His Life


When tez was lil he was he was the most handsome lil boy there was. Marteze was rasied up by a church with grandmother pinky Thomas. Marteze thought highly of her.She thought him how too cook and take care of her. Marteze was a member of a church, he loved to sing. Marteze was a class clown. Tez was the most smart kid and respectful child there was. Tez was a straight A student in shcool. Marteze loved to work and care for his love ones . Marteze was also raised by two of his a ties that he loved so much. Marteze always was the person that never let people bring him down. He stood strong in what he believed in. Marteze was a strong young boy. Who always made everyone laugh.he did this funny dance where he drop it like its hot and he always rubbed his butt on everyone even if you was mad at him.he loved to take pictures with everyone he was always yelling bad words. If he didnt want to talk to you and you asked him any thing he would walk away with a attiduted but if you was mad at him he wouldn't leave you alone.marteze left this earth and left alot of people that loved him and he touched alot of hearts. He lifted people up when they where down.I'm going to miss alot of things we have done to gether.I never thought this day would come to put him away like this and god called him home.