Gotta love it.
I'll miss Li, but I know she was tired. Damned cancer.
Posted by James Bynum on July 26, 2016
I will never forget how she had a pillow or something in her drivers seat of that mustang to boost her up a bit. Nor will I ever forget her loving spirit. We all will surely be less without her.
Posted by Andrew Gevaert on July 26, 2016
I had the pleasure of meeting Li Yang when their family pit-stopped in Dearborn Michigan after Ronnie joined PMC. Our family visits were so much fun and centered around music and food. The most memorable meal was dim sum in Windsor Ontario where Li Yang showed us her favorite dishes. She smiled from her heart, laughed from her belly and loved from her soul. Ending peace and prayers that her zest for life will be carried through Fiona and Ronnie - a beautiful daughter and amazing man.
Posted by Karen Hilditch on July 26, 2016
Will remember our many vacations we took together sking, camping, Canada and Disney World to name a few. Will never forget you always saying that my husband Chris and Ronnie were loosing their hair and always trying to keep both of them out of trouble. That was a job in its self! You will be missed
Ronnie and Fiona you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Koleta Tucker on July 26, 2016
I only met Li a few times. She was, each and every time, very kind and bubbly spirited. I am so very sorry for your loss Ronnie and Fiona. Love you.
Posted by Louis Herring on July 26, 2016
I met Li only once. It was a few months ago as she was on her way to treatment. She was warm and friendly to me, a total stranger and expressed an inner strength that I found admirable.

I am a business associate of Ronnie. Over the years he has shown me his dedication to Li and his admiration. It was obvious that he cared deeply for his wife and admired her and their daughter of whom he is immensely proud. May they find comfort in their knowledge that Li loved them and appreciated their attention and caring over the course of the many years they shared together.
Posted by Paula NiBride on July 25, 2016
What a lovely obituary! I remember when Li and Keta and I were sitting in Keta's yard, and one of the lawn chairs suddenly folded up on Phil's son, PJ. You couldn't even see the little guy! Then we heard this little bitty voice coming out from under the lawn chair, saying "I'm all right!" I thought Li was never going to stop laughing!

I am so sorry for your loss, Ronnie and Fiona.
Posted by Don and Belinda Stapp on July 25, 2016
Will miss her so much. But God needed a good Angel n he called her home She is in a better place n enjoy seeing her Dad n Mom. So sorry Ronnie. We Love You All.

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