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Crowding cars

February 28, 2021
Hi school car hilarity: Marta  was always pretty straight and if anyone could get her in trouble it was me. We had a standing joke on the swim team to see how many people can pile in a car at a time. One girl had a Volkswagen beetle. Usually we would jump in the car while it was already rolling. I started running with Marta said hurry let’s get in. She said we will never fit !   I said yes we will go for it!!!!!  She jumped in and I barely close the door behind her butt. I then promptly jumped through the window across everyone’s laps with my legs still hanging out the window we went to the pool.. We would’ve won that day except for another guy who actually was missing  one of his front doors on his car.  Apparently it was still legal because it had a seatbelt there!   That Volkswagen later won the contest for the most cookies cut in the high school parking lot later in the winter break.   Before our senior year we took a road trip to California to look at colleges together. Unfortunately it was cut short with a car accident but we later flew there. Martas dream was always to go to school in California.  She did. I ended up in Arizona. Later however I did my anesthesia training at UCLA.  We had so many adventures together while we would just laugh our asses off.  Thank you for all those great memories girlfriend. Someday we will cruise the skies in a convertible together!  Liz Lammot campbel

relay team

April 1, 2017

This memorial is very belated but some of her high school friends in fort collins are just connecting and finding out.  I wish I had known and  could have been more involved.  Marta and I were locker partners and on the swim team together.  She was gorgoeous.  The hottest guys in the school were all in love with her  and I knew because they would walk up to me at our locker......(I would be all twittered) "Hi Allan"....  and the reply was always "hi Liz, do you know where Marta is?"  But even though she could have been the snottiest girl, especially after being in the Miss Colorado contest, she was always humble, friendly and fun.  I always could make her laugh.  We were on the same relay team.  i was backstroke, she was breaststroke or butterfly.  I started.  Sometimes I would screw around a little in the opponents lane while we were lining up. As I pulled up on the block for the gun start I whispered : "I peed in her lane",  She laughed so hard She almost coudn't get up on the block. 
Her mom was also awesome. My mom died and never saw me swim.  Martas mom just adopted me and cheered for me. Rest in peace my beautiful friend.  I'll be up soon to make fun of all those saints and their comfortable shoes.  liz lammot campbell

Marta in college.

February 13, 2013

Marta was a friend of mine at MacMurray College. She transferred in and lived in Jane Hall, and we eventually become friends. She was very smart and kind, that was obvious. I loved hearing about her adventures and journeys of going home and back(Colorado was it?).  It always turned into an adventure with her little Fiat. She was one of the most impressive young women I have ever met. Honestly, this was a mature young woman who had the world by the tail and was going places. I was in awe of her. There was not a man on campus who did not have a "thing" for her. My goal was to try and make her laugh, which we did endlessly. She was seriously in love with her family and her boyfriend and she had a profound impact on those who knew her at MacMurray. I never met her family, but knew they must be very special to produce someone this incredible. After graduation I never heard from her again. All I have  are these images in my head from 1981, of this incredible beautiful young woman, and I can hear  sound of her laughter in my head. Those are very cherished memories. I was deeply affected by her, and it is obvious she continued to touch others for the rest of her life. I will never forget her. She was transcendant. 

Tribute to Marta Schroeder

January 27, 2012

From Lori Whiteley, former coworker at Amgen


I had the good fortune to have worked with Marta at Amgen. She was incredibly talented- bright, creative, driven, and full of well thought out and even gutsy ideas. I remember her working late many nights to come up with solutions to very complex issues, but she always had a smile on her face and seemed to enjoy and truly care about her work. She seemed wise beyond her years but also had a lightness about her. She was different from anyone I had ever met- she was career oriented but not at the expense of others, very collaborative and never intimidating, always making everyone around her feel at ease. In fact, people were drawn to Marta as she was so kind and caring; she made people feel good about themselves, that their ideas/thoughts mattered. I highly respected her for her intelligence but more importantly as a person in how she conducted herself and treated others. Many talented people have come and gone from Amgen but when she left, I thought she left too soon and that they truly missed out on a hidden gem that had so much undiscovered potential.


Marta’s face always lit up when she talked about her children and family. I also remember talking to her about the Coca Cola collectibles her family had. Now my son has a small collection and I think of her when I see them. My heart goes out to her family and friends. Know that she made a difference and touched many people’s lives in so many ways.


November 28, 2011

It is truly a blessing to be touched by someone who has left a lasting impression on your heart. It has been at least 35 years since I last spoke to Marta. She was such a compassionate, loving person. Her smile, and sense of humor were so special. Her view of the world was always so unique and full of faith. I was crushed to see this web site. I can only imagine what she must have gone through. I wish her family all the best, and may the peace of the lord be always with her.

