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  • 98 years old
  • Born on June 10, 1918 in Añasco, Puerto Rico.
  • Passed away on June 29, 2016 in Pearland, Texas, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of my mother, Margarita Carbonell Soto, born on June 10, 1918 and passed away after her 98th birthday on June 29, 2016. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Efren Carbonell on 7th August 2018
Tia Margarita, my aunt. "What a Woman" I am convinced that I inherited from her the will power "Teson" to accomplish everything necessary to go ahead in life and fulfill our dreams. She emphasized 4 basic rules: Believe in God, believe in yourself, work hard, and "Smile". I will always remember you.
Posted by Emilio MORALES on 6th August 2018
Margarita Carbonell, my aunt, a strong and hard worked woman, who was one the good role models in our family. I had the opportunity to know her and been around her. God bless my aunt. We miss you.
Posted by Ricky Butler on 5th July 2016
Well lived, long life. god bless her.
Posted by Kimyata Walker on 4th July 2016
Mother Carbonell, I will forever treasure you as a true angel. I believe you saw what God had in store for me before I ever could. I wish my children had the chance to meet and hug you while you were here but they will some day. Be eternally blessed.
Posted by Gwendolyn Osborne on 2nd July 2016
"Mother Carbonell" as we fondly referred to her, was a faithful and loving member of our church, Apostolic Assembly of Love. Although there was a language barrier, she never failed to show up and participate. Her sweet smile was such an encouragement to us. It was such honor when she asked my husband to baptize her in the precious name of Jesus! Her love for all was so evident!! She will forever have a place in our hearts. We treasure her memory!!
Posted by Tiffiny Wheeler on 2nd July 2016
Several years back, I went on a cruise to celebrate my cousin Butch & Gwen ' s wedding anniversary. They invited other family members and friends. I shared a cabin with Margarita Carbonell. I remember her to be a pleasant & fashionable lady. I truly enjoyed my time with her. God bless her soul.
Posted by Eric Carbonell on 2nd July 2016
Tia Margarita, my aunt whom used to confuse me with Juan Luis for some likeness reason. She was a pilar in our family and with her signature stance- dance. Always with a positive attitude and imparting life long lessons. We will not miss you because you will remain in our hearts always.
Posted by Wanda Suarez on 1st July 2016
"What an inspiration, in a world with people that are constantly hurting others and only concerned with their wants and needs, someone that will do anything to make her family happy is a very rare commodity today. Hopefully her family and those whom were touched by her will follow her ways. Her mission in this earth is finished, her race is complete. She just took her new tent and moved to heaven where you one day will see her again."
Posted by Deborah Johnson on 1st July 2016
I will always remember that Mother always smiled but when she would laugh it would be a great laugh deep from within..she always had a kind word and a strong love for family and the Lord...she will be missed by everyone that has ever met her....May God comfort and give you all great joy in knowing that she loved you all and she is finally free of pain. You all are in our prayers......
