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Mark & Ivory with Keebler & Mrs.W. Go on Vacation

December 9, 2014

Us couples decided we were gonna go spend the night on the coast in Ft. Pierce or somewhere else on the ocean. We drove south on A1A for what seemed like forever because everyplace we stopped was fully booked. We finally found a hotel in stuart and the rooms were over $100 a night. Mark insisted that he pay for everything and we shared a nice room. We explored the hotel's 2 hottub's, gym, gameroom, 2 pools and the beach. We were in the room deciding what to have for dinner. Keebler, Mrs.W., and I were bent over looking through the phonebook for places that delivered when she  and I hear Keebler panting and saying " Oh yeah  baby play with my ass", as he's slowly gyrating his hips. The Mrs. turns to him and says," Honey both of my hands are holding the phonebook," so he looks at me and I am using one hand to write information and the other has a phone in it. Upon seeing this he realizes that it Mark that is kneading both of his asscheeks. Keebler immediatlely tries to get away from Mark as Mrs. W., Mark, and I are absolutely cracking up. It was hilarious. For whatever reason( I think it was his own personal amusement and just to see how far he could push Keebler) Mark loved to mess with Keebler's asscheeks pinching, grabbing, squeezing, and goosing at every opportunity. It got so bad that a stiff breeze could blow across his backside and  Keebler would automatically hollar" Damn it Mark!". i miss those funny times and despite the fact it was his ass being violated, I know Keebler does too.


December 4, 2014

I remember sitting with Mark at Mark and Ivory's house in Red Top waiting for our perspective mates to return home. I was pissed about something stupid and ready to take it out on Daniel and anyone who got in my way. He was so understanding of when I needed to just sit with someone and think, when I needed someone to just listen or when I needed someone to tell me I was acting like an idiot. That day was an "idiot day" and he told me so. Life wasn't the easiest then for him but he always had time for me. I can't forget how he looked at me with that smile and telling me that we were lucky to have Daniel and Ivory with us and life wasn't just about the bad. By the time Ivory and Daniel came home we were playing some shooter game and my bad day had vanished. He was one of the few people who could make me forget about the "problems" and just by being there, by being himself make my day better. I miss that man! I miss his kindness and his spark.....

My Best Friend

March 21, 2011

He was my very best friend. We met when I was 16. I was friends with his sister Danielle. I went to her house to spend the weekend, and he was home for a couple of days. He had come in from being on the road bullriding. At that time I was too young for him, but we still became friends and he hung out with us. We played games, watched TV, and wrestled like brothers and sisters do. Then when I was 26 we ran into each other where I worked at the time. I was a cook at the Desert Inn in Yee Haw Junction, and he was a regular customer there. I served him his meal that day and he looked very familar to me. I asked him what his name was, he told me and I told him he looked familar. We started talking and realized we knew each other. From that day on we hung out almost everyday. He would come over to my house and spend time with me, my brother Willie, and a close friend Daniel. He became a close friend to us all. My parents really liked him and welcomed him into our family with no hesitation. I could talk to him about anything. At that time he was interested in one of my coworkers, but she wasn't interested in him. We were just friends. The very best of friends. I miss that friendship, and will cherish every minute of it.

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