his Life

Family, Friends, Stompin Ground

Mark was a born and raised Florida boy. He had a good sized family that included several brothers Dean and Chris Pope, and sisters Jerry and Jackie. He loved his family especially his mom Mary and younger sister Danielle. He lived most of his life in Ft. Drum and did most of his running around between Okeechobee, Yeehaw Junction, and Keenansville with friends like Kim and Phillip Smith and Shannon Underhill. He was quick to help and loved to hang out and have fun.Always joking and laughing it ws hard to be mad or upset with him around. Whether he was annoying a person to tears or saying some crazy stuff to make you laugh he was the constant source of fun and some really good times that will never be forgotten by those who knew him best.


Mark was a Bullrider for 14 years. He often said it was the best time in his life. He enjoyed the traveling and meeting people. He traveled with the same guys for a long time. Shannon, V, David, and Charlie just to name a few. He was good at it, he had won money, buckles and equipment. He wanted to go Pro, but had to quit due to injury before he could get there.

Our Wedding Day

We got married on March 12, 2005. His best man was Daniel Wiggins and my maid of honor was Jessica Hogan. We were married by Beth(she is the wife of one of his childhood friends). We took our vows at my parents house in the evening. We dated for almost two years before we got married. He asked me to marry him at Walmart on January 24, 2005. We were best friends and I am so glad he was in my life.