This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved wife, mother and friend, Lynda Vital, 59, born on April 17, 1952 and passed away on December 13, 2011. We will love her forever.

Our beautiful celebration of life for mom was held nearly two months ago and it was truly one of the best days of all of our lives.
Thank you to all who took the time to be with us. So many travelled from states away to show their love and we are all so grateful for each and every one of you. For those who couldn't make it please know you were there! We know your love was present from afar.
Please continue to celebrate mom by remembering her vivacious spirit and love for life and by doing the same.
She wants us all to be happy. 

Please also continue to connect with my brothers, Crystal, Xavier dad and I at any time with a call, email and continue to write on her site. We miss her as do you, but can continue to remember her by all staying so close. 

If you would like to see the full photos of the celebration please visit the following sites:

Walt and Lyn's address: 2528 Lotus Creek Dr. Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456

Posted by Lucinda McKay on December 13, 2021
Miss you Lyn, I have to admit you would certainly brought a little more laughter, merrymaking, and pure joy to our River Road weddings and parties! Love Dave Lucinda and family!
Posted by Monika Zarow on December 13, 2021
10 years. Still cherishing great memories of you.
Posted by Matthew Gonring on December 13, 2021
My family and I were in Libertyville this Thanksgiving and of course we walked around the lake. I will always think of you and your family when I pass by your house. Your memory lives on. I am so thankful to be healthy, even though the big c still impacts my life daily. You took one for the team, Lynda. Thanks for watching over me. YS/MS
Posted by Sandy Ruch on December 13, 2021
As I'm writing out Christmas cards, I come upon many saved cards from Lynda. Most were with her own artwork that she did for Horsefeathers, and all those memories of wonderful times shared come rushing back. And her signature on the card, her hand writing with love, brings her so near, right now. Peace and love/courage strength and freedom, Lynda!
Posted by Steven Vital on April 17, 2021
Happy bday mom! I love you tons and miss you even more!
Posted by Walt Vital on April 17, 2021
Hey Bill , you are so nice to think of your seesta! Lyn, you missed nothing this stinking year! What a terrible year; C U on the rebound, love, Walt
Posted by Bill McKay on April 17, 2021
You would tell me, "No Way you remember when I was born." But, sister, I do. We lived in a HOT little cottage in Pensacola, Florida where Dad was in the Navy. At some time (of course, it was a few days after the 17th), Nana / Mom and yOu got home from the hospital and you were placed on a double bed where David and I could look at you, poke you a few times and figure out what all this "girl" thing was about. You had on a pretty fancy white dress; you might not have been doing much??? The rest is history. Many moves for the three of us (eventually 4 with Maryann), many adventures (I know you hated the skiing and the boating), many houses, a fantastic boyfriend for you, 3 great children with Walt and an accomplished artist and lover of horses. You did it all; left us too early, but left us with forever love and respect for you. I will go up today to see your mother, Betty, 96, who will be saying a rosary for you. Love, Bill
Posted by Mark Vital on April 17, 2021
Happy birthday, sister. We miss you.
Posted by Bill McKay on December 13, 2020
So, sister, last night I was cleaning out my desk / bookshelves and piles of "stuff" in the work-room. I pulled out an envelope which I don't remember stuffing in a corner a ong time ago. Opening it were your drawings for our last Tommy Brock story, T.B. and the Falmouth Road Race. I was stunned... You had sent them to me to keep and cherish. AND I WILL. And this happened ust a few hours before your Anniversary. I remember well doing the last few edits and sending it to everyone at Christmas. What a wonderful memory. Love, Bill
Posted by Phil Carroll on December 13, 2020
Ever since Lynda's been gone, a few times every year she pops into a dream. I wake up and.....(WOW! What was That?). Not much different now than when she was here. WOW! That's Lyn! LOVE
