Posted by Geneve Zamora Saiz on March 11, 2018
Nana i miss you soo much
Posted by ermalinda Zamora on May 9, 2016
Well mommy I tried to be happy today. But I couldn't :'( I'm sorry for not going to see you. How I miss you so much :( . I am very sad today my heart aches with so much pain.. For 2 reason s..
1st reason is your not here and 2nd is the kids your grandkids are not here either... But I still wishing you a blessed Mother Day!!
I love and miss you so much..
Posted by ermalinda Zamora on May 6, 2016
I miss you so much..
This will be the 2nd mothers day without you..
Posted by Lilone Vanegas on May 6, 2016
Our beautiful angel ...we love and miss dearly ...always will be in our hearts and forever living in you nana always and forever<3<3

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