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May 14, 2018

Although I am not a mother on this day I would like to thank all the mother's throughout my life that have so generously shared their beautiful children with me. Laughter from days gone by that I will never forget and hugs that still warm my heart. Happy Mother's Day. May you all have a very blessed day.



February 8, 2018

Kathleen Vela Taggart February 1 at 4:22pm ·  

UPDATE on my fall down a flight of stairs at my niece  . Thank you to everyone for your prayers. Just got back from 5 hours at the ER. They did CAT scan of my head. a CAT scan w/contrast of my chest, x-ray of chest /shoulder and right knee. With the labored breathing I feIt like I bruised my lung,  It turns out  my chest wall had enternal contusions by blunt force impact, contusion of the skapula (shoulder blade),and football size black and blue badly bruised area on back of my thigh, a good size lump above my left ear and a smal gash. ER doc referred to follow up with my PCP and a pulmonary physician. God bless to all your prayers saved me again.


December 31, 2017

As Michael and I say good bye to 2017.  We both want to thank everyone for their continued interest in our family history.  Lots of pictures and more stories to be added soon.  Sorry I have been sick off and on for some time now.  God bless to all.


Papi would sing Frankie Lane, Al Jolson and Frank Sinatra songs.  He sang them a piano bar and was asked to grab a microphone and sing some of his favorite songs.  He got a standing ovation.  He could change his voice to sound like each one of these musical artist.  I can hear papi in my mind right now.  Happy memories.


That Lucky Old Sun (Frankie Lane)

 Granada (Frankie Lane)

 April Showers (Al Jolson)

 Rock-A-Bye Your Baby (Al Jolson)

For Me and My Gal (Al Jolson)

Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye (Al Jolson)

My Mammy (Al Jolson)

Ol' Man River (Al Jolson)

Pennies from Heaven (Frank Sinatra)

Fly Me to the Moon (Frank Sinatra)   Mack the Knife (Frank Sinatra)

Some Day (Frankie Lane)   Begin the Beguine (Glen Miller Band)  

Stormy Weather (Glen Miller Band)  

What A Wonderful World (Louie Armstrong)  

My Way (A Mi Manera) IlDivo  





3 Years Ago   September 3, 2014 See Your Memories
Kathleen Vela Taggart was feeling thankful.

I want to thank everyone who said prayers for my recovery from the mild stroke I had on August 9. There are no words to could say to express my deepest gratitude for your prayers. I didn't fully realize the seriousness of the mild stroke until a very dear friend sent me this message that brought tears to my eyes:

[Kathleen, I reflected on our afternoon.. One must take a chance and make life count!! No regrets because your alive today to tell us about it. One thing is for sure, life is precious and so are the people in it. Love your guts!!!!!Thanks for living life with me!!] Tisha Harmon

