Lon touched so many lives of friends and family and his memory will be with us forever.
  • 46 years old
  • Born on September 22, 1969 in Ngong-Hills, Kenya.
  • Passed away on April 29, 2016 in Mombasa, Kenya.

This memorial website was created in memory of our much loved Lon Kisoso, 46, born on September 22, 1969 and passed away on April 29, 2016.

Each and everyone of us had a unique and personalised relationship wtih Lon. Let us honour and celebrate a life that touched so many by leaving tributes below and stories (click on the 'Stories' tab). We'd love to create a memorial in photos  - so please add any photos, videos, etc. of Lon to the Gallery. Please share this website with others on Facebook or by email (click on 'invite now).     

~ May God bless and keep you! ~


Posted by Sempeyo Mwangi on 4th May 2017
Gologo another year down the line,not a day,week or month goes without the thought of u,u filled our lives with so much joy n happiness we miss u everyday,n for sure u left a small version of u ( Meikan) always happy n mindful of others,continue resting in paradise.
Posted by Oscar Saina on 2nd May 2017
Rest in Eternal Peace my Brother
Posted by Edwin Kisoso on 29th April 2017
This phase is just too tough. For a couple of reasons am sure you’d be the one I’d talk to about it without judgment. What I wish for may be next to impossible but I really wish you were still around. Its a whole new life to me. I was too used to being away that I didn’t realize the much I was missing out just physically being around family. It hurt, and still does that we didn’t see each other as much as I wish we had. I get it now that being a man doesn’t come with life manual on a silver plate. I always hoped for that constant counsel but your depart is forcing this, once a little boy, to see life for what it is…an experiment with unknown result. Just hope as a motivational force to forge ahead. I know nothing about keeping up with that hustle, to be a figure looked upon by loved ones, to build a base strong enough to sustain my desired future, to know when you fate brings a soul mate along the way. I know nothing. And what all this brings is nothing but fear. A phobia that haunts me day and night. A phobia of disappointment, a phobia of wrongful acts in defense of self growth,a phobia of ending up alone rather than getting attached to the wrong company as well as a not-meant-to-be relationship. My thoughts of you carry with them tears, both of joy and sorrow. I really want them to flow but the world works in a way that that these tears bring senses of within grief over and over again. I guess though, answers to the questions I wish you’d be the one to answer, will come to me down the road. A belief in me is that you are constantly in watch. And so I will be waiting. Waiting for way forward to be revealed. Waiting for a sign that you still walk with me. Waiting for any opportunity to make you proud. Waiting for a way you’d reach out and tell me that you still remember the conversations and the good times we shared, because I still do. I miss you.
Posted by Merryline Nosim on 11th May 2016
Lon you are unique and irreplaceable ! There was never a dull moment with you around . We will miss your humour ,your big heart and your wonderful soul . We will truly miss you . Rest with angels .
Posted by Nyambura Gachari on 11th May 2016
Rest in peace Lon..you were a man with a golden heart. Rest with the angels we loved you but God loved you more. You will be missed.
Posted by Edwin Kisoso on 11th May 2016
Its not easy admitting. Neither is it easy accepting. A dream that doesn't end it is. No justification caters enough for all we are feeling. Hurt, pain, sorrow...grief covers it all. Another last chance to say goodbye would be more than a pleasure. Another last chance for that rib-cracking sentiment that always painted a vivid picture to lighten the mood. Another last chance to hear you say its all going to be alright even in the worst of time. Another last chance to hear you hum to a song not so familiar to many. Another last chance to see you portray a kind act with no expectation back. Its been afew days since we walked with you to your resting place. By the day we feel the empty void. By the hour we feel that missing portion that made us complete. We are trying to come to terms that your purpose in life must have been accomplished; that a subtle reason for it all must be behind all that happened. All in all, you gave us will to go through the good and bad times with zeal and hope. You gave us encouragement to give a shot at conquering fears, taking risks and learning from their end result rather than playing it safe. A good reminisce of the goods times that went along with the bad yet you managed to guide us in seeing only the positive. Never before had we had such humor filling our presence; a story well cooked, along went with it, a meal perfectly cooked. You taught us of the significant acts that makes life, life. Being kind even to the strangest of people, forgiving even if the same wouldn't be reciprocated, laughing out loud in the presence of family, friends; even foes. Loving With completeness. You understood it all. You lived it all. You gave it your all. As you take your rest, you leave behind the qualities that we should strive to learn and personate. We are thankful for the moments we shared. More than a father, more than a mentor, more than a friend. You will be more than missed Anko. Till we meet again in God's time; all our love.
Posted by Joyce Wangui on 7th May 2016
You are gone but the soul and love you gave to many will always remain with us.Rest in eternal peace Lon
Posted by Rozie Gathogo on 7th May 2016
Rest in Peace Lon, you shall be missed !!
Posted by Linda Omwenga on 6th May 2016
we celebrate you. Though departed your light continues to shine in your children and wife Naserian.do rest in eternal peace
Posted by Winnie Kathure on 6th May 2016
