Posted by Rosemarie Timarchio on February 21, 2022
Aunt Lucy it's been 2 years. I miss you still the same. Thank you for letting me live in your house till mine is finished. Thank you for baking all those chocolate chip cookies I would smell at night during Christmas. Love you forever. Rosa
Posted by Rosemarie Timarchio on February 21, 2021
Miss you Aunt Lucy!!!!! Love you forever, Rosa
Posted by Lisa Sorbello Westermann on February 28, 2020
What a beautiful tribute to Aunt Lucy today! She was an aunt and a friend. She always showed up and did what needed up be done without a lot of fuss, a picture of grace & humility. I will miss her tremendously
Posted by Elvena Eastlack on February 27, 2020
Thank you dear Lucy for being a loving aunt and godmother.
You will be forever missed by my children.
Posted by Joan Adams on February 25, 2020
My Aunt Lucy was unique. Smart and brave when that was not expected of a woman. Savvy with money when that was not expected of a woman. Not afraid to speak her mind but quick with a smile, a big dish of comfort food and love. I hope I’m half the woman she was. 
Posted by Sadie Mccart on February 25, 2020
Lucy was my Sister-in-Law. I have known Lucy for 67 Yrs. Never in all that time have we ever had a crossword. She always made you feel that she really cared for you. I considered her my Sister and Friend. We will miss her very much. Rest in peace. Sadie & Bill
Posted by Rosemarie Timarchio on February 24, 2020
Aunt Lucy, I will miss you forever. Thank you for making me the best strawberry jelly. Love you always, Rosa Tomarchio
Posted by Debra Conners on February 24, 2020
Aunt Lucy had a zest for Life. Always on the go and active to the very end. She was steadfast and strong for her family. Blessings and love to all who loved her.
Posted by Rosemary Botto on February 24, 2020
In a difficult world, Aunt Lucy offered strength and wisdom to us all. We were lucky to have her in our lives. Our love and prayers are with you all. God Bless.
Posted by Margie Amaradio on February 24, 2020
Aunt Lucy was such a special person....I loved her company, her positive outlook and especially her advice. I love and miss her very much, Margie

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