September 3, 2017


Hard to believe it has been 3 years since my stroke Aug. 9, 2014. Michael's rapid response in getting me to the ER within 15 minutes saved major damage to my brain.
I don't remember Michael driving to the ER. I only recollect ER staff asking me questions and I it was extremely difficult to vocalize the answer. My speech was labored and I was studdering (To speak or utter with a spasmodic repetition or prolongation of sounds). I couldn't see them but could hear them. Suddenly it felt like something was pulling the left side of my face down in a weird kind of melting feeling. I do remember a person say she might have aphasia (loss of ability to understand or express speech, caused by brain damage.) I do remember thinking SH_T (pardon my language). I don't know how I could be in such a state and still think SH_T, but I did.
My poor papi had a stroke on Aug. 9, 2011 leaving him with aphasia (left side of brain.) This highly intelligent man could not relate what he wanted to say and his brain would get stuck on the one word CONTROL.
Papi remembered I had control of his business and medical affairs for many years as his POA. I think he was desperately trying to reach me. When I saw my poor papi like that it was heartbreaking because it was like he was sitting inside a glass bubble isolated from the rest of the world.   It have had a couple of near misses in the past 2 years. Thankfully I knew I was heading for a stroke both times when similarly my BP sky rocketed from my normal reading range of 110/70 to 240/110 range within 10 to15 minutes setting off the Alarm. Inside the ER I was confused and didn't understand the reason for my extremely blurred vision in the ER. I was given a CAT scan and visual test. I couldn't read the chart. Medication via IV given both times for any sign of brain damage.
It was only then I realized why I couldn't see the ER staff in my original stroke on August 9, 2014. It was like being in the Twilight Zone. Like I was watching someone else on the ER table. Both ER visits in the past 2 years I was given a CAT scan and thankfully no damage was done to my brain either times.
Duh! couldn't be writing this. Sorry, I had to make myself laugh.
Seriously I am telling this story for the awareness of stroke symptoms.
Warning Signs of Stroke
Call 911 if you or someone you’re with notices these unexplained, sudden warning signs:
A feeling of numbness or weakness in your face, arm, or leg (You might notice it on one side more than the other.) Vision problems in one or both eyes Dizziness or loss of balance; difficulty walking Confusion Problems speaking or understanding what other people are saying Severe headaches without warning or explanation
I am not going to say I dodge a bullet or I was lucky. God in His infinite love had mercy on me.
Aug. 9th has not been a good date for the Vela family. My stroke was on Aug. 9, 2014. My papi had his stroke on Aug. 9, 2011 and brother JR passed away on Aug. 9, 2001. Kind of weird.
Remember the only one who knows something is not right in your body or brain is you. Take immediate action, please.
God bless to all.
PS My papi came to stay with Michael and he did recover slowly regaining his speech and understanding to the point Michael and papi would discussing Nova and Discovery programs.
God in His infinite love and mercy healed my papi 5 months before he passed away. He is forever in my heart.

August 9, 2017

Dear papsito.  How strange as I write to you this minute all of your pictures of your life are scrolling by from the photo gallery.  Thank you papsito.  Michael and I love you so very much.  You left us with some beautiful memories while living with us and in your final days.

Although we were incredibly sad when you left this earth our hearts are filled with joy that you are now in heaven.

                                                                           Love Kaco


JuJu always on the move.

Marie dancing to Bruno Mars

August 6, 2017

29 New Photos Uploaded

    Annual Fiesta 2017, Topeka, KS

   Misc. family and relatives (3 generations)

   JuJu's 4th birthday

January 31, 2017

RIP Susan Vela Prucka

July 4, 1952 - January 31, 2017

 Susan (Vela) Prucka, 64, KCK, passed away Tuesday, January 31, 2017, at the Overland Park Regional Hospital. She was born July 4, 1952, in KCK the daughter of Louis Vela Sr. and Mary Lou Vela (Padilla). Susan attended Rosedale High School. She later attended St. Mary's College, Washburn University and graduated from Donnelly College in KCK with a Bachelors Degree in Business. Susan was united in marriage in 1968 in Bentonville, Ark., to Steven Ray Cline. They later divorced. To this union they shared one son, Louis Christopher Scott Cline. On Halloween of 1979 in KCK, Susan married Lonnie Linwood Gay. To this union they shared one daughter, Travis Marie Bergenhofer Qualls. Susan was later married to Joseph Allen Prucka on July 4, 2002. He survives. Susan was most remembered as a free spirit who loved people and life. She enjoyed music, singing and her five dogs. She enjoyed all the people she came in contact with from all the various jobs over the course of her life which included bartending to being the Deputy Sheriff of Wyandotte County. Her most precious work was being a devoted mother and grandmother to her children and grandchildren. Her spirit and love will be expressed in their daily lives forever. She is preceded in death by parents, Louis Sr. and Mary Lou; and brother, Louis "J.R." Vela Jr. Susan is survived by her husband, Joseph Allen Prucka of KCK; her son, Louis Christopher Scott Cline and wife Angela of KCK; her daughter, Travis Marie Qualls and her husband Aaron of KCK; brother, Eddie Vela of KCK; two sisters, Marie Robinson of KCMO and Kathleen Taggart and her husband Michael of Shawnee, Kan.; five grandchildren, Austin Michael Cline, Chase Atticus Cline, Madison Nicole Cline all of Shawnee, Kan., and Lauryn Elizabeth Bergerhofer and Jacob Alan Bergerhofer Jr., both of KCK. Funeral service will be held at 2 p.m. Monday, Feb. 6, at the Maple Hill Funeral Home in KCK. Visitation will be held two hours prior to the service. A private family inurnment will be held at a later date.