Posted by Sandy Ruch on April 17, 2020
A few weeks ago, when the Covid-19 shut down was new, and empty city streets a novelty, the news would show a random individual making music, to celebrate life. And there in the middle of a Chicago street was a young man, so beautifully singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, which I forever associate with Lynda. And I meant to email you then, Lizzy, to let you know that she, and you, are in my thoughts. Then, and often. Peace and love...
Posted by Bill McKay on April 17, 2020
Sister, I remember the day you were born. We were in Florida; Dad was in the Navy and we lived in a HOT little cottage. It was probably perfect weather that day in April!!!! They brought you home in a white dress and put you on a double bed. Dave and I went in, climbed up on both sides of you and were pretty excited; you, after all, were a girl... something new to us. From there on, my memory fails me for quite some time. SO, I will go up to Nana today and have her fill in the gaps. Ohhhh yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Posted by Rachael Rossi on December 14, 2019
Hey Lynn, your presence is missed, the way you could bring people together is missed, they way you were is missed. We weren’t together often but when we were you were just, I don’t know, you were volumes and you were Lynn, the most. I miss you
Posted by nancy dickie on December 13, 2019
Hi Lyn. Thinking of you today and all the silly times we had at the barn. Now you and Nick can cause trouble together. I bet you're having fun.
Posted by Mark Vital on December 13, 2019
I miss your infectious laughter. Merry Christmas Lyn.
Posted by Phil Carroll on April 17, 2019
Your picture is where I can think of you often. It welcomes me as family like you did always wherever you were. LOVE
BTW - I'm collecting Social Security now like you could too if you were still alive, you knucklehead!
Posted by Mark Vital on April 17, 2019
Happy Birthday my sister.
Posted by Elizabeth Vital on December 13, 2018
Dear manna, today on your dday, I woke up happy to see Rozlyn. We planned to go to Costco and the sound to celebrate you. Costco we did and her and I played in the aisles as her daddy shopped. We were being ridiculous and it reminded me of how you and I used to tear around Kohl’s and Stein mart and Joanne fabrics, having an absolute ball! We would shop and laugh and be weird wherever we went! Everything was an adventure with us!
Rozlyn preferred the uphill playground than the cold, rainy beach. So as she stomped in puddles and dangerously climbed the jungle gym I stood behind her, looked down at the sound and the sea and talked to her about you. I reminded her of all the water ways being mixed together somehow...though you were taken out to sea at Craigville your particles may just have made their way to the sound somehow or come down from the sky in raindrop form that lands on our coats or our hands as we try not to get too cold on the metal playground. You may just be in a billion particles everywhere.
   Rozlyn doesn’t look a thing like you, she looks like Walt and I and Anthony and his mom, but dear lord, she’s a lot like you. Like Gilda Radner or Jane curtain or Lucille ball, funny as all get out. I’d like a spitting image of you because I miss your gorgeous face daily, but I’ll take the spirit of you. She’s a spit fire, mom, and though we weren’t beside the sea like I enjoy being every December 13th, I was beside you because I was beside her. I love you, Manna. Seven years and always counting. Seven is a magical number. I think I’ll believe in the magic of this year of you being gone. Your daughter,
Posted by Lucinda McKay on December 13, 2018
I found a few photos recently and shared them just today. I know they bring joy to the family and the many people who remember you ever so fondly. Seven years, seems too long. Thinking of you Lyn, you are always remembered in Mashpee. Fondly Dave and Luce
Posted by Mark Vital on April 17, 2018
Happy Birthday my dear sister Lyn. You are often in my loving thoughts.
Posted by Bill McKay on April 17, 2018