GoneToo Soon

July 29, 2011

For Marta,

I will always remember your sparkling blue eyes that captured your passion for life,  family, and work. It invited others into your curiosity and zest for life. Your dedicated, "take no prisoners" approach to attacking any problem raised the bar for performance of all those around you. Your integrity, broad and deep strategic mind ran at the speed of light challenging all the rest of us to keep up! Marta's intelligence, generosity and grace are so evident in her children Mitch and Alexa and only a few of the many gifts she has given us all. It was a priviledge to know such a powerful, kind, and loving light in the world. My thoughts and prayers are with Mitch, Alexa, Alex, and all the family in your grief.

June 18, 2011

oh no! The world will be a dimmer place without that beautiful ray of sunshine....I am very very sad to hear of such a loss to you and your kids. Hugs and love sent your way

( From Dawn Corbin, Garrison,ND)

June 18, 2011
My memory of Marta is that she was beautiful, intelligent and so much fun! I remember really looking up to her back in the day when we were all friends/newlyweds hanging out in Fayetteville.

(From Caryn Conklin Brown Charlotte,NC)


Airplane Flights With Marta

June 18, 2011


I got to know Marta during the Together Rx and Together Rx Access Board meetings, where she played such a pivotal role in our governance and evolution.  But I got to know Marta best on the often-delayed plane rides home from the East Coast to Chicago.  
I remember we once sat together – in coach, of course, but close to first class.  Marta bought me a wine.  Then she bought me another wine.  And another. And at that point, the steward simply kept our glasses full for the duration of the flight.  And I remember that Marta laughed that high, cackle of a laugh she had when, as I tried to get my bag out of the overhead bin, I fell over!
But I also remember that during the flight – and many others – she would pull out her computer, fire it up, and show me what she cared about.  She showed me pictures of her kids. Always those.  She showed me pictures of her father and told me about her tomboy upbringing, learning to fix cars and ride horses.  She showed me pictures of her farm and told me the story about how she bought it -- sight unseen, and based only on pictures and a description -- when she moved to the Midwest to begin work at Abbott.  God, she was gutsy.  
She also showed me maps of the United States, with the states colored differently to reflect the percentage of the population living in poverty, the percentage without health insurance, or the percentage of children born into poverty or to unwed mothers.  She cared in her bones about those things.  
Marta had already been through diagnosis and chemotherapy when my sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.   I called Marta for advice on what I could do for my sister, and so characteristically, the next morning, she had sent me a several-page email, with literally dozens of links to websites for cancer support groups, clinical studies, pharma news, and the like.  
She was one-of-a-kind, passionate, and energetic.  And I never got her as drunk as she got me.  


June 15, 2011

Marta was my dear friend and it’s been heartbreaking to see her suffer over the last few years. Through it all, she continued to remain focused on what she could do for her family, her friends, and the patients in need as well as Abbott’s business. Many admired Marta’s attitude, prospective and determination; we will all miss her smile, good nature and the happy times we shared together. She called me a couple of weeks ago with ideas she’s thought of that could help me, that was classic Marta, always trying to help others regardless of how much pain she was in at the time. I will miss her and cherish her memory and the good times we shared. 

My deepest sympathy to the Marta’s family, may your good memories with her provide you comfort in the years to come.

Marta, you are forever in my memory and in my heart.

 Inga Feiter

June 12, 2011


Marta did not let life define her she defined her life.
How blessed we all are to have had Marta touch our lives. I remember the time my cousins Marta and Carey came to live with us for a few months. They blended into our family without much difficulty. During that time I remember the school calling my mom with huge concerns that first grade Marta was not able to print. After a conference with Marta’s teacher my mother got out chalk and blackboard, setting up a corner of our basement for “tutoring and printing practice”. Mom carefully printed out letters on the board and then sat Marta down. Marta just wouldn’t print. Finally, mom asked Marta why; Marta responded she didn’t need to print because she could already write in cursive. The school allowed her to use “cursive” from then on.
I shared with Marta the love of that same stretch of white sandy beach near Pentwater, Michigan. Sun kissed bodies riding waves in inner tubes, paddling on surf boards or in canoes. Hours spend building sand cities, roasting marshmallows over fires on the beach at night, and trying to count the stars. The sound of waves hitting the beach, the smell of bracken from the pines high above the dunes, the patterns the beach grass left in the sand as the wind moved them about. A small bottle of sand from that beach will remain with me forever.
Be a peace Marta.
Louise Schroeder Dowling

Infectious Smile and Laugh

June 9, 2011


I will always remember Marta’s infectious smile and laugh. The sparkle in her eyes combined with her smile and laugh made a tough day at the office melt away. Our lives are all fuller because of the moments we shared with Marta.  Not only did she make us laugh, but she made us think about life in a different way. 
Marta made such a difference in so many people lives through her initiatives and actions. She always tried to take care of those in need. May we all cherish her memory. Her life certainly lives on from all her good deeds. A big thank you for the difference Marta made in this world.