Click on link below Maple Hill... to view photos of Susie's life.

Maple Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery created a Tribute Video in memory of Susan (Vela) Prucka.

 December 7, 2016

REMEMBERING MARY LOU VELA-Passed away December 7, 2012

Excerpts from FaceBook

Judy Gomez I'm sure we could write a book of these halarious stories! Kathleen Vela Taggart I am going to start putting more funny stories on the memorial website. I have cut and pasted a few from FB with the comments. The comments are as funny as the stories. Tish Alcala Kathleen Vela Taggart don't forget about Dan Rather! For Grandma, whatever he said was gospel. I will never forget when AIDS first hit the news. She wanted to go and make a deposit at the Blood Bank in the event she had to have surgery. She could just make a withdrawal of her OWN blood. ;) Kathleen Vela Taggart OMG you have me in tears. Mom is happy we remember all these funny stories. Bet we could go all night. I remember you and Zina always had me cracking up laughing. Judy Gomez See, these could go on & on. We best be careful, may need to copy

Kathleen Vela Taggart
Judy love the comment. Judy Gomez Some of my favorite memories are getting together at Gma Padilla's & Gma Daisy's wirh Zina, Tisha and all the family telling these stories and laughing for hours! Tish Alcala Judy Gomez we relive those stories like they just happened. Some of those stories have now become legends. ;) Kathleen Vela Taggart I know isn't that a blessing. Tish Alcala I have always loved how ZB re-enacts Grandma smoking her cigs.....;) Kathleen Vela Taggart Tish don't get me started on all the funny stories of you and Zina we will be on FB all night. Judy Gomez Wish I could stay up & chat longer but I must go to mimis now. Goodnight my sweet & funny cousins in law ♡ Tish Alcala Judy Gomez right behind you...have to be in KC at El Taquito t 7:30 am to get my Masa. ;) Kathleen Vela Taggart I am right behind both of you. That was fun.

Tish Alcala
My FAVORITE Aunt Mary Lou story is Solo St. She was to pick something up for Uncle Louie on South 10th and he wrote SO 10. It was written close together thus Solo St! ;) This was a good funny for Zina too! ;)   Kathleen Vela Taggart I will be sure to put this one on the memorial page. Judy Gomez is right between mom, aunt Daisy, grandpa, you, Zina we really could write a book. Such great memories. Just thought about grandma telling grandpa to go to Tavarez to get a chicken for dinner. He went out the back gate into the alley. That was the last we saw of him for about 45 minutes. Grandma was not happy when he came walking from the front gate down the side of the house with NO CHICKEN just his quart of beer wrap in a paper bag. Grandma was rattling off in Spanish did not know what she was saying but grandpa was looking in all his pockets for that chicken. Poor grandpa God love him. Kathleen Vela Taggart PS Grandpa apparently took the long way back home via the Prize Package and stopped to talk with all the neighbors. Tish Alcala Kathleen Vela Taggart then we saw the neighbors dog with OUR chicken! ;) Kathleen Vela Taggart Oh NO I didn't know that -- I am cracking up laughing. That makes for even a better ending to the NO CHICKEN story. Definitely cutting and pasting all the stories onto the memorial website. Too funny not to save and give others a good laugh. Tish Alcala Kathleen Vela Taggart the dogs name was KU Jayhawk! Tish Alcala She looks so innocent with her hat and coat.....Little did Marie know she is thinking "just let me get up" and we are going to have a little talk. ;) Kathleen Vela Taggart No Marie is the one that wanted to have a little talk with mom one day. She went to the store or something but didn't take her purse. When she came back mom was kicked back on the side of the couch her legs crossed all comffy holding the money Marie's purse in her hand licking her thumb as she counted it. She didn't look too innocent then but Marie said she really wanted to crack up laughing. We still imitate that scene to get a good laugh. Kathleen Vela Taggart Tish did you finish reading the story I was editing when you replied. Tish Alcala Kathleen Vela Taggart yes I did. That lady was one in a million for sure. Judy Gomez Love that story, reminds me of Gary's Mom. Things like that happened to her and the kids would get mad. Then she would say something off the wall and there's another funny story to tell! I sure loved and miss those two ladies ♡ Kathleen Vela Taggart Here is another good one I can't remember the circumstances but mom did something like not waiting for us to help her and she got hurt not too bad. Whenever she knew she was in deep trouble she would always change the subject with some off the wall remark. Anyway we were all being serious and mom said "What ever happened to Perry Como? We laughed so hard our stomachs hurt. Travis does the best imitation of mom's "Whatever...Como. Mom was a pistol.