Rest in peace Lon may our good Lord be with ur children n family.....Condolences from GITAUS family in Ongata rongai.
Posted by Kotoine Kenana on 5th May 2016
Life is but a stopping place, A pause in what's to be, A resting place along the road, to sweet eternity. We all have different journeys, Different paths along the way, We all were meant to learn some things, but never meant to stay... Our destination is a place, Far greater than we know. For some the journey's quicker, For some the journey's slow. And when the journey finally ends, We'll claim a great reward, And find an everlasting peace, Together with the lord.
Posted by Nelson Mbugua on 4th May 2016
It's just three weeks ago when you telephoned me and your voice in such a jovial mood.... We promised each other business. .. little did I know it was the last time we were talking .... its so so sad .... Fare thee well Lon.... Fare thee well
Posted by Wanjeri Gathiri-Kimotho on 4th May 2016
Nei was the name we called each other short for Neighbour.... Lon, you were the life of the party, from your witty humor and crafty vocabulary...I am sure many people use ndist, situ press, situ stand, kidole and many more not knowing where they can from. Thank you for enriching our lives, we were were blessed by your gift of friendship, humor and presence. Fare thee well nei till we meet again
Posted by Mutunkei Meritei on 3rd May 2016
Dady, Uv left a mark in many people's life, your kindness , generosity, and down to earth virtue, touched and transformed many. Rest in peace my dear brother. Till we meet again.
Posted by Saina Kina on 3rd May 2016
It's not the goodbyes that hurts ,but the flashbacks that follows ! U shall be missed by many ! Sleep well brother!
Posted by Tony Mutero on 3rd May 2016
I remember your last birthday very vividly little did I know it would be the last shared . You have left a mark due to your generosity, warm smile and sharing heart. Rest in Peace
Posted by Siaan Sankori on 3rd May 2016
Rest in Peace Lon
Posted by Oscar Saina on 3rd May 2016
Lorenzo, you were a good man, and I will forever miss the nyamchom and nyama fry sessions that we had together. What else to say other than God loved you more. It is well. Rest in Eternal Peace my brother
Posted by Meson Parori on 3rd May 2016
Lon,you touched our lives in ways we can never describe . The last conversation we had a few months ago..you said' harakisha kuja tule kambuzi' and we laughed so hard . You had a golden heart and we thank God for the time he gave us with you. I'm grateful that our paths crossed, and in our hearts you'll live forever. Rest with the angels our dear brother!!
Posted by Martin Weru on 3rd May 2016
Words can not express how i feel after your demise. Lon you were more than a true friend actually a father figure to me and a God father to my little son Curtis who adored you so much you had to give him your bracelet since he always admired it whenever you came visting and held him and most of all the goat you slaughtered for him on his 1st Birthday last month. Ofcourse i do miss the great times we shared together as families and as friends when we would rise very early in the mornings to go watch the kcb rallies,quatro charge whenever they took place. Now that you are gone its so sad beacuse it will be hard to fill the gap you have left when it comes to Composing a terminology you used reffering to a Bbq and tu sticks and ka breadiste (money). Though you gone,Brian and i we will be Composing with or without enough tu sticks or ka breadiste to keep your Legacy going on and on and on.... R.I.P my Brotha!!!
Posted by Lawrence Shoona on 3rd May 2016
This is a tribute by Lawrence Lein "Lon , your untimely death was and is a shocker to me, my last memory with you dates back to saturday the 9th in Namanga. Though physically gone your memories will leave forever, your smile and joyfull stories you told in a unique way will be greatly missed by us. Rest in peace dear cousin"
Posted by Sarah Kimotho on 3rd May 2016
Lon was a free spirit who never held a grudge. He shared what he had and loved to hop from place to place. My fondest memory of him was going to the Mara in the middle of the night, he knew the guys at the gate or knew someone who knew someone and we got in past midnight. We had to then wake up at 5 and he drove like hounds were on our heels to get to the hot air balloon which ended up being the best time I've had at the Mara. Lon you shall truely be missed. Rest in peace Shemeji!
Posted by Ann Shuge Mwangangi on 3rd May 2016
A great man you were roho safi going over n beyond just to make every one around you happy. I wil truly miss you n the way you would call me (mamacarl) kuja kuna ka biting hapa thn you would go si tu compose .you loved my kids as your own.we will truly miss u Baba Meris RIP.
Posted by Sempeyo Mwangi on 3rd May 2016
Gologo, i know you wouldn't want us to be sad,and you would want us to cherish all the great memories we had.We have had hilarious memories together,i remember the way u realized u had worn different colour of shoes n we were already in nyahururu ,we laughed about it the whole day.There was never a dull moment with u, You were the life of the party and lived your life to the fullest. I will miss your generous and pure heart,your thoughtful and friendly attitude,you have taught me so much about life,am so glad that our paths crossed, i will forever cherish u....R.I.P Gologo.
Posted by Flora Sumbeiywo on 3rd May 2016
Oh what sad news, Lon, we grew up together, have so many memories together...you will be missed my dear, do RIP Lon, forever in our hearts.
Posted by Sanaipei Sankori on 3rd May 2016
Dear Lon,you never missed cheering up every one around you.keep smiling with the angels
Posted by Rahab Wangui on 2nd May 2016
Rest in Peace Lon. Still hard to believe that you are gone, But rest well with the angels. you will be missed.

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