Posted by Henriette van Efferink - ... on April 5, 2021
Pasen 2021

Lieve Tante Machteld -

het is Pasen vandaag.
Ik hoop dat het je goed gaat in jouw eigen Nieuw Leven in het hiernamaals.
Dankbaar voor de goede en mooie dingen die jij en ik hebben mogen delen.

Het ga je goed.
Veel liefs van mij.
Posted by Steve Rawcliffe on March 31, 2021
So enjoyed Machteld's quiet presence in our church community at Gingins. It's hard to imagine that she won't be sitting in her usual place when in-person services eventually resume. I shall miss our little chats in Dutch. But I am grateful to have known her!

Her funeral was livestreamed, and for the time being the video is still available here:
Posted by Beate Abraham on March 30, 2021
My name is Beate Abraham. I am sad that Mechthild is no longer there. I had a special friendship with Mechthild. We met in Germany in 2005. Mechthild attended family constellation seminars. There we met and began to share our life stories. A deeply touching and healing time. In 2005, 2007 and 2010 I visited Mechthild in Grigins. We spent wonderful days together - she told me a lot about her dear Denis - a great love that touched me deeply. Being with her was characterized by great cordiality and kindness. I really enjoyed your hospitality and openness. We kept talking on the phone and we wanted to see each other again. Mechthild has a place deep in my heart - she was a companion and friend for me. Now it is in our spiritual home - there we all go back again.
I thank Beate Abraham
Posted by Donald Nazareth on March 30, 2021
Posted by Gratia Prisse on March 28, 2021
Chère Magie  (from magic)
We have known eachother since your time with us at the Korte Ouderkerkerdijk in 1960 in Amsterdam and later during our mutual time in Rome, where you helped me a lot, so I could stay there for 7 month and enjoy "your" beautifull city. I was happy to be your guest in Gingin, where we made little trips and visits in the neighbourhood and sat down to have tea and look at the vieuw from your garden. The last time in 2017.
I am glad to have met you. There was always something special.
Posted by Edouard Prisse on March 28, 2021
Machteld stayed with us in Amsterdam for a full year when she was about 19. We called her ‘Magie’ in French pronunciation. She was timid then, later she turned out to be both very generous and strict. A lovely mind and she had something of ‘une vraie grande dame’. But the Dutch background never gave her what she needed. Denys and all the Kelseys did and we really thank them for that. I hear she ended in a form of happiness. May she rest in deserved peace.
Posted by Sacha van Rood - van Tuyl... on March 27, 2021

Lieve Machteld,
Met je blik op de eeuwigheid gericht
op weg naar het stralende licht.
Je rotsige pad liep van't kwade naar goed.
Het zuivere gaf je steeds nieuwe moed.
Je reis leidt tot wie het al bemint
via liefde werd je het vertrouwende kind.
Posted by jane killingbeck on March 26, 2021
I met Machteld on a retreat at Fintry, in 2013, and we wrote to each other regularly , meeting again, by arrangement, on several other Fintry retreats. From the first I loved her gentle but strong energy, her humour, and her sparkly eyed seriousness. ....we always spoke of visiting each other but it sadly never happened  - it was all arranged that I should come, last March, but then of course I couldn't because of the pandemic, and then Isobel wrote to tell me of Machteld's illness. Thankyou Isobel for  your care of, and love for, your dear friend, and for keeping me so well informed of how Machteld was, as she slipped away into the freedom of life no longer enclosed within a body. I will miss her presence in my life, on retreat, and in the gentle exchange of emails. 
Posted by Jonathan Buck on March 25, 2021
Machteld has been a feature of our lives in Gingins ever since we moved there in 1999. She was such a lovely person with so much kindness and empathy. Whether it was meeting at neighbours, walking her dog or the annual meetings for the properties, she always brought a smile and a kind word to the occasion. RIP Machteld.
Posted by Sasha Russell on March 24, 2021
Too soon, too soon to have dear Machteld leave us.
I am so grateful to have had Machteld as a dear and loving cousin for my entire life. I will miss her laughter, the way she said my name, her love of art, her amazingly multi-cultural self and her keen intellect and humour.
I send my love and condolences and hopes for solace to her many close family and friends in the Netherlands, the UK and many parts of Europe.
She would want us to remember the lovely things and laugh together.
I also especially thank her dear friend Isabelle, for her unerring gentle care and love of Machteld.
I send this message as one of her few relatives residing in the USA, where she also had deep and lasting relationships. Rest in Peace, my dear Cousin and join Denys' welcoming arms finally.
Posted by Lisa Borg on March 24, 2021
Machteld and I shared not only the love for dogs and their well-being but also an interest in art. The scheduled visit to the new art museum in Lausanne was postponed due to the pandemic, as well as the idea of going to Milan to see “The last supper”. Now I walk along the lake in Lugano, passing the LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura) and I think of Machteld, how much she would have enjoyed all this. But I realise I should not be sad because Machteld’s next dwelling is a much more beautiful place, surrounded by peace and quiet. I can only be grateful for her friendship, the enjoyable Dutch “Sinterklaas” coffees she used to organise at her house, the many laughs we shared and all the interesting discussions over books and films we had over the years. And last but not least, Machteld’s celery and apple salad has its given place in my summer buffet lunches. Thank you Machteld.
Posted by Tony Scofield on March 23, 2021
It seems only yesterday that Machteld was here in Folkestone with us and bubbling with energy and good humour (but it was 2019!). We were discussing the progress of Denys' book Now and Then which I published for her in 2007. She was delighted that it had sold steadily, albeit slowly, ever since. We always welcomed Machteld's visits to us in Folkestone and her effervescent company was always a joy. We will miss her.

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