Posted by Joely Vallone on March 16, 2019
Not even sure where to start..... My heart hurts and I’m upset with myself for not taking the time from life, work, kids to come see you and your mom like you had asked a few times, I’m sooo sorry..... you was and always will be my first little sister, you were always in the next room, (I lived at y’all house pretty much) I miss you playing the drums so loud!!! Lol we would cheer you on and then we would tell you ok that’s enough!! Lol when I would be sick and momma shay would come get me from school I would go straight to your room to lay down in your bed and as soon as you got home you would rush in to make sure I was ok. I miss that... I know you are in a better place but I wish you didn’t go so soon, u will always and forever have a big place in my heart, soul, and also forever in my mind. Love you forever and always- Big Sis Joely
Posted by Kai Lydon on March 14, 2019
When I lived with you, wake up, breakfast, workout, clean, relax and meditate. All in that order. Everyday you’d help me with school work and tell me that it’ll all work out. I missed the times we’ve had together but we will have more one day! You were the sister I never had; what we shared is unexplainable. I’ll love you today, I’ll love you tomorrow, I’ll love you til it’s time to rest. You will always be in my heart ❤️ everywhere I go... so long fren.
(Ps don’t you just miss her baby talk here and there) kisses

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