Posted by Irine Neba on April 24, 2021

Where to begin...
You taught me a lot...
Of pain and love,
Hardships and heartbreak,
Strive and determination,
and most importantly,
To never compromise my integrity.

I grew up as the mini you and everyday, I try to be half the woman you were.
I wonder if I'll ever get there.
There was so much to be said and
so much to be done,
but you're not here.
My heart hurts
How do I go on?

Maybe I should stop here,
But I know you want me to go on.
So I'll live the rest of my life,
in rememberance of you.
Rest easy, till we meet again

Your namesake,
Irine Neh

Posted by Benson Neba on April 22, 2021
I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the sagacity you raised me with. I love you grandmom forever you will always be in my heart. Until we meet again.
Posted by Dymphna Bi Ndifor on April 17, 2021
My lovely Grandmum.
I love and miss you already so much mami. I cannot believe I will never hear your voice again or feel your loving arms around me again. You left us so quickly mami. It hurts badly. I am certain you knew just how much I love you and cherished every moment spent with you both physically and virtually.
Thank you for everything Grandmum. I am consoled that you are now in a better place with your heavenly father whom you so diligently served and with granddad whom you so deeply loved and missed.
Sleep easy my love
Posted by Edith Ngwa Sohna on April 15, 2021
Mami, you will be sorely missed! We mourn your earthly absence but celebrate your entry into the heavenly kingdom where we know you will be reunited with Pah Stephen and all your beloved siblings. That is the assurance we have as Christians that we know there is a life, a much better life, after this, and that we’ll be a part of it! Thanks to you and Pah for instilling and reinforcing that faith in me as a young girl growing up! You won so many souls for Christ in your lifetime! May He reward you mightily in His everlasting kingdom!
Posted by Kwasi W N on April 13, 2021
"Golden girl", that's how I addressed you after the golden jubilee wedding anniversary. You will be missed mami Ngwa... we knew this was to come some day but we were unprepared. You told me to take care of the kids... we will do. From heaven, plead the Angels and saints to intercede for us here below... you left us on Divine Mercy Sunday... how blessed.
Posted by Beryl Mbongo on April 13, 2021
Mami Ngwa 1 as I always called you, it's with great joy I am writing to celebrate your life, your kindness, hospitality and love you showed to many before returning to your creator. Mami, though your exit was unexpected, we thank God it happened for your had lived and completed your assignment.
I am ever grateful to God for letting me know you and experience your love ❤️.
Sleep well Mami Ngwa 1 till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Florence Neba on April 13, 2021
Mami we missed you and continue to sleep in the Lord
We love you. Extend our love to papa.

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