Let the memory of Mama Ruth be with us forever.
  • 86 years old
  • Born on June 3, 1933 in Cameroon.
  • Passed away on July 19, 2019 in Cameroon.
Madam Enanga Ndando Ruth, former trade unionist, politician and businesswoman, passed away after a brief illness on July 19, 2019 in Yaounde, Cameroon. She was 86.

Born on June 3, 1933 in Victoria (now Limbe), Cameroon, she was the first of six children- a position that shaped her character and defined the arc of her life.

She rose to responsibility after her father, an Evangelist in the Presbyterian Church, took ill and retired prematurely. This robbed her the opportunity to go to college in Nigeria as she had to support her mum, a housewife, in doing petty businesses to run the family.

This initial experience gave Ma Ndando the strength of character and determination that propelled her into a rich and varied professional life. First, holding several positions as secretary in the local government sector, then joining in the trade union movement where she became national treasurer, later politician, businesswoman and community activist.

A distinctive thread that runs through her professional life is her advocacy for women’s rights.She led a women’s wing of the trade union movement in the 1960s where she defended the rights of women to decent employment and equal pay. Her advocacy reached a high point when she attended the International Women’s Conference in Beijing in 1995. In politics, she is credited with stimulating the interest and active participation of women in this male-dominated sphere. She went as far as ensuring their entry into decision-making circles.

Ma Ndando was a caring and compassionate family person. Her busy public life never distracted her from her siblings and extended family. She derived her great joy at witnessing the family grow. She opened her home and her heart to new in-laws. Most especially, she was a perpetual source of comfort during trying moments.

The daughter of a Catechist, she was steadfast in her faith in God as a source of meaning and support in her life. She held positions of responsibility in the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) generously contributing her energy and resources to development projects. Added to her legacy in growing the PCC, is the small community prayer group she founded and hosted at her retirement home in Muea, Buea. Its members, like all who loved and admired her, will miss her sorely.

Ma Ndando quietly touched many lives, inspired many to pursue professional goals and contributed in keeping the message of Christ alive. She is survived by a daughter, 2 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren (one born 3 days before she passed away).

We invite you to celebrate her life by sharing your tributes, messages of condolence and prayers for her peaceful repose.
Posted by Daniel Ndiba on August 25, 2019
You called me papa Daniel. You showed me love in so many different ways.you entrusted me with your businesses and your family.l am walking your steps of kindness,love,and humility.The will of God has been done. I love you so so so so much.Thank you for your teachings.Rest in peace.
Posted by Amalia Nangah-Obi on August 24, 2019
Life is full of surprises and one of them is death. My darling mother your death came as a surprise but deep in me I know it was God's plan. I pray that the almighty will grant peace and happiness. Thanks for all the motherly advice that you gave me during my childhood days. Thanks you for being a true friend/sister to my mother she will miss you dearly. Rest in peace Cherie and let perpetual shine upon you till will meet again.

Posted by Emilia Yesa on August 23, 2019
Oh grandma. I'm short of words. I will forever miss you.Your wonderful and educative advice to KK and I. "Emilia and Karen wonna born me pikin make I carry am oh before I die"those were your words grandma but I'm happy God answered your prayers before u left us. You were a wonderful mother to us my role model,mami nyanga,peacemaker,ever glowing. May your beautiful soul rest in peace.Farewell grandma
Posted by Karen Monono on August 23, 2019
My Loving grandma and Mami nyanga, I happened to first see you in person in a shop, some 30yrs buying your nyanga things, Iceland beauty powder, and wondered, this ma too still loves using our Iceland beauty, as time went on I gave birth to my Daugther who became your granny,s friend in college today they are young women too, after finishing university, oh my blue flame lip stick grandma, I made promise s to visit before your demise but all was futile BC of the trend of things. That made you live for yde till the peaceful and cold hands of death took you back to your maker, you touched many lives In your dynamic Nature, I wish you a God Night, until we meet again to depart no more before our creator
Elondo Delphine
Posted by Snowwhite Enanga on August 23, 2019
Mbo-mbo as I fondly called you we all know death is a necessary end,I also knew you were ageing but what I was not ready for was your departure I can't even find the words to express how I feel inside like the little song you thought me now I really wish I had a dozen hearts to love you more than I did,I wish I had a dozen eyes instead of the usual two so I can still see you when I want to. you were my friend aside from the fact that I was a granny we talked about everything and anything. I will miss you deeply GRANDMa .always asking us to enjoy our youths just like you I will always paint my face regardless of what life will throw I will look good always .Good night Mbo-mbo sleep easy till we meet again
 Mrs ibiam enanga "granny"
Posted by Stella M on August 18, 2019
Isaiah 57:2, “Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death.”

