The family of Marie A. Pato is sad to announce that she passed away peacefully Tuesday March 8th 2021 at 92 years old. She spent her last few days comfortably residing in the William Childs Hospice House in Palm Bay Florida. Marie also affectionately known simply as "aunt" by her family was a very kind, compassionate, giving, and generous soul. This amazing woman will be dearly missed by all those who were lucky to have known her.
Posted by Jerimy West on March 18, 2021
You're Forever loved by me. xx
Posted by Jerimy West on March 18, 2021
Enjoy your journey to the new life Auntie I love you very and thank you for all your love and guidance. I'm going to miss you like I did when you left CT but even more now that I can't see or hear you.

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Posted by Jerimy West on March 18, 2021
You're Forever loved by me. xx
Posted by Jerimy West on March 18, 2021
Enjoy your journey to the new life Auntie I love you very and thank you for all your love and guidance. I'm going to miss you like I did when you left CT but even more now that I can't see or hear you.
her Life
Marie A. Pato affectionately known simply as “Aunt” by her family, was born Marie Adkins to Norris and Linda Adkins on November 28, 1928 in Milford Connecticut. She was a resident of Fairfield County for most of her life. She was immensely proud to be a Connecticut resident. She always told stories fondly of raising Pure Bred Champion English Bulldogs with her parents. One of her favorite memories was attending Yale University Football games with her father as his English Bulldog was their original Mascot.

After graduating from Milford High School in 1938, she married Andrew Pato and moved to Trumbull Connecticut to stay and work on Andrew’s family’s farm. She spent time in New Jersey as her husband, who was with the military, was stationed there. That is where she met her lifelong friends, The Wilson Family, whom she loved to visit in the summers throughout her life and had precious memories of the Jersey shore spent with them and her family from Connecticut. Marie and her husband spent time in East Charleston Vermont, where they owned vacation cottages along the banks of Echo Lake. In 1950, her son Jonathan came to her and she just doted over him and was truly a dedicated to him and her grandchildren Marc, Tina, Lisa, and Lynda. After her husband passed away her nephew bought a house in Trumbull Connecticut with an in-law apartment so she could live with his family. She truly enjoy being able to spend time with her three nephews and watching them grew up. She remained extremely close to them through her life, and when her great-great nieces and nephews arrived she was always willing to lend a hand night and day with babysitting, rides to school, and other motherly activities. She resided with The Willey family in Trumbull until 1985 when her nephew moved his family to Vermont.

Marie worked in many fields throughout her life, however all the positions she held were related to serving others as this was one her greatest qualities that she dedicated herself to, not only professionally, but personally as well. The most notable to companies she spent time with were The State of Connecticut, Unger Yarn Importers, The Taunton Press, and C&E Nichols Appliance Repair.

Marie was a 65-year member of The Order of The Eastern Star (Lady Martha Chapter - Monroe, CT) and International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. She was very dedicated to these organizations throughout her life serving as Grand Worthy Advisor for O.E.S and Mother Advisor for Rainbow. She felt fortunate to be a member of organizations that held service, family, and morality in such high regard.

One of Marie’s favorite past times besides knitting J was traveling she had spent in Nevada with her brother in-law’s family and Washington State with O.E.S. She also enjoyed vacationing with her nephews and grandchildren, in such places as Hershey Park, Philadelphia, New York Wine Country, and Disney World in Florida.

Marie was also known for always opening her home to others, she had always welcomed her nephews and friends while they were in the Navy and providing a home for them when they were just starting out in the world. No matter where her nephews were in the world they always knew that had a home to go to at Aunt’s

Marie spent her retirement years living in the Senior Housing Complex in Shelton Connecticut, where she made many special friends and served on their Board of Directors for many years. She genuinely enjoyed serving on the board and being able to represent her follow neighbors and friends ensuring they were well taken care and represented fairly. In 2018 the time came that she could no longer live on her own safely and moved in with her great-nephew in Largo Florida. She was so incredibly happy to be able to be with him again.

Unfortunately, in 2019 after her mobility declined she moved into a nursing care facility. Although she was not thrilled about being in a care home, she did enjoy the activities they held and time socializing others. Her family made sure she was well cared for and had everything she wanted and needed for the last two years of her life. When the time came, she moved into a Hospice house in Palm Bay Florida, so she could spend her remaining days in a peaceful home like environment. Marie was an amazing woman who dedicated her life to family, service of others, and making all who she met feel important and loved. She will be dearly missed by all those who were lucky to have known her.

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The Lunch Bunch

Shared by Di Potter Barriga on April 10, 2021
My parents knew Mr. and Mrs. Pato long before I did, but I do remember their house on Whitney Avenue in Trumbull. 
Mrs. Pato got my daughter, Katie Quackenbush, interested in Rainbow Pledges and was active from 7-17 years of age. Mom Pato loved her Rainbow girls!
My Mom and a group of her friends met once a month for lunch; they each brought a bag lunch and the hostess provided drinks and desserts. They spent many happy afternoons together! One summer, they took the ferry from Bridgeport to Port Jefferson. Mrs. Pato fell backwards while sitting on a stonewall eating ice cream and was taken to the emergency room where she was treated and released. The ER staff and passers by were so kind to the ladies. Needless to say, the women missed the last ferry. Raúl and I drove down to Port Jeff to bring them home; what a happy, giggly group they were as they recounted their misadventure that turned into a real adventure! Love the Lunch Bunch!!
Those departed are: Izzy Lockwood, Doris Ragowski, Alma Fair, Marie Pato and my Mom, Ruth Potter. 
Three original Lunch Bunchers all reside in Shelton and they are Pauline Mas, Fran DeLand and Betty Pavalko.

Another Memory Of How Aunt Influenced My Life

Shared by Kevin Willey on March 20, 2021
I have not been able to stop thinking about all the years I have spent with Aunt and how she influenced my life in so many ways. One area she definitely influenced me with was only did she knit me many sweaters over the years, she also made me one of my favorite things from my twenties. My Fox Tail Scarf, she had a old winter dress coat that had a Fox Tail Collar. One year for my birthday she made the collar into a scarf for me. She bought me a 3/4 length leather trench coat and a leather chapeau to go with it. Another memory that came to me, was when I landed my first big professional job, she took me out and bought me a custom three piece suit for my first day. Later that December my firm held a formal Christmas party, Aunt surprised me and got me an Italian Suit, full length cashmere overcoat, and a Stetson fedora. I was the best dressed guy at the party. So many fond memories of the very special things she did for me just because she liked to make me feel that I was a unique and special person, especially to her. Much love Auntie I will never forget to dress for the person I want to become.

An Old Gem From One Of The Many Trips Aunt Took Us On

Shared by Kevin Willey on March 20, 2021
Aunt loved to take trips especially with me and her grandkids. I found this old gem from our trip to Hershey Park. This is me in the front right, her granddaughter Tina in the front left, and her twin granddaughters Lisa & Lynda in the back. We sure did have a lot of fun with auntie and I would never have got to see as many wonderful places our amazing country has to offer if it wasn't for my Aunt.