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Life on the Farm

April 4, 2022
When the Watts family moved to Salem, our families became close and Sis’s brother Dan became my best bud. Oak Crest Farm became the “go to” place for our many Tom Sawyer-like adventures. Dan’s sisters, Sis, Tiny and Bono were an energetic presence in all farm activities. It wasn’t until much later I learned the girls had given names. Sis and Fred’s wedding in 1966 with orchids floating on the pool was an Oak Crest highlight. Shortly after Sis and Fred moved to Beaux Arts we moved to Mercer Island and our growing families reconnected. Whenever together, tales of life on the farm always brought a smile and a hearty laugh from Sis.

March 21, 2022
Marilee, you were a wonderful nextdoor neighbor and friend.  You had the most wonderful laugh, and we miss hearing it.  We attended several of your major events (Santa Breakfasts, Arthritus Foundation Luncheons, Fred Hutch Luncheons)(we could never say "No" to Marilee!) and we were always amazed and impressed by your organization skills and public speaking abilities.  I loved our annual springtime ritual of shopping for and planting geraniums.  And then there was the time I desperately needed help navigating the SCCA system and you got me established immediately.  You were a good friend and John and I will miss you, as will the rest of the world.

The Brash Little Sister

March 20, 2022
My parents and Sis's parents were the closest of friends from early days throughout their lives.  As a result, I got to spend time with Sis's late brother, Dan, who was a year younger.  I especially remember a few summers spent at the farm/orchard near Salem, OR as a pre-teen. Dan and I would do what young boys do on the property and barns, etc.  

Sis, on the other hand, being still younger, was always in the way and sticking her nose in our business.  She was "one of the boys," at least she thought so.  I have no doubt but that her social skills and her strengths in encouraging others supporting the charitable organizations she worked with came directly from Sis's experience as an aggressor and "boss" in relation to Dan and me on the Salem farm.  She was fun then. She is missed now. Ted Watts

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