After a rainy and cold Boston Marathon yesterday (you know the feeling), the sun has come back to Cape Cod, to your "summer home", to your Mashpee River and of course Craigville Beach. I shall row upstream today to whistle up your white coyote and during the week, the grandkids and I will get to CBA. If you send us no signs, that's OK... I'll make a few up. We know you are busy; the Pope declared a half-year ago that family dogs go to heaven. Must be very crowded??? Love, Bill
Posted by Elizabeth Vital on December 14, 2017
Our darling, Lynda, tonight Rozlyn has her first fever. On the night of your passing Anniversary when everyone was reaching out and touching base about you, you, you, Rozzy has been whimpering about her sniffles. She is subtle and kind about it, it is a minor bug if she has one at all. I like to make things magical and I think perhaps tonight you and she are just talking. We pray to you every night and talk to you when the breeze blows through the trees. I tell her it is you cackling. Perhaps you are rearing your good witch spirit of the weird sister tribe and communicating with Rozlyn, leaving me to wonder. You wild woman, you. Best anniversary ever because I am not so lonely now that I had my daughter. The legacy has passed and we live close to you every day. Thank god, Anthony gave me a daughter Mom, I have been so lonely without you. We love you. Six years and living strong despite the chasm that is your absence. We fill it in with all the love we can. Remembering all you taught us. Kisses and embraces, Manna. Love, Lizzy and Rozzy
Posted by Danica Polite on December 13, 2017
Thinking of you and your family today, Lynda. Still love to look at the pictures of Ben and Steve in the Halloween costumes you made. Often read the book you wrote to my grandson. So many gifts that you shared with us all. You are missed.
Posted by Walt Vital on December 13, 2017
We have our memories throughout the year but two days they are very vibrant, the day one enters into this world, the other is the day leaving. As I 'I've said before, seems like yesterday and also like an eternity. Happy holidays to all that check in, love you and have a great new year! The beat goes on......
Posted by Walt Vital on April 19, 2017
She lit up a room like no other! Could party with the best of them and I do toast her often, the beat goes on; six years later, the vibration remains. I loved you so, happy Bday girl!
Posted by Matthew Gonring on April 18, 2017
Lynda, we still think of you all the time. Our portrait of Chamois reminds us of your love and generosity. We have a new pooch now. Her name is Lacy. She is 2 years old and you would love her. If you were still here I'd be begging you to paint another portrait for us. But I know I wouldnt have to beg. I'd just have to send you a photo. We miss you and thank you for continuing to look down on us. Love, Erik and the Gonring family
Posted by Bill McKay on April 18, 2017
65??? Impossible as I, you oldest brother just turned 70 two weeks ago? The crazy family (and not the Vitals this time) had a surprise WAKE for me... Food was great... People dressed in black were interesting... They ignored me for a bit... Very interesting. You would have loved being there... I would have loved to just talk to you and tell you about it? So anyway... Now that my wake is done and I finished eating all the casserole, I guess I am that much closer to seeing you someday and continuing our children's stories. Miss you forever. Love, Bill
Posted by Elizabeth Vital on April 17, 2017
Wow, mom! Today would have been your 65th, incredible and unbelievable. My baby girl is due in two weeks and she will definitely be raised in your honor, thus the gorgeous Lyn part of her name. It's rough not having you here for this, but I've got this. You were such a fantastic mom, some of it had to have rubbed off on me. One thing I'm most looking forward to and know I will be good at is having fun with her and as a family! That's a must. I love you, Manna, and happiest birthday. I love you.
Posted by Sandi Arendalkowski on April 17, 2017
Dear Mana,
Thank you for being such an enlightened parent to all of us in high school. I learned the most about parenting from you. You mothered me and all of us with such patience, forgiveness, and grace. You taught me to mother myself. You always encouraged us to be our best selves. I hope I can provide such grace and influence to my son, Emmitt, and his friends as you did for me. I know you can hear us when we think of you.

