Let the memory of Maria be with us forever, we will love and miss you
  • 74 years old
  • Born on May 18, 1938 in Guam.
  • Passed away on December 3, 2012 in Fremont, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Maria Acosta, 74, born on May 18, 1938 and passed away on December 3, 2012. We will remember her forever.

 All that Loved Her
It’s hard to believe that Mom is now in Heaven. I feel as if any second, she’ll be walking in to tell everyone how nice we’re all dressed, how big our kids have grown, or just to reach out for a hug and whisper “thank you for coming!! 

How do you say goodbye to a woman who loved so generously, appreciated so profoundly, and taught others so much with her kindness and quiet strength? She was simply a wonderful work of God – beautiful, graceful, and full of love! 

Mom opened her heart to just about everyone she came in contact with. I remember kidding with my brothers when I was a teenager that Mom could make friends with a lamp post. With her warm personality, bright smile, and the fact that she loved to talk, she was a person that would quickly become your friend! 

My Mom was an incredibly strong woman. She born in Guam and adopted as an infant. Although I knew she felt hurt that her birth mom had to give her up, she also felt very blessed that this wonderful woman took her in and had shown her so much love. She talked about her Mom often – I knew they shared a special bond, and I am blessed that my Mom and I experienced a bond that is equally special! After leaving Guam in 1961, she was excited to start a new chapter in her life with a new husband and in quick succession, two baby boys. I made my appearance another 5 years later. Yet, even with the focus on her new family, my Mom never forgot about her Mom and the many family and friends that were not nearby. She relied a lot on her Faith as a devout Catholic to bring her strength on the days her heart ached for certain loved ones. Her deep conviction helped bring her peace right up to the moment that she passed. 

She cherished every moment with family and friends. I have so many fond memories of gatherings with extended family on both my Mom and Dad’s side. And in more recent years, we had some great times at the home she shared with Harry. She loved having a house filled with talk, laughter, music, and the amazing smells coming from the kitchen! Throughout her life, she always made an effort to celebrate holidays and milestones with a special meal. My brother and I have been extremely lucky to have our Mom play such an important role in our children’s lives. My Mom lit up at the chance to hold a baby, and savored all the special moments with her grandkids and great grandkids. When I was ready to deliver my twin babies, my Mom planned to spend 2 weeks at my home in Las Vegas. She fell in love with those babies, and we all fell in love with her being there! A 2 week stay turned into a 4 month stay! My kids and I will treasure so many wonderful memories and the regular visits from my Mom and Harry in the past few years! Last year, my Mom and Harry hosted Thanksgiving at their home. My Mom was beaming at the sight of her laughing Grandkids and Great grandkids. I will cherish one beautiful moment – watching her dance with my little girl with a look of pure joy on both of their faces. And as my little girl has reminded me this past week, “if you miss grandma, just look into my eyes and you will see her!” 

One of the ways mom showed her love was through her cooking. Whether an ordinary day or a big holiday get together, Mom loved to cook. She took pride in her signature dishes, and took great care in the preparation of each meal. Throughout my childhood, many memories I have are of my Mom in the kitchen -- cooking, cleaning, baking, and chatting while eating! It was not uncommon for her to spend hours peeling potatoes to make that one pot of mashed potatoes, or to bake a cake from scratch. It was truly a labor of love. And another reminder of her devotion as a Mom and a home maker! 

Words do not express how much I love my Mom. I am so proud that I had her as my Mom. It was only after I had children myself that I could recognize the love, support and sacrifices that she so willingly gave me. She loved having me and my two brothers close by. Yet, she remained support and understanding as we ventured out on our own. It was that quiet strength in kissing me goodbye, holding back tears when I had to would return to school or back home after a short vacation with her. It was never enough time, but she never made me feel guilty when it was time to go. Instead, she would tell me how proud she was, and how much she loved the chance to catch up! For years, we ended each long distance phone call with my Mom saying, “ I love you. thanks so much for the call!” And in this very simple, consistent, and loving way, my Mom once again taught me to appreciate the time we shared and to never take it for granted! 

Mom, I know you are an Angel now, looking over us! We will miss you dearly! But, today and every day of my life, I will be filled with gratitude for the many ways you have enriched my life. And I will strive to live my life remembering all that you have taught me about love, appreciation, strength and kindness!

Author: Desiree

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