Posted by Denise Merrick on July 20, 2016
Daddy I cannot believe it has been a whole year since you were called away. I was sad, it's true, on Saturday, but every day is another day that you've been gone. I was able to see it as a bit of an achievement, rather than just the anniversary of that awful day. We did not choose the way things have happened and that we had to lose you, but we are still here and taking care of each other as best we can and we know that would be all you would ask. Love is forever, I do miss you. Dee
Posted by Denise Merrick on June 14, 2016
Father's Day is coming up as well as the anniversary of your death a few weeks afterwards. ~~ Missing you TONS, Dad~~This is the worst one yet. But we have fond memories of hosting the cookout each year( that was 'our' holiday to host )and we those backyard parties. Don't really know what to do with ourselves this year, but rest assured we will be remembering you. Love, Dee & Bob
Posted by Denise Merrick on May 31, 2016
Miss you every day. Hope we are doing you proud.

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