October 20, 2016

STORY SECTION (Scroll to find)

Michael tours US Cellular Field

POEMS by Kathleen Vela Taggart (See Story Section)

America  Mourns  Every  Race  In  City’s Attack

Operation Iraqi Freedom (collection of 9 poems)

Flying with Angels

August 24, 2016

Remembering Mary Lou Vela (video in Gallery)

August 9, 2016

Dear Papi:

It is with so much happiness that over 9,100+ visitors to your memorial page to read stories of our family and pictures that show all the love that has passed down through generations.  Although I am sadden today, I will lift up my heart in happiness to post stories and pictures that has brought much happiness from our extensive family.  Life has been hard this past year but still in my mind I hear you saying "Only the strong survive."  You taught all of your children well.  I remember you once saying when we were talking about mom's lifelong strength of survival "Mary Lou is stronger than I am."  What a statement and I know it came straight from your heart.  So today I honor your memory with stories and pictures.  Love you papi till I see you again. Kaco

August 9, 2016

New Pictures Added

New Stories Added:

(Top of Story Section)

Hard Times Are Often A Blessing

In Memory of Barbara June Taggart

Friends from Generation to Generation

(Bottom of Story Section)

Joy Rides

Walmart Handicap Cart


Little Boy

Memorial Day

May 30, 2016

Many thanks to my veterans, my father Louis Vela, my husband Michael Dean Taggart and to his father, (on left_ Dean Taggart.  I think it is pretty cool they were all in the Navy.  Louis Vela and Dean Taggart served our country in WWII.

God bless them all.


February 23, 2017
February 23, 2017
Happy heavenly birthday Uncle Louie....The other morning we had thunder and all I could think of was you and Susie singing in the club...What I thought was "thunder" was actually people clapping for you two. Rest easy and our love to all those around you.
June 17, 2014
June 17, 2014
Papi I am so sorry my plans to visit your memorial bricks on Father's Day didn't go as planned. Michael and I were sad. I stayed in my room after the wreck. When I went into the living room Michael lit all the candles in papi's honor. He was trying to cheer me up and himself of course.
February 23, 2014
February 23, 2014
Happy Birthday "Big Lou"....I can only imagine the big pot of menudo on the stove....and the spinning of those 45's,,,(tortillas)...lots of lemons too. Enjoy paradise!
February 16, 2014
February 16, 2014
Tish thanks for including me in the invitation to Arianna's mass. I will be there in spirit praying for the family on this incredibly sad day. Although I know she will be with God in heaven it still weighs heavy on my heart. I will write how much this beautiful child affected me on her memorial site when I am strong enough emotionally.  Her short life affected me so so much. I added her picture to mom and dad's memorial site and will be adding more pictures of mom and the Padilla side of the family. God bless you. Via con Dios, Arianna.
February 10, 2014
February 10, 2014
I am so very sad of the unexpected loss of my cousin Tish Alcala new born grandchild. Arianna's picture is on my photo tab, please visit her and say a prayer for God to bestow on the families peace to heal their hearts. God bless.
January 4, 2013
January 4, 2013
Dear Papi