All my love to the beautiful Vital Family today and every day.
Ever need anything or happen to be in Wisconsin - let me know:

Sandi Elizabeth (Nowakowski) Arendalkowski
User Experience Designer, University of Wisconsin - Madison
924 Clay Street Stoughton WI 53589
Posted by nancy dickie on December 13, 2016
I can't believe it's been 5 years. Lynda left me with many good memories that pop into my head at random times. That is such a nice thing. It makes me happy when she comes back to visit like that.
Posted by Choco Liz on December 13, 2016
I was lucky to see Lizzie Sunday and Steve-O moved to LA so I feel like you are all around even more than before. Man you raised some fantastic kids and were an inspiration to me. Missing you! Loving you
Posted by Mark Vital on April 17, 2016
Still missing you...yet you are still with us.

With love,

Happy Birthday Sis!
Posted by Walt Vital on December 14, 2015
My dear Lyn, four years at times feels like four seconds, four decades; just another dimension keeping you distant but never lost. My love is forever and you are my angel. Thanks for keeping an eye out for me. Went to see " Messiah" with Pammy, but you know that. We got another to love Handel at Christmas!
Posted by Elizabeth Vital on December 14, 2015
I will probably never stop keeping your website open. Though I love Facebook I prefer this site because it is all of our personal Lynda page. Yesterday we went to the sound and placed some feathers from the wedding for you in the sand and poured some of our cape/Pismo sand out to you. We read a few things and shed a few tears. The sun was coming through the clouds and I swear it hasn't been out for a week. It was just like you to shine through. Hey, guess what? Know matter how many years pass you're still my mom and I will always observe your life on this day. Another reason to celebrate life. You would do the same for me, so there you have it. Hmph! As we love to say! I love you!
Posted by Breda Walsh on December 14, 2015
Love you, Lynnie. Thank you for watching over your brother and sister this year and making sure that they are not called home too soon. Eilis and Matt made sure that the Tommy Brock made it out to the spit for many trips this year with all of the kids drawings. Love to all of you Vitals.

Posted by Mark Vital on December 13, 2015
Forever missed...Merry Christmas Sister
Posted by jackie blombach on December 13, 2015
Hi Lynda. I think of you often. Your picture is on my bulletin board. I am so impressed with the lovely tributes to you and how you've touched so many people's lives. You are and will be forever a part of our lives.
Your friend, Jackie B
Posted by Elizabeth Vital on April 18, 2015
Well, mom, I have got to say...I miss you a lot. I waited all day to write just the perfect thing. The thing that seemed right, but after a day of perfect things (based on the fact that many of us observe this day like a holiday and attempt to live our lives in beauty because it's your birthday) I find this. As I try to go to bed I look to my right and see two photos: it is a woman with the most lucious dark brown hair sitting beside her blonde baby at the piano and the second shot with her and the baby turned around with big cheese grins smiling directly at the photographer. It's me and you, Lynnie! Take me back to the days where we tramped around together to all my wonderful lessons!!! Take me to the car where we talked about Mozart and Chopin and Voi Che Sapete! The world was ours! What fun we had! I miss you. I love you and happy birthday, manna. Mea Creatura Es.
Posted by Mark Vital on April 17, 2015
Happy birthday Lyn. We miss you so much. I love you.
Posted by Sandy Ruch on April 17, 2015
thinking of Lynda this morning as I fly East - not quite early enough to actually head into the rising sun, which would have been perfect to honor Lynda - and as I'm up in the clouds so high, I'll be thinking about our free spirit friend
with peace and love,
Sandy (and the horses)
Posted by Walt Vital on April 17, 2015
Hi hon, what a year! Be watching over your brother and sister who fight the terrible "Big C" just as you did. They are both brave and so positive!
   Then there was me getting married to Pam and Liz getting ready to also join souls with Anthony in Seattle! So some happiness surrounding us!
    Miss you still so much but always be with me. I love you so....twas heaven here with you.....your boy
Posted by nancy dickie on April 17, 2015
Hi Lyn, Yesterday at the barn, I reflected on all your drawings on the wall and the big pony paintings in the arena. You are still with us! We have a new volunteer. You would just love him. He's funny, serene and he sings! We would be having a good, BAD time together. Nick & Kristi might ban us all from the place. Miss you, dearie.
Posted by Karla Mann on April 17, 2015
Lynda you are always in my memories...miss you.. thank you for being a part of my life. The time was short but you opened the door to a friendship with your family and thru them I got to know you even more.
Posted by Steven Vital on April 17, 2015
Mom, what the hell? I know tupac and biggie are cool but this prank has gone on long enough. You need to come home now! Haha jk you can stay with them if you want. I mean it's your birthday. Anyway all kidding aside I freaking miss you and I love you soooooooo damn much. I used to wish the pain would go away but today I am grateful for it as it is a testament to how incredible you are. Wish we could have a laphroig together and sing some Buckley into the wee hours of the night! Love you always,