“May you always walk in sunshine and God’s love around you flow, for the happiness you gave us, no one will ever know. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone, a part of us went with you, the day God called you home. If love could only have saved you, you never would have died.”

Aunty Ruth, you will be missed very much. Your love, kindness, and selfless devotion to your friends and family are irreplaceable.

Aunty Ruth opened her home and heart to a lot of us. She was instrumental in getting me my first job at CHU and kept me in her home rent free for a year. Your work ethic and your ability to speak your truth even in the face of discrimination and adversity has helped me navigate the work force.

Aunty Ruth’s devotion to God and praying before each decision has helped me through the storms of life.
Your audio message on July 2nd, 2019 makes me happy that I can still hear you, but sad that it was the last time.

Aunty Ruth rest in the arms of Jesus! Your legacy continues and farewell till we meet again.
Posted by Amalia Nangah-Obi on August 15, 2019
Dear Enanga,
When the race of life is gone father lord grant the weary one rest. Enanga dear words alone cannot express my pain to see you go, you have been my sister from another mother we’ve shared so many good and bad times. We can’t question God in anything but I know he needed another sweet angel and you were next in line. May you continue to be the kind hearted and generous angel above as you have been in your lifetime. Thank you for always being there for my family in my presence and absence, it take so much love to do the things you did for me as a friend. I thank God for giving you the joy of being a mother to our daughter Kate and a caring and loving grandmother to Karen and Della, not forgetting your beautiful two great grandchildren. We love you but God love you more. May he receive you in peace and harmony.
Farwell my darling sister we shall meet someday to part no more.
Miss you dearly
Alice Efeti Njeuma
Posted by Kate NGUINI on August 10, 2019

To my dearly beloved and beautiful Aunty!

I called you Sister but in reality you were my Aunty! Your beauty was not only on the outside but also on the inside. Your inner beauty was manifested outwardly to both your biological and none biological family alike! You were such a Light and Inspiration to us all!!

Yes Sister we the WONYA EWUMBUEH - your father's side, have lost the one who was both Mother and Father to us all but we are comforted because you are resting in Peace with the Lord .

There were times (when you were happy to hear my voice) you called me Efufa À Ngowina Lysoka la Mbakekoso. In May when you called me, I didn't quite recognize who was calling, you said”Is there any other one in the family who calls you by that name?” This is how you responded to me in June just a few weeks before you passed on! How could I have known that that was the last time???

There's so much I can remember from my childhood but I'll just recall a few here. When I was a child and living in Buea with Mbomboh your namesake who all of us called Mbomboh because of you, you were always very caring. You'd bring us rice, sardine, bread, milk and money. Whaoh and the joy that day would be seen and felt in the whole house.

The first time I ever saw and used a telephone was when I went to stay with you in Victoria when you were married to Chief (Uncle) Ferguson Manga Williams. Ah Sister, I enjoyed Oooo!

After I left Okoyong you wanted me to go into the Nursing and Midwifery School in Bamenda. I didn't like it at all But you did everything to get me admitted there. Well I went there out of fear and respect for you. After 2years I left by myself though I had very good grades. You were not happy at all with me.

Then came the time when I left home to France to study French thinking that I'll be in France for like 2 years only but after the two years, you kept asking " E Kate when are you coming back home" You should come back home! Instead of coming back home, I stayed because I had met with my future husband. Now, how was I going to announce this to you? Again out of fear and respect, I said nothing until he himself went home and introduced himself to you.

Thank God, you did not oppose to our relationship. I remember how in one of your Missions to the USA, you purposely stopped in Paris to spend some time with us and especially to see the children.

In the late 70s, you brought Mbomboh back to Church; she had backslided following the death of her son Mola Simon Njako Nangoh and your dad Mbambah Peter Ndando Ewumbueh her brother because of your love for God and you knew what it meant to be a Christian.

Whenever I had challenges you always comforted me; your presence alone was such a comfort to me. You made it easier and possible for me to bring my mum's body from Muyuka where she had been buried a day earlier, to be buried in our village, Muea. Thank you Sister!!

I never knew you and I had a common family trait until in 1997 when I went to the US. Unbelievably, a hairdresser who was doing my hair asked where I came from and I told her from Buea. She said she came from Tiko and asked if I knew Mama Ruth Ndando. I said yes she is my Aunty and asked why. She said, "Wona get the same kind shape for wona front head and wona front hair di grow the same shape - The V shape . This was amazing!

I'll also remember the nice times I had whenever I came to spend some days with you in Muea in the 90s. if I had anything special to discuss with you, I had to do so in the morning after the Bible Sudy, worship and prayer meetings otherwise form 6pm as you laid your head on your sofa, you slept off. Come time for me to sleep you’d be wide awake and ready to talk! That's when you'll start “Kate so the thing we were talking about eeehh…” I’ll be forced to be talking with you again until you fell asleep.