Thoughtful and Determined

June 9, 2011

Marta was my boss, mentor, and friend.   She affected my life in so many positive ways. I loved, admired, and respected her.   I am going to miss her tremendously.   Here are some of my memories. 

Shortly after joining her organization here at Abbott, I attended a Board of Directors meeting for an industry group where Marta represented Abbott.   Being new to my role, I was intimidated by the meeting – to me it seemed like lots of big important people from several companies sitting around an impressive table accompanied by their lawyers.  I joined the meeting during a break.   Marta immediately found me. She asked me if I wanted some coffee. I absentmindedly told that I did. As I started to get some, Marta got up, walked over and poured it for me.   She even asked if I wanted cream or sugar.   As I got to know her better, I learned that this was just the way she was – always looking out for the needs of others – no matter their professional status. Even as she dealt with the difficult challenge of her illness, I remember many conversations where her first concern seemed to be my well being.  
Polite and thoughtful yes – tough as nails definitely.   I have never met a more determined individual.   During a time when Marta was away from work due to a surgery or treatment, we needed to get our pictures taken to satisfy licensing requirements for an organization with which we held official roles.   I suggested that because of her medical situation, there might be a way to get an exception.   For her, that option was out of the question. Despite what I can only imagine was extreme pain, she quickly got down to Walgreens and had a passport picture taken.   I know there were many days when she experienced difficult pain and nausea at work. Aside from an occasional wince, she did not let us know how bad it was.   The second to last time I saw Marta, she told me that she hated visiting the doctors because they only had bad news and then said ‘If I listened to them, I would have been dead a long time ago’. To me that was classic Marta – she was not one to accept constraints with which she disagreed. 


Always a Joy...

June 9, 2011

I will always remember working with Marta.  She was a busy woman, but if stopped by her office she would always take the time for you.  She never made me feel "rushed along".  I always appreciated that about her.  You knew that she truly enjoyed the people she worked with.  And you knew that the people she worked with truly enjoyed working with her.

To Marta's family:  I am so deeply sorry for your loss.  She was a wonderful woman.  It was a pleasure to know her. 

Nikki Goforth

First Impressions

June 8, 2011

I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was a Monday morning - the day after returning from a week long vacation at the beach. I was called to an 8 am meeting to discuss access strategies for Humira.  There was a new person at the table armed with fresh ideas, challenging questions, and a passion unlike any I had seen before.  I couldn't help thinking - who is the woman and where did she come from? I was later introduced to her - it was Marta.

I had the pleasure of working for Marta for several years while at Abbott. Under her leadership, I was challenged to treat others fairly and with respect, take a stand, believe in it and take action, and always find the "devil in the details"!  As a working mom, she taught me the importance of "balance"  and loved to share stories about her kids, parents and sister.

What I admired most about Marta was her unshakeable integrity and zest for life.  Her courage and spirit will live on through those of us lucky enough to have known her. She is truly one of a kind and will be missed.

My sincerest condolences to her family.


Mary McAndrews-Southard




Friendship in a Barn

June 7, 2011

Dear Mitch, Lexi, Carey, Larry, and Mr. and Mrs. Schroeder,

I can't remember the first moment I met Marta, but I know the day we became friends. She had invited a number of us to a harvest party she was hosting in the barn. (I still have the maple leaf invitation she sent.) It turned into a beautiful October day, and when I arrived, a 15-year old Mitch was driving Marta's tractor taking the guests out for a hay ride. Marta showed me around the barn and introduced me to the goat, and told me more than I could ever remember about chickens. Later that day, I was introduced to Mitch and Lexi, who was on a swing. It was then that I understood that as accomplished and brilliant as Marta was at work, she cherished and excelled in her most important role as mother. 

About two years ago, I picked Marta up in the late afternoon and we took a ride to Lake Geneva. It was the day after Labor Day and when we got the boat out, we were the only ones on the water. I asked Marta if she wanted to drive. She eagerly went behind the wheel. As she was driving (fast and in control, I would add), her face lit up. It was the most amazing smile I've ever seen. I don't know if it was one of her happiest days, but that smile on her face made it one of mine.

Her warmth, generosity, energy and kindness have touched my heart immeasurably. I'm blessed to have known such an amazing lady.  My friendship and prayers go to the entire family.

