The importance of water

Shared by Candy Collier on July 2, 2021
being  assigned to Mrs Copus before she came home what excitement I thought she lives so close to my home, then stopping and asking God is she for me ? I waiting and listened and the thought disnt flee I came and went then return d to stay , 6 weeks with Mrs.Copus oh what joy we made, changing and bathing was one of my chores , she say hey I’m still alive be easy I’d say oh for sure! She’d smile very gently as she would as she looked at me and you are very pretty do u know that , I’d smile and say Thankyou that’s sweet, next thing on my list was to do that hair with Janie bringing a bed tub I thought we are almost there we wash hair and dyed hair we blow dried it too. She’d say HEY EASY IN STILL HERE THANKYOU! Now make to follow be first her face cream gentle she’d say I’m still here ! Then on to her make-up she’d turn left and rt I’d bring her the mirror she’d ALRIGHT THIS WAS MY FRIEND WHO CALLED Me BY NAME MEMor AND BRAIN INTACT SHE WAS NEVER ASHAME WE JOKED AND WE PRAISED AND SANG HER favorite songs ! Watching the Gathers on water and singing the songs illfly away on glory I’ll fly away! With tears in her eyes and glory on her tongue she preach and speak wisdom this was her song the old rugged crossed was that oak of a  song the anointing of Jesus would over take us all! I’ll alway remember her calling my name to bring her WATER WAS MY SONG
That priest even prophet she spoke the word of God what an honor to have know mrs.Copus she now has her crown . Candace collier alway Best Care

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