Called My mother

Shared by Sonja Willliamson on March 20, 2016

As long as I can remember, there was a Louise Dinkins. All of my 53 years, she has been there for me and my siblings. She even got to know our children and grandchildren. After the passing of my mother,Mrs. Louise was taken to be my second mother. She and my mother was so closed. She was truly a missionary in her days. She visited the sick, she helped the poor and being a widow her self she always gave a helping hand to the widows. She prayed relentlessly for all. She would give you the shirt off her back. So many came to know Mrs. Louise and loved her. I just know once you came in contact with her you left with a smile because she had a story and an explanation for everything. She was full of life and wisdom. I just believe she was one of God's Angel. Even in her last days, I visited her while in the hospital Mrs. Louise was still verbalizng about the goodness of God. She inspired and encouraged me, my siblings and our children about our faith in God. I can't hardly get through posting this without tearing up. My heart gets so heavy thinking about the longevity she had here on earth and how she touched me in so many ways. I can go on and on but I must stop writing and be thankful for a very real soldier who walked in the army of the Lord. I pray that love and peace of God will sustain the family. (Tony (Renae) and grandchildren). 3/20/2016

Love Trina(kerry), Myrna(Willie), Tracy(Jimmy) Danena(Tony)  

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