Posted by Elaine Johnson on 1st July 2016
what I remember most about Mother she would always had a smile and speak to everyone, whenever we had an event at the church she would always help clean up even though we tell her she didn't have to - just sit and enjoy yourself. that is my fondness memory of her. May the angles of comfort surround the Quinones family. From Elaine & family
Posted by Janet Quinones on 1st July 2016
Margarita was my sidekick; that is what I called her because she was at my side all the time. I never liked being alone and when Herbie was in school we would spend so much time together shopping for fabric. She would make the most beautiful receiving blankets for many babies born in Houston. I remember once she made 100 blankets for the elderly in the Pearland Senior Center. These blankets were given to the seniors who were wheel chair bound. How happy it made her give these blankets to the seniors and they loved receiving them. When Herbert and I received Robert and Isabel; Margarita made me the most beautiful blankets for them; I will keep these forever. She made blankets for her grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. She even gave baby blanket to expecting mothers who she did not know. Her joy was to make these blankets and gave these to as many newborns babies she met. I will remember Margarita as a person who gave more than she received; she was always blessing us "AbUndantly". At her final moments, I was her sidekick. I was with her when she went with the Lord in heaven. I was holding her hand and I gave her a hug and told her that I loved her. I miss my Mother, my friend, and my sidekick. I will never ever forget you. May you rest in peace. Love you, your daughter and sidekick, Janet
Posted by Cristina Quinones on 1st July 2016
I am thankful because God ordered grandma Margarita's path all the way from Puerto Rico to Houston, Texas, back in 1986. She did't come alone, but brought with her the man that God had set apart for me, her grandson, Ivan J Quiñones. She chose to leave her home and comfort, PR, with faith and hope for a better path for her grandson. She was God's conduit to bring my husband from his stray path to God's path. In 1986, my husband's life was changed from a heavy black metal follower to a Jesus baptized, Holy Ghost filled-speaking in other tongues christian. I expressed to Margarita how much I loved and appreciated her for her love and the sacrifices she made for her grandson. She was the inspiration and motivator for him to be the best husband, father and provider. Because of her, he went into the medical field; from basic EMT to a charge nurse working "guardia" shift like she did in her career. My kids had the opportunity to feel the love from their great-grandma, Abuela Margarita, enjoy her yummy cooking and even use her sewing-gifts (hand made) blankets. We use them at home and on the go (road trips). She helped care for my three kids, Tito, Nina and Mike, when they were little. As the kids got older, they then helped care for her. When she stayed at our home, the kids would help feed (and sometimes hide candy from her), put her to bed (She slept in Nina's bed alone, as she did not like to share beds.). They entertained her (from dancing to doing hairdos to canvas painting), and also checked up on her...if she took too long in the of the kids would knock on restroom door and ask "Abuela, estas bien?" Margarita would reply "Si! estoy en el escusado, ya voy, or would use other descriptive words, such as, 'estoy -----'" I loved that Tito took time to take her shopping on Saturdays and take her to grab a bite before dropping her off. Mike too, when he started driving, at times, had the opportunity to do the same. Margarita said she wanted to meet her great-great grand kids before she leaving this world; so Tito made sure she did
Posted by Roberto Lugo on 30th June 2016
I always remember her so very fondly. She was a part of my life during a critical stage when growing from a young teenage to a young man. Always looked up to her growing up. Always so very helpful when we needed advise as teenagers. Loved to go visit at Herbert's and Juan Luis house when Margarita was cooking her rice and been dishes and when she made pasteles we would always be hanging out in the balcon in Bonneville. She was a wonderful and sweet lady but I was always careful not to get her mad. She would straighten you up right away just with her look. Saw her fury on Juan Luis (the bad boy) a couple of times and said to myself, don't mess with her. I always had her on my side and made sure never to make her mad. May she rest in peace, I will remember her for as long as I live.
Posted by Sonia Carbonell on 30th June 2016
Margarita got deep into my heart when I married Efrén, her nephew and her male version! They both change people's names and "create" their own words. Even Father, her only brother and Efrén's dad, would call Efrén "Margarito" when he mixed names. They both also shared a loving, giving, sacrificial heart. She was always willing to take care of the sick and although she didn't drive, she managed to get to anyone's house or hospital to care for them. I often quote her sayings but with her gone they'll never be the same. Margarita had a unique body language that "complemented" her frequent mispronounced words. She was the first one to laugh. The book of Psalms was her favorite Bible reading, and she often quoted Psalm 121: 'I will lift up my eyes to the hills, from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.' She was a very courageous person, a woman ahead of her time. She was persistent like no other person, reason why her sister Fara would say: "what Margarita wants, Margarita gets". She also had the ability to read people and knew when someone was hurting. We shared many private, personal conversations in which she enlightened me with her wisdom. I'm a better person because of her. I will always love her. ❤️

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