I remember how active and engaged you were when you hosted Joan and Dorothy's traditional marriages in your place in Mutegene and Muea respectively.

Ewenye and I will also remember you by the nickname we gave you when Mama Sophie passed on " And The Butterflies "

How I wish you Lived for to be 120! 

Posted by Dorothy Ekobena on August 10, 2019
Much loved Mama:
My heart broke in two the day that God called your name.
Heaven needed an Angel and that was you. How I wished God waited and let you stay longer.
You have left great memories in my heart and that’s where they’ll always be. You showed me so much love when when Mbambah died.
You took me with you to Mutegene where I shared
your bed until we traveled together to Yaoundé.
Whilst in Yaoundé you continued to comfort me until I left for France.
I remember the outfit I wore on
the day of my travel that you
bought and the advise you gave me.
Your good deeds are endless!
You hosted my traditional marriage and for that my husband and I are for ever grateful.
I wish I could rewind the clock or
make it turn real slow.
I will for ever cherish the time you visited us in London when we spent a week together.
No matter how much time will pass I’ll forever miss you but I’m comforted in knowing that you are resting in peace with your Heavenly Father.
Dorothy Ekobena Nkafu
Posted by Efosi Ndando on August 9, 2019
My sweet sister,

No words can even describe how shocked and broken hearted I am.
A taste of grief I have been fed. It is like a hole in my life. One swiftly dug but carved out by knives.

I wish I’d have gotten the chance to say bye-bye before the cruel hands of death snatched you away from me. You were my best friend, sister and that one person who was always there for me and my family. Your love towards your siblings was nothing but pure. You were always there to protect us from the cruelty of this world.

I thank God for you and cherish the memories we made. The thought of never seeing you again scares me. You will always have a place in my heart and be remembered no matter what.

As you go in peace sweet sister, to join Mama, Papa, Peter and Joanna, your presence, love and kindness will forever be with us.

Sleep well and sweet dreams. - Efosi Ndando
Posted by Joan Mbangu on August 8, 2019
Dear Mama, Beautiful Daughter of the Most High God, the woman with the “Stately Stride"! I can go on and on, but I Praise God for you were fearfully and wonderfully made! This is your Mrs. Tembunde as you would usually ask, “Is that Mrs. Tembunde?” when I called you. I am particularly grateful for your life. As the Matriarch of our family, you were a role model and touched so many lives in so many ways. You accomplished so much from your humble beginnings. I have always admired your ability to make things happen no matter what and with such elegance and confidence.

Back in the early 80s you made me develop a liking for Country music from the likes of Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and Skeeter Davis. Our dear sister of late, Sally and I used to admire and enjoy your dance moves. I remember once when you had to attend one of your high powered meetings and just as you pulled out of the gate (this was in Nsam, Yde.) the car had a flat tire. I jumped to the task of using a jack to change the tire. I still remember how shocked you were that small me could do that in no time.

I also remember when you sent me money (90 pounds sterling) through brother Martin. I was on top of the world that day. As a student in London in the early 80s, that was a big deal and it was very timely!
You were always entertaining and your hospitality was of a different level. Helping in the kitchen, I got to learn how to make some European dishes from you especially your favorite salad nicoise. You gave everyone a warm welcome and it was no different when you hosted my traditional wedding, thank you so much Mama.

Thank you for all you did as the Matriarch of our family. You’ll always be in our hearts till we meet again in Christ. Joan Ekobena Tembunde
Posted by Elsie Ngowo Effange-Mbell... on August 8, 2019
My dearest Auntie Ruth
It is really true that death comes like a thief. I could never be prepared for your sudden demise yet God our father is in the eye of every storm no matter how virulent. I thank Him for the very fulfilled life that you lived and for the bountiful mercies that He accorded us too numerous to mention.

Only now that you are gone Auntie do l really fathom the full depth of your larges , your love,  kindness and the warmth of having embraced me as your own daughter. 

Auntie my relationship with you was full of love and forgiveness which allowed for a very strong bonding. You were my role model who taught me how to be resilient. You were my umbrella in rain or shine and urged me on at every turn . You celebrated all the hallmarks of my life with me These in fact mirrored your own relentless grooming of me and many others who came your way. Now that you are gone l feel like l lost my mother all over again because that is what you were to me Auntie my second mum.

Hard as it may be l want to thank God for the mutiple mercies He has shown of blessing me to be with you in what unexpectedly turned out to be your last days, of having shared with you the wonderful lessons of your very generous and selfless nature and above all for having benefited from your strength and clairvoyance as a higjhily resourceful woman and a leader.

Rest in Peace and Love Auntie. May the Lord receive you in His Kingdom and protect you always.

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