Laureen Cassidy 

June 7, 2011


-       Unknown
We will miss your kindness and sunny personality Marta; may you rest in peace.
Sincerest condolences to the Schroeder family.
Ken and Diana
June 7, 2011

Monday, June 06, 2011 7:35 PM


Marta is irreplaceable. She was a sweetheart, and I will always remember her fondly.
Bob Johnson (St. Louis, MO) 
June 7, 2011

My memories of our cousin Marta (Martika) include lots of laughing as we played at the cottage with Peggy Pierce when we were little, and at our house on Minnehaha Parkway when she and Carey stayed with us for a time. What great memories! Years later, Marta served us delicious eggs and blueberry muffins at her own cottage and our kids played together on the beach. I thank God for the joy of her smile and the warmth of her sense of humor. I will carry her delightful laughter in my heart.
Nora Schroeder Pearson (Rochester Hills, MI) 

A second chance

June 6, 2011

Marta came into my life twice.  First, during an exploratory interview with Abbott as she was looking to leave Pfizer.  And a few years later as we, Abbott, were looking for a senior leader in our Managed Markets group, the head of Human Resources asked if I remembered a candidate, Marta Schroeder.  She remembered me as I did her.  We clicked and within two weeks, she accepted the position, moved her children, bought a house, registered them for school and showed up for her first day at Abbott.  Wow, what a woman! 

She touched so many people - with her grace, her wit, her intellect, her vision, her beauty, her inner strength, her depth of character, her compassion.  But it's the little things I'll treasure about her - her goats and hybrid chickens in the barn, her pride over her son's pumpkin chucking accomplishments, her fluent  Spanish, the cup of tea she would make for you in her office when you were having a tough day.  And when you knew her day was more difficult than you could ever imagine. 

My grandmother would tell me that things happen for a reason. That's why I believe I got a second chance to know this amazing woman.  She defines grace.  My sincerest condolences to her family and friends.  It was an honor to know her. 

Heather Mason

Brilliant Radiance

June 6, 2011

Brilliant radiance . . . these are the two words that I would describe Marta.

I'm honored and blessed to have had the privilege of working for and with Marta. 

Marta always had an open door policy.  In our conversations, be it work, career or children related, Marta exhibited a brilliance unparalleled.  What was amazing was her ability to simply the complex to allow those of us around her fully comprehend her brilliance. 

You always knew when Marta was in a room -- just follow her radiance! Her conversations -- joyful and profound -- attracted many to her. 

Thank you Marta for enriching my life and the lives of so many others. We are blessed to have known you and to have had you in our lives!

My sincere condolences to all family and friends of Marta. May this old Irish saying bless you and console you . . . "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; LOVE leaves a memory no one can steal."

Valery Gallagher





A Friend

June 6, 2011

The Bowman Families thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time.

Marta was an incredible influence in my life not only within the business world but also as a friend. I spent many long hours in her office while at Abbott chatting about the world as we know it. No matter what the issue Marta was willing to lend a hand or suggest a path forward.

She was one of the most encouraging people I have known. My thoughts go back to her inviting us out to the house and allowing my daughter to run around the barn and chase the goats. I can hear her sweet laugh now as I think back on those days.

She loved life and we were better because we knew her.

You will be missed my dear friend.



June 6, 2011

I had the marvelous opportunity to work with Marta her entire career at Abbott.  What a delight to be around.  What I thought was really remarkable was her way of thinking.  She always knew where the facts should lead, but her conversations as to how to get there was often "sideways".  That is, she had the ability to think 4 or 5 moves downstream, and would move there with leaps and bounds, often leaving the rest of us to scratch or heads wondering where she was going and how she would get there.  In the end she was on target most of the time.

We will all miss her smiling face, thanks for the smiling picture, and that how can we get this done attitude.  A wonderful woman that I am proud to say I knew her and got to share in her glow.

My sincerest condolences to her entire family and friends.

Dale Johnson 

Too Soon

June 6, 2011

I met Marta when she first came to Abbott and worked with her until my retirement in June, 2008.  Marta brought such great experience and knowledge to us but most of all she was a beautiful person.  Light hearted, charming and so intelligent.  You liked Marta as soon as you met her.  She was one of those people you wanted to be around. 

My deepest condolences to all of you, I know you will miss her dearly and so will those of us who had the pleasure of her company for a such short time.

Debbie DeYoung

An angel from heaven

June 6, 2011

I was introduced to Marta in early 2004 and worked directly with her until my retirement in mid 2006 after 36 years with Abbott. 

I had never met, let alone worked with, anyone in my career that offered all the special talents that Marta possessed.  She was sent to us to share her incredibly strong work ethic, her sensitivity and caring for all her co-workers and a breadth of knowledge and understanding of the challenges in the work place that far surpassed her peers.  Marta quite simply was beautiful and brilliant! 

To the Schroeder family, please accept my sincere condolences on Marta's passing and know that all her friends will miss her very deeply too.  We are all fortunate to have been touched by Marta's time in our lives.


Dave Dezelan


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