Shared by Lorraine Barbie on January 25, 2020
Man it’s crazy I been sittin here wit the heaviest heart I’ve felt your presence last night I got your favorite blanket I swear it still smells like u so today I wake up it’s raining an I’m depressed I search ya name an I see Lenny is missin you aswell ..... I lost touch of them an I’m scared I’m gonna loose them like I lost you an mom watch over us plz nijah is becomin so big an beautiful she reminds me of u so much your nieces an nephews are gonna know u they do know u this shits hard some days I don’t know how I make it 

My big Sis

Shared by Lenny Chivis on January 25, 2020
I miss u so much an not a day goes by I don’t miss u an think about u!! I can’t even hold it together right now writing this an I know u an mom are watching over us and making sure we are ok even tho we have been thru soooo much since u have passed an have faced so much I know u an mom have been there to see me thr

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