Posted by Bill McKay on April 17, 2015
OK...truth be told, Maryann and I now "get it" and understand a bit more of the lessons Lynda taught us. And we are stronger because of that. But Lynda, don't think you'll be seeing either of us in the near future. We are doing great; I would guess we have at least 10% of eternity to hang around down here with our families. Love, Brother, Bill
Posted by Matthew Gonring on December 15, 2014
When I see your pictures on "the book", I can still hear your voice and remember the time we shared and the bond we forged through YS/MS. Your positive attitude is something I still carry with me every day. I have so much to be thankful for and remember every day how quickly it can be taken away. Your passing has served as a life lesson for me and its something I take with me everywhere. Live every day as if you have finite time on this earth. Be strong and be thankful so that others may be influenced by your strength and gratitude. We miss you. Say 'hi" to Alan for me. YS/MS. - Erik
Posted by Cheryl Olszowka on December 14, 2014
Manna! I miss you! Your love of animals, your artwork, your ability to put me at ease, your giant heart. Thanks for opening your house to so many of us, and thanks for all the love.
Posted by Donald Butte on December 13, 2014
Every time anyone mentions Kraft or Engineering I think of Walt and the sparkle in his eyes reflecting the sparkle in , as he called you "Linnie's" eyes.

You may be missing a family member, but what a treasure to remember
Posted by Walt Vital on December 13, 2014
Don, you are a sweetheart! Lynnie did have a zest for life and a twinkle in her eyes! it full she would say and she did!, Walt
Posted by Billy Heck on December 13, 2014
Tonight I raise a glass of scotch to you and yours, Lyndar.
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Posted by Lucinda McKay on December 13, 2021
Miss you Lyn, I have to admit you would certainly brought a little more laughter, merrymaking, and pure joy to our River Road weddings and parties! Love Dave Lucinda and family!
Posted by Monika Zarow on December 13, 2021
10 years. Still cherishing great memories of you.
Posted by Matthew Gonring on December 13, 2021
My family and I were in Libertyville this Thanksgiving and of course we walked around the lake. I will always think of you and your family when I pass by your house. Your memory lives on. I am so thankful to be healthy, even though the big c still impacts my life daily. You took one for the team, Lynda. Thanks for watching over me. YS/MS
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Tommy Brock

Shared by Bill McKay on December 13, 2021
Like Linda (10 years ago), the Tommy Brock was laid to rest just this week. Named for our (and Aunt Mamie's) family short stories, my and Linda's book collaboration was a Xmas present to all. Our family boat was really old and likely to head to the bottom of the bay. Just about every family member used that boat to get to the "spit;" our local beach. But as you see here, she hasn't gone far; she will sit here in the woods for many years. RIP Tommy Brock, the family boat.
Shared by Bill McKay on December 13, 2019
Adding to the beautiful photo of beautiful SNOW in Mashpee, I am happy to point out the incredible growth of that holly tree. I "rescued" (OK... stole it) from your yard during the week we prepared for your Memorial Celebration. The thundering herd of Vitals would have crushed it as they raced all over the place, doing all the Linda Vital activities.  Hollies usually grow maybe 4 in. a year; this magnificent tree is now 8 ft. tall. YOU could not have grown it any better.  So I leave you with this: Moe's dawg, Fiona, another rescue item (3 years ago) loves the holly for several reasons; you figure it out.  Love,  Bill

From the boys

Shared by Patrick Vital-Schwartz on December 13, 2017

Xavier would like to say, "It's my first time seeing this website in a long time. I'm glad you all have written on here. It will help me learn more about my Grandma Lynda's life.  Thank you Lizzy for starting this website. Love, Xavier."

Frank would like to say, "I really like looking at the pictures and paintings that Grandma Lynda made.  I like seeing all the pictures too. I'm also really happy that Lizzy started this website. Love, Franklin."

I would like to say "Thank you all so much and I love all of you.  I still miss my Mom but when I see this site I see and think about all of you wonderful people and I feel happy. Love, Patrick."