I feel at peace now that mom is with you in heaven. I am with Marie in Kansas City to help her through her knee surgery. Her sixth surgery on either her left or right knee. Please help Marie with mom's passing, she is having a difficult time. Love you papasito and mamasita.
August 9, 2012
August 9, 2012
I love you Dad , I feel what you went through, and it is hard to go through it alone. You dont ever have to be alone anymore.
November 6, 2011
November 6, 2011
Dear Papi:
Today I attended the blessing of your memorial bricks from the family and from Michael and me. Michael was sad because he had to work and couldn't attend. It is still very hard for us not to have you with us. We will love and cherish every second we had with you for the rest of our lives. Yes, we still cry everyday.
October 25, 2011
October 25, 2011
Dear Papi
I hope I fulfilled all of your wishes for your Celebration of Life. I have been very sad, please help me lift this sorrow from my heart. I miss you terribly, but I am glad you are now in Heaven with no pain, your body restored through the power of God and that you are now with your mother and father, Aunt Bertha and Theresa and JR.
October 20, 2011
October 20, 2011
Dear Dad, I love you very much, I can honestly say we were good freinds and father and son. I remember the trip to mexico, no plans we just left. We had a lot of fun together, I love you Dad.
October 1, 2011
October 1, 2011
Grandpa I know you're cracking jokes and drinking coffee up im heaven! May God bless and keep you Louie!
September 29, 2011
September 29, 2011
Dad,                           I love you very much,you are not only my father,but also avery good freind. I will always remember the time we spent together.I will see you later.
August 31, 2011
August 31, 2011
Once told by a member of the Vela family in-laws are forever. I remember Louie as a strong, honest, loving and independent man. Now he is in the arms of the Angels and I know he has found comfort there. I can see Louie and JR playing heavenly music together.
August 30, 2011
August 30, 2011
Dear Family,

We are so sorry for your loss. We here at State Farm truly enjoyed working with your father. Take care. Julie Stoll and Team
August 28, 2011
August 28, 2011
I want to thank my prayer group for their dedication to Michael and I and my family. You have all been loyal to me for a great many years. There is not enough thanks I can give you all.
August 28, 2011
August 28, 2011
I want to thank all the staff at Beacon Place and the Hospice and Palliative Care home health staff, volunteers and the Bereavement counselors for their compassion, dedication, and concern for family members left behind. You are all truly angels sent by God with hearts of gold.
August 24, 2011
August 24, 2011
Dear Dad,
It is yet too soon for my heart not to be filled with pain and sorrow. As time goes by my memories will be filled with joy and laughter. Until then...I will always love you until we meet again.

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February 23, 2017
February 23, 2017
Happy heavenly birthday Uncle Louie....The other morning we had thunder and all I could think of was you and Susie singing in the club...What I thought was "thunder" was actually people clapping for you two. Rest easy and our love to all those around you.
June 17, 2014
June 17, 2014
Papi I am so sorry my plans to visit your memorial bricks on Father's Day didn't go as planned. Michael and I were sad. I stayed in my room after the wreck. When I went into the living room Michael lit all the candles in papi's honor. He was trying to cheer me up and himself of course.
February 23, 2014
February 23, 2014
Happy Birthday "Big Lou"....I can only imagine the big pot of menudo on the stove....and the spinning of those 45's,,,(tortillas)...lots of lemons too. Enjoy paradise!
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April 30, 2017

This is the tale of a love story from years gone by. This would have been our Grandparents 96th Wedding Anniversary. This watercolor painting was done by Nino Perez. Mr.Perez was also an engineer at The Kennedy Space Center along with our Uncle. This was given to Grandma in Oct of 1989....our Grandma passed in Feb of 1990. The drawing shows a young man courting a Senorita, our Grandma.

Flying With Angels

October 20, 2016


Flying With Angels


Do not mourn I'm no longer here

At the end there was no fear


My life of pain at the end

All my love I'll always send


On your shoulders you carried me

In my heart you'll always be


Please remember I can see you

Please don't cry or be blue


Your love meant so much to me

But God has now set me free


Do not mourn I'm no longer here

At the end there was no fear


Kathleen Vela Taggart

Poem: America

October 20, 2016



America  Mourns  Every  Race  ICity’s Attack ©



Americans hail commander- in-chief

as he leads the world in his belief.


Maintain our courage and resolve

terrorist actions we must dissolve.


Echos of heroism grace US soil

as many grieve but yet toil.


Races unite to wage a war

heightened resolve in nations soar.


In God we trust America’s tone

and thank God we’re not alone.


Covert actions  now in place

the world no longer open space.


Attacks of terror faced by all

united we stand or all will fall.


Kathleen Vela Taggart


Published by Noble House in New York and London “Adventures into the Mind”

(50 chosen poets to be published “Adventures into the Mind”.)


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