His Life

Letting Go

I am learning to let go of you. It's not easy after almost 27 years being married to you. I have shed so many tears for you and think would have you done the same for me? I guess  you only know the answer to my question. Your death left me with so many questions unanswered. I guess I will get the answers as time goes by without you. After two years I am letting go of us slowly.  I am going to live for me. Something I never did before.

Not the Same

My life is not the same without you, yesterday was one year that you are gone. I still feel the emptiness in my life without you by my side. Today was the day I was told that you had passed away on the 30th at 11:45p.m. My world will never be the same ever without you. I love you and miss you forever.

Happy Birthday/4 months Gone

 Today you would have been 51 years old, You always said,I was older then you.(by 6 months only). I know God must have needed you, to take you from me. My love for you will never end. Happy Birthday in Heaven, I love you and miss you so much.


 Louie life dream was to be a teacher always. Louie was the best teacher ever he care for all of his students so much. There was not a trip that we took that he didn't think of what we could find to bring back to his classroom or gifts for the children. Yes even during our honeymoon too. Teaching was his life, it was so very important to him to always do his very best  every year. His illnesses took this dream from  him so soon.  But he had 27 years of teaching and loving it. No one can say  he didn't get his dream............


Our wedding was small and beautiful just like we wanted it. We Honeymoon in Orlando, Florida, for 10 days. One of the  many trips we took . We traveled a lot  the first few years of our marriage before Christina was born. One of our favorite was our trip to Hawaii we had so much fun there.  That same year in June 1987 we found out we were having a baby. Louie was so happy we when out to dinnner I had gotten him a card to tell him. He was on cloud 9 until Christina was born on Febuary 2 ,1988  Our very own Little Ground Hog/ Feast of the lightening of Jesus Day too. You have never seem  a proud father ever like he was when he saw Christina at 2:26am for the first time, his face was over joyed.

My College Sweetheart

 The first time I met Louie was at City College 1978. His friend liked one of my friend so we all started meeting for lunch. It didn't work with our friends but, we started to talk and I invited him to my  birthday party the following year. Louie came and as we were dancing he asked me to marry him. I was shock  so Louie said, I guess you want to think about it. Louie asked me to be his girl on November 4,1979. Every since we have been together,oh by the way Louie asked me to marry him with a ring this time on November 4,1983. We were married on April 14,1984. We have know and loved each other since 1978-2010 a love that not to many people can say that they have had  I was lucky to share a love like that with my Louie. A love that I will always have in my heart were no no can take it from me ever.