Her Life

The Grace of Great Women

GOD does this Awesome Thing, that HE ALONE CAN ONLY DO HE ANOINTEDLY GIFTS TO GREAT GODLY WOMEN (Proverbs 31 calls them Virtuous...Priceless or far above rubies) The Gift? HE GRACED THEM WITH THE ABILITY TO create, speak make other GODLY Men and Women....the BEAUTY of This Process I now realize that they make you Great when you're not looking....They Pray and  Pour, They give and give some more....They keep pouring, and chiding, gifting and guiding and just when you get it, while you're beginning to understand they take your hand breathe their last breath and place your hand in GOD'S HANDS...You won't feel ready when the sands of time run-out....but you lift your eyes to the hills and discover...This is what she was talking about....

I oft wish for one more moment  but I know you already know.... I'd use it to tell you THANK YOU- YOU KNEW BEFORE I COULD KNOW....GREAT'S not found in perfect- that I'll never be.... Great wasn't in a class, a shape, money or a degree.... Great is a Gift. A Labor of Love Through are Through and The Only way to accomplish it is to give what others have so willingly given to You. I will ever Look up to heaven and tell GOD THANK YOU because In HIS Infinite WISDOM HE gave THE GREATEST GIFT OF GREAT WOMEN To Yancey and To Me In The Magnificent Form of You.

A Daughter still In Awe of You